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Work experience

Feb 2009Present

Sales Associate/ Cashier

Finsh Line

A Cashier is responsible for maintaining outstanding customer service as per Company standards, processing sales quickly, accurately and efficiently, cash register operations and safeguarding company assets.

A Sales Associate is responsible for maintaining outstanding customer service as per Company standards, generating sales, merchandising, and safeguarding company assets.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Ensure that each customer receives outstanding service by providing a friendly environment, which includes greeting and acknowledging every customer, maintaining solid product knowledge and all other aspects of customer service.
  • Maintain an awareness of all promotions and advertisements.
  • Assist in floor moves, merchandising, display maintenance, and housekeeping
  • Assist in processing and replenishing merchandise and monitoring floor stock.
  • Aid customers in locating merchandise.
  • Communicate customer requests to management.
  • Assist in completing price changes within the department.
  • Participate in year-end inventory and cycle counts.
  • Assist in ringing up sales at registers and/or bagging merchandise.
  • Any other tasks as assigned from time to time by any manager.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Ability to operate all equipment necessary to perform the job
  • Ability to communicate with associates and customers
  • Ability to read, count, and write to accurately complete all documentation
Jan 2010Present

Camera Man/ Editing

Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

A film or video editor is responsible for assembling raw material into a finished product suitable for broadcasting. The material they work with may consist of raw camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. This is a key role in the post-production process and the editor's skill can determine the quality and delivery of the final product. The editor may be part of a team and they will usually work closely with the director to achieve the desired end result.

May 2010Sep 2010

Football Player/ Coach

Tampere Saints

To be the best teammate, leader, team player that I can be. And lead my team to victory and play to perfection.

May 2008Aug 2008

Ramp/Grooming Agent

Airport terminal Services

Airport baggage handlers are responsible for marshalling aircraft in the gate, loading, unloading and sorting freight and baggage. Ramp Service Agents are also responsible for servicing aircraft lavatories and potable water, pushback plane from the gate, deicing and other duties as delegated.



A highly motivated and dedicated volunteer within Morgan and the community it serves.With a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, operates effectively in leadership roles and as a team member.Readily accepts new and additional responsibilities; learns quickly and applies new skills to improve quality and efficiency in all endeavors.


Anthony Jordan

Blanche Ely High School Boys track team head coach. Also is a security guard and teacher assistant.

Dejuna Robinsion

Blanche Ely High School Teacher

  • DeltaSigma Theta Sorority

Todd Smith

Sport trainers, also known as athletic trainers, have knowledge of a variety of recreational, amateur and professional sports. They work at high schools, colleges, professional sports teams, health care and fitness facilities. Some work as self-employed personal trainers. Sports trainers specialize with one sport, activity or have general practices. Diagnostic, instructional and treatment skills are essential qualities in this sports profession.


Organizing/Planning Skills
Organizing and planning skills enable people to establish a course of action for themselves and others to accomplish specific results. The purpose of this workshop is to develop or expand organization and planning skills that support the continual growth and success of the department and the institution.  Participants assess their organization, planning, and time management skills; prepare long-range and short-term goals that support the mission of the institution and department; develop measurable objectives to support goal attainment; differentiate between urgent, important, and not urgent action items; and engage in proactive planning.
Analytical/Research Skill
Ability to analyze and research information if necessary..
Computer Skills
Expert knowledge in all computer applications.
Communciation Skills
Communication skills are the skills needed to use language (spoken, written, signed, or otherwise communicated) to interact with others, and communication disorders are problems related to the development of these skills.