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Sep 2008Jan 2011

Master's of Science

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering

Graduated in Jan. 2011.

The thesis topic related to development of an Graphical User Interface which can be used for energy monitoring in homes. 

The courses which I had undertaken during the program and successfully completed are:

  • System design of electrical building services
  • Lighting design
  • Illumination engineering and electrical safety
  • Advanced project based management
  • New energy production processes
  • EMC in Power electronics
  • Assignment on Industrial management and engineering
Aug 2003Aug 2007

Bachelors of Engineering


During bachelors, the thesis was done in a group of 5 members. Our topic was Capacitance & Loss factor measurement using micro controller. We successfully completed our work under the guidance of our Professor and Supervisor Prof. Manoj Tarambale.

Work experience

Sep 2010Apr 2011

Illumination Design Engineer

Aalto Design Factory
  • Working on the product development project sponsored by KONE Finland Oy in collaboration with OSRAM Finland Oy
  • Designing a new lighting service that will be installed outside the elevator near the landing areas which will help in initiating smooth and safe People Flow inside buildings
  • Various stages of product development have been learned during the project and use of KONE’s innovation tool for idea generation has been used efficiently
Apr 2010Sep 2010

Master's Thesis student

Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering
Thesis: Design of Graphical User Interface for Home Energy monitoring system
  • Designed a User Interface for a Home Energy monitoring system to monitor the energy consumption and generation in a house.The house received the electrical power either from the electricity grid or from the overhead installed solar panels
  • Acquired knowledge related to design processes like user centric design, Empathy design and importance of various colours and shapes in a design process
  • UI was designed in Microsoft's Visual Basics ’08. Various design layouts were considered taking into account the visual aspects, human psychology of users
Jun 2009Aug 2009

Summer trainee

Wärtsilä Finland Oy
  • Gained knowledge and experience on the Electrical and Crankshaft assembly of W32/SG engines used for Captive Power Plant
  • Electrical assembly comprised of cabling for various sensors and automation systems ofW32/SG engine whereas the crankshaft assembling comprised fixing of appropriate counter weights to the central shaft and confining them to the given torque and hydraulic standard
  • Got an one week’s opportunity to be a part of W32 engine testing team where 4 engines were tested according to FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) as specified by the company standards
Jun 2008Aug 2008

Summer trainee

Vaasa Engineering Oy
  • Electrical layout for new control panel testing facility was designed as per the company requirements which comprised of 8-10 control panel testing at a time
  • Test boxes needed for control panel testing were developed which simulated various test signals that can be obtained from the Wärtsilä diesel engines during the normal operational period of engine
  • Database forthe products manual used in control panel manufacturing was updated to the latest version available from the manufacturers
Dec 2007May 2008

Electrical design engineer

Vidyutsallagar Pvt. Ltd.
  • Electrical designing and lay outing for various Industrial and Residential projects was carried out
  • Got hands on training experience to understand the requirements of the customer, estimation and calculation of electrical load using MS Excel, designing of proposed electrical schemes and SLDs using AutoCAD and Dialux, cost estimation, appropriate component selection and tender floating for customer and electrical contractors respectively
  • Frequent site visits were made to inspect the progress and quality of work done by the electrical contractor according to the requirements mentioned in the contract


MS Project 2007
MS Office 2007


To excel in the area of electrical designing, project management, alternative fuel resources and hybrid systems to develop the technology to make it available to mankind.

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Attended courses related to “Project Management” at Helsinki University of Technology
  • Attended 5 day training program on “Basics of Electrical” conducted by “Wärtsilä India Ltd”
  • Attended a training program on PLC conducted at college level
  • Arranged various excursions for the students of electrical engineering department
  • Won many prizes for Science Exhibition at school level

Language Skills

  • English with excellent writing and communication skills
  • Finnish, completed Level 1 with basic knowledge
  • Hindi with excellent writing and communication skills
  • Marathi as native language


  • Meeting new people from various cultures and backgrounds
  • Photography (mainly landscape and portrait)
  • Playing TABLA & listening to fusions, instrumentals to relax my mind
  • Prioritizing the work, sketching charts or diagrams for better understanding of it
  • Finding more information on the areas of my interest
  • Reading automobile magazines and driving different vehicles
  • Playing games like Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket