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Ventura College


LIve Sound
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Ambient sound creation
Level Design
My love of video games has led me to being a level designer as a hobby. I was an original Level Designer for a Unreal Tournamet3/UDK Mod called "Tactical Assault" (now called CPI, I am familiar with the Unreal Engine (99-UT3) and the Dark Engine I have published several game levels for a UT99 based FPS called "Tactical Ops", in these levels I often produce my own assets such as sounds and textures. I was a beta tester for a mod called Thievery  .   I have Managed several Game servers For Unreal Tournament, Tactical Ops and Thievery   I am experienced with The Unreal Editor, The Dark Engine Editor, Max, PS, MODPLUG, Camtasia, Vegas Pro    

Work experience

Network Tech

SBC/Pacific Bell
Network Service Technician, always asked to solve difficult customer and difficult problems, volunteered for most difficult area and worked nearly unsupervised due to management trust. Excellent customer service skills. Highly computer literate. One of first Techs trained in then emerging DSL. Only one of two Technicians selected for ISDN, ISDL and T1 Training/deployment. Manhole and aerial certified
Sep 2011Present

Technical Trainer (Advanced Telecommunications)


Contract work with AT&T, I train AT&T employees on provisioning and troubleshooting advanced digital services.



Self Employed (Audio Engineer)

I have worked part-time as a freelance Audio Engineer/FOH since the late 1980's I have worked small and medium size venues and at various studios (Mystic Studios LA etc.) I am the lead Audio Engineer at a large 1400 member Church with a professional band and numerous visiting professional artists, I engineer and produce a weekly radio show on KSDW 88.9 SanDiego, I am responsible for Equipment Technical issues, talent and training. I work with Talented Engineers Such as: Eric Slaughter (The Ellen Show), Jeff Dykhouse and others. Artists Tori Kelly  Alysons Anthem Seldom Seen  and Mark Thompson .

Major film "Caught Up" Starring Bokeem Woodbine and Snoop Dogg,  Scored several short films such as "Finality".

I am proficient on both Digital and Analog mixers as well as any outboard gear. I also conduct training for Church volunteers and staff.

I primarily use Protools, Abelton Live, Presonnus and Reason software in a Windows Environment.

Numerous references available

Feb 2005Feb 2010

Systems Tech

Verizon Communications
Feb 2005Feb 2010

Systems Tech

Verizon Communications
Advanced services system tech, responsible for major network, IP, 911 and critcal data services. Isolate, troubleshoot and repair major system outages.  24 Hour on call. One year as "sit in" Manager responsible for 12 Field Techs in DSL, ADSL, T-1, and POTS services.Frame switch, PBX, Repeaters,PC, MAC, CEll provisioning Argus power systems, rectifiers,DC/DC Convertor, LMU, PDU,E911, Katrein central control unit ( CCU ). Also...GSM and UMTS systems and some of the "L&A" (Lines and Antenae) Andrew coax connectors, GSM, PDU, RET . Trainer in large work area for advancing technologies, Safety and job performance. Created training program currently in use on the entire west coast Verizon operation. I am a highly experienced Cable maintenance Technician proficient in many complex systems and protocols. Network, Data, IP troubleshooting. Manhole and aerial certified, Repaired electrical problems in systems powering remote switching and communication equipment. Problem solve difficult wire connectivity issues, as well as wireless and cell site, While performing as senior on-call Technician I was also the defacto trainer for anyone in our workgroup assisting management in creating better skilled and productive employees. Excellent customer service skills. Highly computer literate.

Game Assets