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Sr. Software Developer

Earthlink Telecommunications

Leading the technical side of the workflow automation project to develop automated human-centric business processes using enterprise workflow automation system.

  • Leading the technical team of the workflow automation project
  • Developed business-critical processes
  • Collaborated with system users and managers to make process refinement and enhancement consistent
  • Integrated company internal systems with workflow automation system
  • Extended system functionality to meet the company business need
  • Leading the administration of the system servers in collaboration with the IT department

Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, MySQL, Joget Workflow, Jdbi, Retrofit )


Software Developer

Earthlink Telecommunications
  • Active member in the technical team of the business automation project
  • Automate business processes of the company based on provided documents
  • Developed plugins to enhance system functionality

 ( JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Ext JSProcessMaker )


Software Developer (Temporary)

Smart Engineering Co. Ltd.

Developed learning management system on top of Moodle to provide a learning platform and course management system to local universities.

  • Developed a LMS solution (more information in Projects section)
  • Developed a landing page for the LMS solution.
  • Developed Android app to report the progress of the company projects to their customers (more information in Projects section)

( Java, Android SDK, JavaScript, PHP, Moodle )


Android Development
  • Strong knowledge of Android SDK
  • Proficient knowledge of the open-source Android ecosystem
  • Familiar with reactive programming, especially in RxJava
  • Familiar with offline storage and performance tuning
  • Familiar with cloud message APIs and push notifications
  • Familiar with Google’s Android design principles and interface guidelines
Software Engineering
  • Solid experience with coding standards and clean code principles
  • Strong understanding and experience with object-oriented design principles, patterns, and heuristics
  • Practical experience in automated software testing, including unit testing and integration testing
  • Familiar with test-driven development
  • Familiar with class, sequence, and interaction modeling in UML
  • Solid understanding of Agile manifesto principles
Front-End Web Development
  • Proficient understanding of web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3
  • Good practical experience in JavaScript
  • Basic understanding of server-side CSS preprocessor, including LESS and SASS
  • Basic experience with CSS frameworks, especially Bootstrap
  • Practical experience in web browser automation, including Puppeteer and Nightmare
  • Basic knowledge of HTML parsing in JSoup
Back-End Web Developement
  • Familiar with PHP, and a bit of Node.js
  • Proficient understanding of RDBMS, including MySQL and SQLite
  • Sound experience in designing and normalizing relational databases
  • Familiar with authentication/authorization methodologies, including OAuth, basic authentication, and token-based authentication
  • Familiar with package management systems, including NPM and Composer
  • Practical experience of RESTful web API development in Laravel (PHP) and Jersey (Java)
  • Intermediary experience in server administration
  • Practical experience in MySQL server administration
  • Fundamental knowledge of Bash scripting language
  • Practical experience of Docker and Docker Compose
  • Practical experience of web server management, including Apache HTTP Server, nginx, and Tomcat



Project Tracker

Android Application
  • Designed modern UI following material design guideline
  • Integrated Firebase for persisting data
  • Implemented MVP architecture
  • Support Arabic language with RTL layouts

Here's a couple of screenshots


Smart LMS

Web Application

Learning management system on top of Moodle to provide a learning platform and course management system to local universities.

  • Built upon Moodle with major customization
  • Configured and maintained Moodle on a dedicated VPS
  • Designed and implemented a custom theme for the Moodle

Demo: (discontinued recently)

Demo access: student (both username and password)


Ehjiz Tabibak

Android Application

Native Android app that enables users to search for doctors and hospitals and book appointments by calling their secretary's phone.

  • Designed clean and modern UI for both Android and iOS platforms
  • Integrated Facebook SDK and Google Maps API v2

Available on Google Play


Function Plotter

Windows app

A simple-to-use application that provides a quick and easy solution for plotting 2D mathematical functions. This software was my first-time experience with real-world software development challenges. 

It's open-source and available on SourceForge

( C++, Qt, OpenGL )

Academic Qualifications


Bachelor's degree

Computer and Information Engineering, University of Mosul

GPA 2.84 (among the top ten percent)

Reading List

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