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Other Employment Experiences


Sobeys Inc., North Bay, Ontario

·Dealt with complaining customers and ensured that they were satisfied when leaving the store

·Supervised front-end staff of the store by ensuring organization with regards to breaks, shift changes, and making sure staff is on task

·Dealt with book keeping, sales tracking, end of week/period balancing, and finances

·Wrote employee schedules while replacing Front-End Manager

·As Club Sobeys Captain, taught entire staff about the new point reward system

·Helped train office staff at Sobeys in Parry-Sound and in Gravenhurst

·Further developed patience, adaptability, cooperation, organization, collaboration,and leadership skills



Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

Primary/Junior Division

ICE option course

iTeach Laptop Learning Program


Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

Psychology Major

Orientation to Teaching option course


Ecole Secondaire Catholique Algonquin, North Bay, Ontario

Honour Role

Volunteer Experience


Goodlife Fitness Center, North Bay, Ontario

·Engaged children in various exciting activities to motivate them to be more Silly, Smart, and Strong

·Provided a safe, clean, and fun environment for children 

Professional Development

2010-2011Nipissing University Workshops

oDare to Inspire Imagination Creativity Education Conference

oSchool Opening Workshop

oBarbara Coloroso’s Anti-Bullying Symposium

oDynamic ePortfolios

oBlogging in the Classroom

oSMART Notebook Part 1

oSMART Notebook Part 2

oClicker/Student Response Systems

oSMART Board Games


oSMART Board in the French Classroom

oDigital Cameras in the Classroom

Awards and Scholarships

·Carl Sanders Scholarship, Nipissing University, 2006

Visual CV - Reflection

There are several different things that I liked about the Visual CVs. First of all, I liked how the online Visual CVs allow us to put a face to our resumes. Furthermore, Visual CVs also allow us to make our resumes a little more personalized. In fact, we are given the chance to really express ourselves and share with others more personal information than we would with a typical resume.

Visual CVs also give people the chance to visually share with others their different accomplishments. For example, my colleague and I prepared and organized activities for a Halloween party at the school in which we did our practicum, Alliance. On my Visual CV, I will definitely make use of this feature by sharing pictures from the event as well as some of the information sheets that were used.

I have also had the opportunity to attend one of Barbara Coloroso’s sessions on anti bullying. In order to share with others the knowledge that I gained through this, I would like to include a short clip from one of her speeches on my Visual CV.

Just by viewing the examples, I learned the different things that can be included in a Visual CV. The things that I found most useful were the inclusion of pictures and images, posting links to personal or professional blogs, giving the CV a colour theme, adding videos or sharing accomplishments. Also, I learned that with a Visual CV, we can easily apply for jobs online. Overall, there was nothing that I did not like about the Visual CVs. I found that they are very impressive and am very excited to create my own! 

Computer Skills

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Power Point
  • Familiar with Pages, Notebook, iPhoto


  • Standard First Aid with CPR Level A, 2010