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Work History

The Peak Treatment Foster Care Agency


Treatment Foster Parent

  • Provide for the physical, emotional and social needs of children in a supportive family setting until the natural family can be reunited or a permanent placement through adoption can be arranged. 
  • Our household is viewed as the primary treatment setting, and we are trained and supported to implement the goals outline in the child’s treatment plan.  We have been blessed with over 25 children through our home with many being able to return home, some being adopted and some that needed a higher level of care.

Thirty-One Gifts


Ind. Executive Director

  • Lead a downline of 180+ consultants in the #14 direct sales company in North America.
  • Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: recruit, train and mentor a team of over 180 volunteers to run successful direct sales businesses.
  • Schedule and hold parties to sell a line of functional, fashionable accessories, organizational products and home décor. 
  • Design and implementation of systems to help empower these volunteers to build a strong business. 
  • Earned Leadership Council 2015-2016 by being #3 in the company in helping women promote to leadership with the company. 
  • Spoke to the Top 100 Leaders in the company on Developing and Promoting Leaders

Beth Smith Consulting

Jan 2010Present

Owner and Consultant

Consulting services provided to individual business men and women, the State of New Mexico Department of Education, University of New Mexico - Institute for Professional Development, districts, universities, organizations and state agencies providing professional development.

  •                 *Data Management and Analysis review

                    *Professional Development

                    *Human Resources – Supervision and Evaluation

  • Personal coaching with individuals to promote up the career path in their business
Sep 2009Nov 2009

Program Director

  • Reported to Bureau Chief of Professional Development Bureau, recruited, trained, advised, and maintained participants for the Transition to Teaching program for the State of New Mexico through a federal grant, implement and evaluate Title II, Part C Transition to Teaching Program.
  • Designed and implementation of mentoring support system for recruits.
  • Developed and delivered training activities and materials supporting T2T recruits and Partnership Districts which include Gadsden, Espanola, Belen, West Las Vegas, Walatowa, and Grants.
  • Compiled data for reports and surveys for internal and external agencies.
  • Maintained data related to T2T participants, modifying queries to extract data from Public Education Department's database system.
  • Generated accurate, recurring reports for Bureau Chief, External Evaluator and also the Federal Government.
Nov 2008Jul 2009

Assistant Principal

  • Collaboration with school principal and five other Assistant Principals to ensure smooth day-to-day of all classrooms and school programs for grades 9-12, including: oversight of student assessment, addressing disciplinary issues with students, social and emotional needs and growth of all students, communication with parents, supervision of classroom teachers, planning professional development for all faculty and staff, and overall activities of 3,187 students and 310 staff members.
  • Participation as a member of the school's administrative team in decision-making and discussion about all aspects of the school, including: budget and finance; personnel policies and practices; alignment of the school's curriculum and mission; defining the focus of the school's education efforts; and planning and leading orientation for new faculty/staff.
Jul 2007Nov 2008

Assistant Principal

  • Worked to develop strong relationships with students, staff, and parents through a belief in, and focus on, open communication.
  • Assisted in the planning, managing and directing of the overall activities of 1,230 students and 134 staff members, including open house, curriculum night and awards.
  • Created a school portfolio for CDNE, which is based on the research of Dr. Victoria Bernhardt. Throughout the process of working with the administrative team, teachers, ancillary staff and parents we created an action plans and articulated a vision for student success.
  • Used our school resources to ensure a safe environment and support learning initiativeswithin our school, including facilities management.
  • Implemented an effective model of supervision for teacher on growth plans for the Rio Rancho Public School District and also a tracking system for administrators to use throughout the process.
  • Facilitated professional learning opportunities for teachers in the area of technology integration, based on a site visit with the Kyrene School District with an emphasis on effective use of podcasting in the classroom.
  • Instructional supervision and evaluation of programs such as the Comprehensive Literacy Program (CLM) and Data Driven Classrooms (DDC). Training taught by Linda Dorn herself.
  • Administrator Breakthrough Coach Training
  • Wrote grants for educational needs.
Apr 2007Jul 2007

Assistant Principal

  • Assisted in the planning, managing and directing of the overall activities of 750 students and 90 staff members.
  • Collaborated with school improvement team on data analysis and how to improve instruction by monitoring the progress of students and programs.
  • Created a data profile of the school, including trend data for student achievement, student engagement, student participation in extra-curricular and enrichment courses, parent, staff, and student satisfaction trend data to use for decision making to improve student learning.
  • Worked with staff to create a discipline matrix to ensure a safe environment and support learning initiatives within our school, including Positive Behavior Support.  At the end of the year I was awarded the "Discipline Goddess" award from the ERMS staff and Principal Debby Morrell.
  • Worked with edtech in providing professional development in the area of technology to make sure we were using it efficiently and also getting the most for our money.
Aug 2006Apr 2007

Reading Teacher/Podcast PD

  • Provided focused instruction on critical thinking skills while promoting verbal and written communication skills.
  • Designed multiple interactive units utilizing web-based instruction, activity/project-based assessment, and various other alternative assessment methods.
  • Incorporated the use of data folders while implementing Baldridge tools and techniques.
  • Used podcasting in the classroom to engage students while also working on fluency.
  • Prepared student to participate in the KidCast Podcast - "Where in the World". 
  • Provided professional development for district integrating technology into the classroom including Smartboard, Mimeo and Podcasting into the classroom trainings..
Oct 2004Oct 2006

Accelerated Math Consultant

  • Provided educators across the United States technology solutions and training with the Accelerated Math and STAR Math programs.
  • Extensive traveling and training with districts around the United States

Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell


Adjunct Faculty

  • Taught Business Communications and Introduction to Business online and also in a SMART Classroom -an interactive learning environment where computers and other electronic devices are the primary information delivery systems.
  • Brought Business Communications to sites throughout our community including private schools.
  • Experience with BANNER.

Valley Christian Academy

Jun 2003Aug 2006


  • Start-up of a new Christian School where we as a community received accreditation in one year.
  • Worked to develop strong relationships with students, staff, and parents through a belief in, and focus on, open communication.
  • Developed and coordinated scheduling for all teachers from 1-12, ensuring that course delivery was aligned with the New Mexico Department of Education Standards and Benchmarks.
  • Created the Valley Christian Academy website, along with editing of the Valley Christian Academy yearbook.
  • College counseling and career day implementation.
  • Coordinated and spoke at awards and graduation ceremonies.
  • Designed a Professional Development program that was built upon the strengths of our staff, including technology.
  • Used our school budget and resources to ensure a safe environment and support learning initiatives within our school.
  • Modeled and encouraged hard work, risk taking, and commitment to school goals.
  • Created a technology lab and technology plan with the assistance of staff, parents and community.

Sierra Middle School

Aug 1996Jun 2003

7th and 8th Grade Teacher

  • Worked to develop strong relationships with students, staff, and parents through a belief in, and focus on, open communication.
  • Taught math, social studies and Title I.
  • Created the Sierra Middle School website, along with editing and creating the Sierra Middle School yearbook and newspaper.
  • Coordinated the Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math Programs.
  • Worked with all school stakeholders to help develop the SMS Technology plan for 1998-1999.
  • Developed curriculum for Social Studies, appropriate methods of presentation and assessment, and determining necessary instructional components.
  • Designed multiple interactive units utilizing web-based instruction, activity/project-based assessment, and various other alternative assessment methods.
  • Sponsored the SMS Student Council which had a main focus on building relationships within the school community through its activities.
  • Received the Wright Edge Award.
  • Wrote a grant to obtain cell phones for administrators.


International Maxwell Certification



  • Certified and licensed to coach, train, teach and speak to individuals, organizations, companies anywhere in the world utilizing John C. Maxwell’s curriculum, product and books including the Team Youth Leadership Series - YouthMax
  • John C. Maxwell Mentorship Program - Mentor calls available 6 days a week, faculty-guided business building, website resources and the privilege of training leaders around the world with the John Maxwell Team.
  • The Leadership Game Facilitator - The John Maxwell Leadership Game is a comprehensive game based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. The game helps organizations improve their leadership intelligence and increase their effectiveness. Why? “Because everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Maxwell. These leadership principles carry consequences with them. Apply the laws in your organization and people will follow you. Violate and ignore them, and you will not be able to lead others. But there’s news: every one of the laws can be learned.” How? Play the game with 6-12 of your most influential leaders and find out!

University of New Mexico

Aug 2006May 2008

Advanced Studies

Aug 1996May 1999

Master of Education

  • Major in Education and Licensure in School Administration
  • Recipient of the Eastern New Mexico University Graduate Fellowship award
  • Member of Kappa Delta Pi - International Honor Society in Education
  • Ability to express a comprehensive understanding of education through my Masters thesis
Aug 2003May 1996

Bachelor of Science

  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Recipient of the ENMU Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Elementary Education

Skills and Attributes

  • Have worked in education for 15+ years with students and staff from pre-K to college level.
  • Leader in the area of data driven instruction, standardized testing analysis,as well as the implementation of data management.
  • Extensive knowledge in the area of technology integration. I have worked with district throughout New Mexico and across the United States, working with them to integrate various technologies into their curriculum.
  • Serve as an evangelist for social media’s technology, helping people understand the big picture perspective and how to use it as an effective professional development tool.
  • Southwest Multimedia Education Collaborative Board member (2007-09) and Intel Computer Clubhouse mentor (2008).
  • Currently studying for the CompTIA test.
  • Website design including HTML.
  • Skilled in support and operation of MS Windows Vista and XP and earlier, MS Office 2007 and earlier, MS Internet Explorer 7 and earlier, MS Publisher, Adobe Premiere Pro, QuickBooks, SchoolDude, SASI, DDC, McAfee and Norton Antivirus, Palm and iPhone.
  • Hands-on experience with Dell, Compaq/HP, and clone servers and PCs; tape backup, modem, digital imaging, optical drives, soundcard, monitor, scanner, printer, presentation equipment, and other technologies.
  • Able to learn and master computer software programs quickly and efficiently.
  • Hard worker who focuses on the details.

Certifications and Professional Development


Richard Von Ancken Principal Rio Rancho High School

Ms. Smith has served as the testing coordinator at RRHS, effectively scheduling and administering various standardized tests required at each grade level - a daunting task in a school over 3,100 students. Her actions have demonstrated her integrity, intelligence and initiative.

Megan Zeigler Transition Specialist Rio Rancho High School

I can not tell you in just a few words how wonderful Beth Smith is not only as a person to work with but also as a human being. She goes out of her way to help people learn how to enhance their productivity without working harder and has an easy manner that is helpful when you are to trying to develop a better working group. She takes on extra work in order to help those around her and is always smiling. She will help you if you are having a bad day either taking some of the load or just making you laugh so that you get through it. I would work with or for her in any situation that she would want because she is the best.

Laura Moore Principal Colinas del Norte Elementary

Beth has done an excellent job with the staff evaluation process; she implemented a Professional Growth Plan that has set the standard for these plans throughout the district. As the administrator in charge of discipline, she deals daily with staff, students, and the community. She is one of the most thorough administrators I have seen when it comes to interpreting and understanding district and state policies. She is respectful but consistent with the rules and procedures of the district. Beth is always researching and finding the latest information for educational trends. She attends grade level meetings and contributes to the culture of the team. She is an expert in the field of technology, and has given in-services on podcasting and using technology to instruct. She is extremely resourceful, and is not afraid to ask for assistance or seek help when she needs it.

Suzanne Maestas Admin Intern/Teacher Colinas del Norte Elementary

Beth Smith is extremely organized who always seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest research. She is highly dependable and was a phenomenal Assistant Principal.

Debby Morrell Principal Eagle Ridge Middle School

Beth handled student discipline, organized a process to improve the discipline procedures, studied and interpreted student achievement data, created "A Data Picture of Our School" to make data accessible for decision-makers, and assisted with other assistant principal duties. I am impressed with her calm demeanor, reliability, and consistency, and unfailingly positive attitude.

Rick Kraft Board President Valley Christian Academy

Mrs. Smith is an individual of high moral integrity. She is an individual who is interested in growth and improvement. She is constantly seeking to improve herself.

Donna Crowell Teacher Valley Christian Academy

Beth was always ready to listen to all sides of a situation before giving her guidance. Beth's rapport with the people in authority over her as well as the people she was in charge of was exemplary.

Josie Turner Principal Sierra Middle School

Beth's computer skills have enabled several teachers to become less fearful of computers. Beth organizes information and sees patterns much more easily than most people. Also, her commitment to education and students is outstanding. She has proven herself to be a leader.

Harry Tackett Currently Director of Federal Programs Roswell Independent School District Former Assistant Principal Sierra Middle School

Mrs. Smith was chosen to be a presenter at the New Mexico Middle School Conference. Her presentation received high praise from educators from around the state. Beth has the ability to challenge her students and motivate them to reach and achieve those challenges. Perhaps the best recommendation I can give Mrs. Smith is to say that, "Beth Smith is the kind of teacher I would want teaching my children."

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  • Albuquerque Public Schools, Internship Licensure Requirements and Transition to Teaching Program (August 2010)
  • Espanola School District, Transition to Teaching Program (2010)
  • West Las Vegas School District, Transition to Teaching Program (2010)
  • Grants School District, Transition to Teaching Program (2010)
  • Gadsden School District, Transition to Teaching Program (2010)
  • Rio Rancho High School, NMSBA requirements (January 2009)
  • Colinas del Norte Elementary, Using iPods in the Classroom (November 2008)
  • Colinas del Norte Elementary, SPED Teachers, Assistive Technology (September 2008)
  • Colinas del Norte Elementary, Mimio (Whiteboard) Training (February 2008)
  • Rio Rancho Technology Road Show, Podcasting Essentials (March 2008)
  • Eagle Ridge Middle School, A Data Look at Eagle Ridge Middle School (April 2007)
  • Lincoln Middle School, Podcasting in the Classroom (November 2006)



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