With a dedicated staff using advanced investigative techniques, MyMoneyMonitor has successfully reclaimed funds for more than 300,000 people who did not know they were owed money. Right now, thousands of people around the country are unaware that somewhere in their local, state, or federal government, there could be a check waiting for them. MyMoneyMonitor has built a reputation on successfully reconnecting people to their own funds in a timely and professional manner.

Once someone’s money is found, MyMoneyMonitor can quickly get it back to its rightful owner. But sometimes cases can be a bit more complicated, such as if a claimant has died and his heirs are attempting to reclaim funds, or if a claimant lives in a state that has made it particularly difficult to prove their identity or ownership of funds. In these cases, the MyMoneyMonitor customer service center is available to guide customers through the reclamation process. The MyMoneyMonitor customer service staff is prepared to work with customers throughout the process and help ensure that they receive their funds. Also, the MyMoneyMonitor customer service center hires bilingual employees, making it easier for Spanish-speaking customers to find any money owed to them as well.

Through the company’s website, MyMoneyMonitor.com, customers can conduct a free unclaimed property search. Additionally, those who have received a letter notifying them that they may have unclaimed funds can log in and view their claim in detail. Customers can then e-sign an agreement with MyMoneyMonitor, allowing the company to recover the customer’s money for a small fee. The fee is only paid to MyMoneyMonitor if the customer’s money is successfully recovered. All transactions and financial information available at the company website are stored on a secure server, and customer information is never shared with third parties.