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Work experience


Ministry of Air Defence

I’ve been working as an operator for PATRIOT equipment since 2003. I’m a hard working sergeant with a great knowledge of air battle control, operating and doing the proper maintenance. I’ve participated in the war with Yemen since it began. I’ve worked as TCA for seven months and also as an official trainer for the PAC 2 & 3 launchers in the new battalion 107. I also was the translator between the new Tactical control assistants and the Rathyeon trainers; thankfully, the new soldiers engaged perfectly multiple times. I’m very interested in doing and learning  what the units need for development and being more professional.





A certificate of communication skills at ILSC, Canada



English Language Institute of BC

Intensive English program at the university of British Columbia, Canada


High school 

Abdulaziz alkhowaiter


Communication skills.

Reading, Writing, and Speaking  (English)

Safety and security programs 

I've been trained for 137 hours at Justice Institute of British Columbia, Canada  in:

1- Basic Safety and Security (21 hours).

2- Advanced Safety and Security (21 hours).

3- First Aid Basic Training (7 hours).

4- Fire Safety and Extinguisher Training (4 hours).

5- Criminal investigation Course (21 hours).

6- Risk Assessment Course (21 hours).

7- Identify and Report Safety Risk Situations (21 hours).

8- Critical Infrastructure Protection Procedures (21 hours).


Mr. Khalid Saeed Alshahrani