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Senior Software Developer

EarthLink Telecommunications

Leading a group of software developers to maintain enterprise workflow automation system with 1000+ active users.

  • Leading the technical team of the workflow automation project
  • Developed business-critical processes
  • Collaborated with system users and managers to make process refinement and enhancement consistent
  • Integrated company internal systems with workflow automation system
  • Extended system functionality to meet the company business need
  • Leading the administration of the system servers in collaboration with the IT department

Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, MySQL, Joget Workflow, Jdbi, Retrofit )


Software Developer

EarthLink Telecommunications
  • Active member in the technical team of the business automation project
  • Automate business processes of the company based on provided documents
  • Developed plugins to enhance system functionality

 ( JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Ext JSProcessMaker )


Software Developer (temporary)

Smart Engineering Co. Ltd.

Developed learning management system on top of Moodle to provide a learning platform and course management system to local universities.

  • Developed a LMS solution (more information in Projects section)
  • Developed a landing page for the LMS solution.
  • Developed Android app to report the progress of the company projects to their customers (more information in Projects section)

( Java, Android SDK, JavaScript, PHP, Moodle )


Android Development
  • Strong knowledge of Android SDK
  • Basic experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning
  • Proficient knowledge of the open-source Android ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks
  • Familiar with cloud message APIs and push notifications
  • Familiar with Google’s Android design principles and interface guidelines
Software Engineering
  • Strong understanding of coding standards and clean code principles
  • Sound understanding of object-oriented design principles, patterns, and heuristics
  • Practical experience in automated software testing, including unit testing and integration testing
  • Familiar with test-driven development
  • Practical experience of class modeling, sequence modeling, and interaction modeling in UML
  • Solid understanding of Agile manifesto principles 
Front-End Web Development
  • Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3
  • Good practical experience in JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of server-side CSS preprocessor, including LESS and SASS
  • Basic experience with CSS frameworks, especially Bootstrap
  • Practical experience in web browser automation, including Puppeteer and Nightmare
  • Basic knowledge of HTML parsing in JSoup
Back-End Web Developement
  • Familiar with PHP, and a bit of Node.js
  • Proficient understanding of RDBMS, including MySQL and SQLite
  • Sound experience in database design and normalization process
  • Familiar with authentication/authorization methodologies, including OAuth, Basic Authentication, and Token Authentication
  • Familiar with package management systems, including NPM and Composer
  • Practical experience of RESTful Web API Development in Laravel (PHP) and Jersey (Java)
  • Intermediary experience in server administration
  • Practical experience in MySQL server administration
  • Fundamental knowledge of Bash scripting language
  • Practical experience of Docker and Docker Compose
  • Practical experience of web server management, including Apache HTTP Server, nginx, and Tomcat



Project Tracker

Android Application
  • Designed modern UI following material design guideline
  • Integrated Firebase for persisting data
  • Implemented MVP architecture
  • Support Arabic language with RTL layouts

Here's a couple of screenshots


Smart LMS

Web Application

Learning management system on top of Moodle to provide a learning platform and course management system to local universities.

  • Built upon Moodle with major customization
  • Configured and maintained Moodle on a dedicated VPS
  • Designed and implemented a custom theme for the Moodle

Demo: (discontinued recently)

Demo access: student (both username and password)


Ehjiz Tabibak

Android Application

Native Android app that enables users to search for doctors and hospitals and book appointments by calling their secretary's phone.

  • Designed clean and modern UI for both Android and iOS platforms
  • Integrated Facebook SDK and Google Maps API v2

Available on Google Play


Function Plotter

Windows app

A simple-to-use application that provides a quick and easy solution for plotting 2D mathematical functions. This software was my first-time experience with real-world software development challenges. 

It's open-source and available on SourceForge

( C++, Qt, OpenGL )

Academic Qualifications


Bachelor's degree

Computer and Information Engineering, University of Mosul

GPA 71 (among the top ten percent)

Volunteer Experience


Active Editor


I have been contributing to Wikipedia for three years, and I like doing so. There are a couple of motives for why I decided to. Possibly the most important one is the feeling of gratitude to the Wikipedia community, where the motivation here is giving back. Other good reasons for me was sharing knowledge makes me happy, and editing will expand my skill as I do my research.


Editor and Content Director

The Enlightened Minds

The main objective of the team working on that page was to encourage people from the Middle East to think out of the box, invoke their rational part, and to free them from all sorts of fallacies, prejudices, and biases.

Reading List