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Seeking a summer internship, with potential to lead to a full time position, in order to gain practical experience, knowledge, and valuable skills in the mechanical engineering field that will be useful in a full time career.

Awards and Honors

Faculty Scholarship; Dean’s Honor List: Fall 2007, Fall 2008; Case Alumni Association ScholarshipRecipient

Related Coursework

Undergraduate: Fluid and Thermal Engineering I-II, Design of Fluid and Thermal Elements, Analysis ofMechanical Element Design, Engineering Design, Mechanical Manufacturing, Machinery Mechanisms andVibrations, Introduction to MicroeconomicsGraduate: Transport Phenomena



Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra, Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity


Alan Van Dyke is a senior mechanical engineering undergraduate student at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.  Concurrently, Alan is working on his master's degree in mechanical engineering under the guidance of Professor Alexis Abramson with a research focus on thermal transport phenomenon.  As part of his research, Alan is developing a novel technique to measure thermal conductivity of aeroclay in conjunction with the department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve.  In addition to his studies, Alan enjoys playing cello in the Case Camerata Chamber Orchestra.  Alan is also a brother of the Alpha Delta chapter of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, in which he has held several leadership positions including treasurer and house manager.

Below is Alan's resume.  On the sidebar to the right, there is a PDF version of the resume.  There is also a proposal Alan wrote detailing the research of a novel technique to measure the thermal conductivity of aeroclay.


Work experience

May 2010Aug 2010

Research Intern

NASA - Glenn Research Center
  • Assisted in testing and evaluating polymer matrix composite materials for various space applications involving thermal, physical, and mechanical properties as well as micro-structure analyses
  • Assisted in characterization and evaluation of various organic materials in terms of outgassing, bondstrength, and durability under various service exposure environments for the Sterling RadioisotopeGenerator
  • Assisted in repair and general maintenance of lab equipment
  • Assisted in assembly of space heat exchanger prototype
May 2009May 2010

Research Assistant

Case Western Reserve University
  • Designed and built an experimental apparatus for determining thermal conductivity of aeroclay/aerogelmaterials
  • Prepared and tested samples for thermal conductivity
  • Created a Matlab program to analyze the data collected from the tests
  • Analyzed the data collected using Matlab to determine the thermal conductivity of the samples


Computer Skills
Java, LabVIEW, Linux, MATLAB, Microsoft Office, SolidWorks, Windows XP/Vista/7