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This is Jake and I want to ask you some thing.  Are you a lover of longboarding?Ever as a teen I've always loved my boards since I skateboarded.  Different boards come and go as time passes, but the fire remains.At My Active Weekend I invest my time creating content about longboarding and spending your evenings actively..Have a look at our site where I talk about how to decide on the right board for any preference.  Have a look at a number of my posts.After"growing up" and stopping skateboarding as much, you cannot imagine how pleased I was to come across a buddy of mine who had a longboard.  It took me one day of sail to work on his longboard to crave for my own! Little did I know..There are numerous brands and versions. Being a newb sucked.Trying to pick on the board for my commute and while exploring, I decided to start this site.

My Active Weekend