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Mustafa Shoaib

Computer Engineering Student


Sep 2012Present

Bachelor of Communications and Computer Engineering

Cairo University Credit Hours System

Notable Courses

  • Data Structures and Algorithms

Studied how to write pseudocode and the basics of C++

  • Programming Techniques

Studied C++ in depth and object-oriented programming

  • Discrete Mathematics

Studied extensive mathematical logic required to solve any logical problem

  • Microprocessor Systems - 1

Studied assembly language (Intel processors)

  • Computers for Engineers

Studied MATLAB

  • Signal Analysis

Utilized MATLAB to create Signals



Had the opportunity to speak and communicate with foreigners, as well as, present to hundreds of people during the Enactus Egypt presentation 2014, which included many business men from all around the globe.


Expert at using C++'s basic facilities and abstraction mechanisms, with much experience gained from two projects attempted at University.

  • Mouse Maze project

Creating a mouse maze and solving the maze by displaying the necessary steps for the mouse to take using containers

  • Flow Chart Diagram project

Creating a flow chart with functionalities very similar to that of a regular flow chart in a separately created window, all using object-oriented programming


A junior at using C# with experience gained from creating applications that interact with a database created using Microsoft SQL.


Intermediate level at the recently released programming language by Apple, Swift. Gained experience from creating a single iOS app on my own 'Minna', capable of reminding me to call friends and family when it's been a long time since I last spoke with them.


Beginner level at MATLAB, capable of using its most basic facilities. Gained experience from writing code which, upon running, creates signals for analysis.

Work experience

Jun 2014Present


Enactus CU

Writing and reviewing scripts for all presentations, as well as, work with a team of many presenters to search for the best way to deliver information to the audience in the simplest way possible. At Enactus Cairo University, I had the opportunity to:

  • Work in a team of at least 6 members
  • Search for ways to simplify a problem to deliver it to the audience