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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

Sales/Visual Department


Working at Express, though it was for a short amount of time I learned plenty of things I can bring into the workforce. Through learning the ins and outs of their promotional department and then working exclusively on the floor with customers I both was able to interact with customers but also learn what visuals worked and which missed the mark. Every two weeks the floor-set was set to move and we would have brainstorming meetings in which we would decide what would look best in our particular store after getting instructions from the corporate company.

Aug 2010Present

Technology Specialist

School of Communications

This is my first semester at this job but I plan to continue on as a part-time employee of the School of Communications. I have worked with programs such as Adobe Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, iMovie, Windows Moviemaker, and Final Cut Pro etc. I have learned so much from this job and I plan to continue my education for semesters to come.

Feb 2008Aug 2009


Hollister &Co

My time at Hollister and Company was spent as a salesperson until the last two months when I, in depth, learned about their Visual Merchandising Department. In which I was able to help with the floor plans and designing displays that would attract customers and theoretically be pleasing to the avid Hollister and Company shopper. I learned a lot at this job working closely with the manager at the time and district manager constantly learning about the window decoration, marketing, and visual aspects of the floor-set.

Feb 2007Mar 2008

Cashier/ Customer Service

Norkus Foodtown

Though people will look at this and have a propensity to disagree with me that this has relevance to any job I may be applying for, they are incorrect. Being a cashier at a local supermarket taught me to get along with many different types of personalities and accommodate the customer. Moving up into the Customer Service Department, not only was I taught more responsibility, I was able to learn more about getting along with personality types and customer complaints. These things are essential in any business.


Aug 2009Present


American University

I have spent most of my high school and college career learning about Journalism and Journalistic ideals such as the ethics of the profession. While I find this incredibly interesting, I am also planning on minoring in Cinema Studies and because of this I felt a Public Relations background was extremely necessary. In that way I would be able to learn about how movies market themselves and possibly be able to write a more thorough review of them that way should I be a movie-reviewer.


Adobe Pagemaker
As the Editor- in- Chief of my high school, pagemaker was the way we made our monthly newspaper. Through learning how to use this program, I learned a myriad of programs that also go along with it.
Adobe Photoshop
i am constantly learning new ways of using Adobe Photoshop and am enjoying the new uses I've discovered and the effects I am learning to use on my photos both for Visual projects and Journalistic endeavors.
Final Cut Pro
Through my most recent job I have been learning to use Final Cut Pro and have been attending seminars to learn to do more in the program itself with my own work.
Microsoft Office
I have a propensity to use Microsoft Office for everything I do. Throughout my job history I was able to use these programs through designing schedules, writing lists for bosses, designing visuals, or even editing photos of the store etc.


Being a Journalism major paired with Public Relations and Cinema Studies, I naturally have a love for movies and all of the intricacies that go into making them into major motion picture films. I have written my own screenwriting projects for years and have recently finished my first film, of which I am extremely proud. My courses are aimed at writing/ broadcasting Entertainment Journalism and in that way I can hopefully one day proudly review movies.

I have a knack for computers and learn quickly in all that I do. Teach it to me once and I will remember it forever.


My interests include creative writing which includes but is not limited to screenwriting. I have done a plethora of creative writing in the past and tend to enjoy it. Movies are a huge passion of mine and through my courses in high school that were based more toward the cinematic arts and a course I took this past fall entitled Critical Approach to Cinema, I have realized my passion is more of just a love of getting lost in a movie. I have discovered that the cinematic experience has so many intricacies that go into making a film that touches the lives of those who enjoy it.


Being a second year student at American University I am extremely interested in getting a part time job or internship for the spring/fall in a subject in which I am interested.