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Personal Info.

Name: Mustafa Anees Sadiq
Date of birth: 18th Sep,1988
Gender: Male. 
Marital status: Married.


Dedicated, initiative, humanitarian oriented WASH specialized with decent experience, significant achievements and on situ practice, I am looking for a position that is both challenging and reward.


March 2017Current

WASH Coordinator

Save the Children International - SAD FO
  • Line management of WASH officers, hygiene promoters and assistants, ensuring that the security, health and well being of staff are ensured and staff management and other processes and policies and systems reflect Save the Children’s principles of equity and fairness.
  • Ensure adherence with Save the Children policies and practice with respect to child protection, code of conduct, health and safety, equal opportunities and other relevant policies and procedures.
  • Deliver results in line with the current proposals and Save the Children’s strategy in such a way which maintains the reputation of the WASH team and the Humanitarian Department.
  • Help develop project plans and budgets with support from senior colleagues and support the preparation of WASH program and donor reports on project activities.
  • Ensuring WASH quality programs are implemented on behalf of Save the Children.
  • Ensure leading the strategy of the organization to meet the needs on the ground in the areas of SC`s intervention, consequently, ensuring the funds
August 2017Current

WASH Cluster Sub national coordinator in SAD


In addition to my role as a WASH Coordinator,  I voluntarily supported the WASH cluster in SAD by being their coordinator, the basic role activities is to coordinate WASH partners activities to avoid contradictions, arrange meeting at sub national level, address urgent gabs to partners who have capacity and mapping for all WASH activities of active NGOs in SAD and share it with clusters including WASH cluster.

1 Month

Acting Area manager for SAD & Baghdad FOs

Save the Children international - SAD

Temporarily taking over this position covering the absence of the area manager for one month, with the following key responsibilities:

  • Working with the acting director of Program Operations to follow up with sector response implementations and master budgets and to move forward with  Save the Children’s overall response strategy in the area.
  • Oversee multi agency coordination at field base, and lend support to cluster where appropriate
  • Managing overall logistics and finance processes.
  • Providing guidance and support for sector leads until program managers are on board.
  • Monitoring closely the day by day activities of programs and refer to security reports and updates.
  • Managing multi grants budgets ensuring spending is relevant to procurement plan for each sector. 
January 2017March 2017

Data Base Manager

Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid

For the data base manager rule, the main duties were to monitor and record warehouse distribution and enter and filter data into the appropriate excel forms. Manage the data and write reports of quality in English and provide basic database management functionalities including creation and maintenance of databases.

March 2014June 2014

Site monitoring And consultancy office representative.

University of Mosul-COE Laboratory and consultancy office.

As a part of the consultancy team of the Civil engineering department, and located in the project of
Saladin thermal electricity generating station (1260 MW) reporting them with field issues along with
processing of the project to make their decisions about them as fast as it could be so as not to affect on
the period of the project and also discussing minor issues in-situ with the site engineers there to make
the proper solutions.

May 2012June 2014

Civil Engineer

Salah Aldin general Company (SGDC).
  • Carrying out all the duties that is related to a civil engineer in the site and for 3 sites.
  • Responsible for the accuracy and productivity of the staff.



Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering (Hdp) with the thesis of "Using Autodesk Land Desktop to analyze the data of an intersection"

Tikrit University / College of Engineering / Civil engineering Department

I got an overall very good degree in my HDP.

In the stage of courses, I studied the following subjects:

Project Management, Precast Concrete, Highway Engineering - Sidra Program, Finite Elements , Soil and Foundation Engineering, Earthquake, Advanced Concrete Technology and Hydraulics.


Bachelor BSc Degree in Civil Engineering

Tikrit University / College of Engineering / Civil engineering Department.

Throughout the four years in the college, I got familiar with :

Project Management, Math, Strength of Materials, Sanitary engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Soil and Foundation Engineering, Concrete Technology, Highway Engineering, Steel Designing, Transportation engineering, environmental Engineering, Survey engineering.

Skills / Training


  • WASH capacity building workshop and WASH in emergencies / Lebanon.
  • Trainer of Trainers (ToT) / Lebanon.
  • Managing for High Performance (MHP) / Erbil.

Personal Skills:

  •  Arabic (native), English (good in reading, writing and speaking).
  •  Work on Microsoft Office (word, excel, power point, outlook) and Autocad.
  •  Also work on total station, theodolite and level as well..
  •  Valid driver license.
  •  Self motivated, initiative, high level of energy and a sense of humor.
  •  Decision making, critical thinking, organizing and planning.
  •  Tolerant, flexible to different situations and attention to details.
  •  Express ideas clearly and confidently.
  •  Work confidently as a team leader and within a group also.
  •  Gather information systematically to establish facts & principles and problem solving.
  •  Adapt successfully to changing situations & environments.
  •  Multiply & divide accurately, calculate percentages, use statistics, interpret graphs & tables.
  •  Recognizes & respects different perspectives. Open to the ideas & views of others.


Available on request