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I am presently taking a small break as a student at Globe University.  I am training for the massage therapy course.  I want to help educate the public of the benefits of massage.  To educate them of the different modalities that are offered and how this can help them live a better life through less stress and the use of less medications.

Work experience

Cook/House keeper

American Legion Post

I was first hired as a house keeper for the bar and dining room area.  I was than ask if I would cook simple lunch items for the patrons.

Housekeeping was about one year and cooking was only a few months before the Legion discontinued it.

Oct 1996Sep 2009


Greenheck Fan Corp

I started in Damper Operations,  an an assembler, and press opperator.  My duties included; assembly of units, running the heavy duty assembly area, working closely with the drafters to streamline the product, running various machines for fabrication of parts.  I was also trained to operate ctanes, forklifts and basket lifts.

I than transfered to the stockman department.  Where I used forklifts and prime movers daily to pull parts and distribute them to the proper destination.

My next transfer took me to the Stamping Department, where I set up, program and operate all the stamping machines.

I than transfered to the Utility Department.  Here I was required to fill in at any production department that needed extra help.  I was trained to run both Auto Shears and manual shears, bending machines, I worked on the paint line, and I was also trained to operate the CNC Machines.

Next I transfered to the Auto-spin Department.  My tasks were to set up and operate the spinning machines.

My final transfer was to the Wheel Assembly and Balancing Department.  Here I had to build props and wheels as close to balance as possable and then to set up and run a balancing machine.

Throughout all the departments being able to read blueprints, and inventory paperwork was necissary.  As was maintaining high Quality Control.

May 1998Aug 1999


Break-A-Way Night Club
Mar 1992Oct 1996


Modu-line Windows

At Modu-line Windows my tasks were to assemble and prep the aluminum frames to except the glass.  I was also with a small team that assembled a line of bus stop shelters.  I also operated forklifts, and cranes. 


Electronic Technician

Downtown TV

My duties were costomer service and repair.

Aug 1985Aug 1994

E-3/ PFC

U.S. Army/ Wisconsin N.G.


Globe University
Oct 1989Mar 1992

Certificate of Completion

Spartan School of Areonautinc