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Advanced Climate Predictions for Agriculture Industry in Florida. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association Research Report: Summer 1999 Book Review

African Feminism: The Politics of Survival in Sub-Sahara Africa, by Gwendolyn Mikell, (eds.) In The Journal of Gender Studies, Nov 98, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 358  


Anthropologist/Gender Specialist with more than 15 years living and working internationally. Experience designing and evaluating research projects with particular emphasis on gender and behavioral change. Managed research project in Africa comprised of a culturally diverse, interdisciplinary team of researchers.

Competencies include: Designed and implemented international field-work; Qualitative Research Methods; Survey design; Ethnography; Capacity and Partnership Building; Conference Presentations; Co-Producing a Documentary Film about African women cloth dyers and entrepreneurs.

Ardent believer in the power of education to transform and empower people.


Rosalyn Howard, Ph.D.

Zoharah Simmons, Ph.D.

Allan F. Burns, Ph.D.

Work experience

Program Manager

UF/National Oceanographic Atmospheric Association (NOAA)

Managed, coordinated and participated in team research throughout Florida, interviewed Agricultural Extension agents and assessed the usefulness of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) services.

  • Recommended that weather broadcast services be re-evaluated and the frequency of broadcasts expanded which persuasively contributed to the final published report.
May 2005Present


Yanga Productions

Co-producing documentary film based on dissertation research in Mali, West Africa about entrepreneurial women cloth dyers and their livelihood practices.

  • Raised $89K and traveled with U.S. production crew to Mali, West Africa and shot initial footage.
  • Co-Produced 13 min. video for the Harn Museum, Gainesville, FL, an exhibit of African textiles February 2011
  • Hired and managed production staff and co-produced sample DVD     ( Target release date Fall 2013.
Jan 2010Feb 2012

Task Supervisor

Lockheed Martin

U.S. Department of Justice, Contractor

Lockheed Martin Litigation Support Division provides litigation research utilizing cutting-edge legal software operating systems. Interfacing with legal teams to provide and retrieve legal documents in preparation for trial and electronic document storage systems.

  • Security Clearance: Public Trust. Managed and trained a team of technicians to conduct litigation research for legal investigation and trial support documents pertaining to Pharmaceutical litigation.
  • Performed wide range of in-depth searches using multiple complex databases (iCONECT/ MPort) and CASEMAP computer software.
  • Created tracking spreadsheets to analyze team’s productivity; served as Special Assistant to the Department Director.
Sep 2002May 2007

Researcher/Gender Specialist

USAID Strategies and Analysis for Growth and Access (SAGA)

USAID Strategies and Analysis for Growth and Access (SAGA)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)                         

Awarded PreDoctoral research fellowship; administered by the University of Florida. Principal Investigator, Dissertation Advisor, Allan Burns, Chair of UF Anthropology Department.

  • Evaluated a  microcredit program with integrated health educational training among women cloth dyers in Bamako, Mali, West Africa;
  • Designed and implemented project methodology and survey instruments;
  • Collected and analyzed socio-cultural field data, and facilitated 3-focus groups (25-30 participants);
  • Analyzed data and evaluated health and behavioral outcomes: 100% infant vaccination; diarrhea reduction in infants; and for the first time ever 100% children were enrolled in school.
  • Presented research to officers at Freedom From Hunger, Davis CA, a US based NGO, highlighting the impact and benefits of their health educational program on the people of Mali.
  • Established dialogue between USAID Microfinance officials and gender experts within local Malian government.
  • Built partnerships among stakeholders and local NGOs and helped facilitate conversations aimed to include women’s educational programs into local development programs.
Jun 2001Aug 2002

Project Manager

UF/Dept of Community Affairs Hurricane Loss Reduction Project

The State of Florida Department of Community Affairs conducts regional research on various environmental issues. The Hurricane Loss Reduction Project was administered by 5 municipalities of north, central and south Florida to evaluate hurricane preparedness throughout the state.

  • Designed methodology, survey instruments and conducted interviews of residents of mobile home parks in central Florida. As a result of this baseline study over 70,000 families were affected.
  • Analyzed and evaluated disaster vulnerability issues, collected field data and wrote final report with recommendations.
  • Advised County officials on vital outdated evacuation procedures.
May 1999Sep 1999


West African Research Association (WARA)

Awarded funding to conduct international research in West Africa.

  • Conducted preliminary socio-cultural field research among Malian market women re: their experience with microcredit programs.
  • Designed and administered questionnaire, facilitated focus groups of 15 and 20 participants.
  • Revealed gender inequities in local program outreach; discussed findings with USAID Microfinance officials and local NGO administrators of microcredit programs.
May 1994Dec 1996

Principal Investigator


Designed, implemented and conducted fieldwork in Senegal, West Africa for Master’s degree.

  • Performed rural gender assessment, conducted interviews among women re: issues of identity and gender construction.
  • Developed field methodology and elicited socio-cultural knowledge among a small rural ethnic group called the Bassari.
  • Contributed to the social scientific knowledge of gender construction within a rural West African context.
Jan 1987Dec 1991

Cultural Specialist

Primitive Arts Gallery

Art broker and made consignment arrangements with museums, designers and trade shows specializing in primitive art worldwide.

  • Traveled extensively throughout West Africa, South America, Caribbean and Mexico as a buyer of tribal art; helped artisans increase sales significantly by helping to tailor their crafts for Western markets.
  • Implemented quality control trainings and workshop activities to help local artists expand their product line;
  • identified new artisans/producers; and negotiated partnerships between local artisan organizations and U.S. art brokers.

Microcredit Receipients


Master's of Science



Gender and Development Certification

University of Florida, Gainesville

Summer Institute for Research Methods and Design in Cultural Anthropology

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Gender Environment Agriculture and Participation (GEAP)

University of Florida, Gainesville