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Muzammil Raza Bano

Software Developer and IT Supervisor at Habib Overseas Bank (PTY) LTD

About me

I am a highly motivated individual who is highly passionate about technology and software development, I am sociable and able to manage time. I am able to communicate well across boards and respond to tasks in a professional setting.

I am a fast and accurate learner, with a keen eye for detail. I should be very grateful for the opportunity to progress to IT Industry and have the enthusiasm and determination to ensure that I make a success of it.

I can work under pressure as I am self-motivated, results oriented team player and flexible to work in a cross cultural setting with good interpersonal skills. 

I am team player that enjoys working in teams, very cooperative, easy to communicate to and ready for new challenges. 

Personal Details

Date of Birth : 08-Jan-1992

ID : 9201086057089

Race : Indian


- English (Fluent)

- Urdu (Fluent)

- Hindi(Fluent)

- Gujarati(Average)

Health: Excellent

Hobbies: Cricket



Bsc (IT) in Computer Sciences and Informatics

University of Johannesburg - Johannesburg, South Africa

This qualification is primarily designed to provide a well-rounded, broad education that equips graduates with the knowledge base, theory and methodology of information technology.

The purpose of the Bsc (IT) in Computer Sciences and Informatics program is to develop qualified scientists who can identify, evaluate and solve problems associated with information technology and be able to assume and demonstrate initiative and responsibility in related academic and professional contexts in South Africa as well as in the international world.

Third Year Project (

Developing an online way for a client to get their valuable items repaired. It is a system that allows a client to log their problem and the system provides the client multiple companies interested in repairing the problem, as well as  a quotation related to the problem. This allows the client to get a fast and a cheap solution to get their item repaired. this system uses GEO location and  provides local companies in the area where the problem was logged, no worries about long distances and excessive costs.

Work History


Student Assistant / Tutor

Academy of Computer Sciences and Software Engineering (ACSSE) - University of Johannesburg

Help students with subject content according to individual strengths with study strategies and techniques.

Assist Students who are enrolled at the University of Johannesburg in the Field of Information Technology or Computer Sciences and Informatics. The Main role is to give to needed students proper explanation of programming(VB, C#, ASP.NET) and database (SQL) principles which includes Code, Design and Theory; Mark weekly practicals and Assist with invigilation during semester tests.


Software developer (intern)

Genssoft Technologies

Designing and development of advanced web applications in
Work with outside data sources and API’s
Unit-test code for robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability.
troubleshooting and improving application performance.
Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.

building skills and researching on different languages in different platforms.

learning and getting mentored on mobile application development.

Projects Completed

KRS24 Security Company Software

System for a security company managing their contracts and clients electronically. The system works on two technologies a web application and a mobile app. the web application allows the admin to manage their clients update their details or even generating a statistical and client related reporting. The Android app allows the security companies consultant, to capture the client's info and signature, automatically a contract is sent to the client's email address with their signature. The technologies that I used for this project included with C# as the recommended language, MySQL, data table for tables, JavaScript, Jquery, web service and for pdf report I used the itextsharp library.

Indegent Register

A municipality project where the system kept a register of all the indigents in that area. Generating multiple reports based on the indigents data, the reports include graphical reports, geological report using maps and status reports in the form of a pdf. This system was built on a three-tier architecture having a business layer, data layer, and application layer. The technologies used in the development of this system included, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML CSS, Itextsharp and Google Maps API.


Software Developer and team lead

Habib Overseas Bank (PTY) LTD

Software Development

  • Software development  on multiple platforms .Net ,ASP.Net, VB , C# , Java etc.
  • Development of financial reporting software for generation of multiple banking reports including reports required for reserve bank.
  • Database modeling and implementation on SQL Server.
  • Installation of reporting software across the branches with centralized Database.
  • Developed HR clocking and employee management system.
  • Maintenance of banks web page.
  • Maintenance of banks servers and online banking system.

DR testing 

  • SAMOS and SWIFT DR testing 
  • EFT and CLC payment service DR testing.
  • PASA System error Correction testing and system implementation (My Position Test Manager)

Meeting and Workshops attended

  • Deloitte financial crime meeting.
  • SWIFT MIRS system workshop.
  • FIC international payment meeting.
  • Oracle 18c presentation.

Migration of Banking software.

  • Specializing in Temenos banking software (Top ranking banking software in the world).
  • Data preparation (creation of Data Migration Tables).
  • Creation of Data definitions on Temenos system.
  • Migration of actual Data  from Pibas banking software to Temenos banking software.
  • Creating multiple versions  and inquiries as per banks requirement.
  • creation of new products in Temenos's latest AA architecture.
  • creation of batch files for offline command execution.
  • Application server and database server setup.
  • implementation of Oracle Database on Linux Platform.
  • setting up full Oracle Database from setting up the instance ,restoring and taking backup
  • maintenance and monitoring application server.
  • implementing JBoss application server runtime platform for running Temenos front end.
  • Daily execution of close of business and troubleshooting if any errors.
  • Conducting UAT,UIT and regression testing.
  • Developing Home Remittance program routine on Temenos.  
  • Temenos internet Banking integration with HID authentication server.



Oracle DB
Database design


Mr NK Devendra

CIO - Genssoft Technologies - Tel : +27 (0) 114729233  - E-mail : [email protected]

Mr D Cotterrell

Mr D Cotterrell Tutor Coordinator - Lecturer - Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering - University of Johannesburg - Tel : +27 (0) 11 559 3816 - Fax : +27 (0) 11 559 2138 - E-mail: [email protected]

Mr Rehan Zaidi

IT Chief Manager -Cell: 0745266363 Email: [email protected]

Ms Shreen Shaik

HR Manager Email:[email protected]

Gloseije Jessy Bazolana

Software Engineer at Retrorabbit Cell:0761945322 Email:[email protected]