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Linux Use
I have general experience using Linux-based software and CLI's, mostly for personal use.
Computer Building
I have experience in building computers for personal use--my own as well as for friends and family--and would love to put these skills to use in a professional environment.
Basic Web Design
I have taught myself basic (and I mean VERY basic) HTML, CSS, and JavaScript principles to be used in a web-design environment.  I am wanting and willing to learn more, either through hands-on training and experience or college classes.
I am a touch-typist of about ten years.  Fifty to sixty words per minute is an average, but I can improve if need be.


My two loves in life are computers and music.  I have been good with computers from a young age and always liked playing with my parents' computers to get them to do silly things.  That love and fascination has grown over the years, as has my knowledge of computers and how they work, and now I am extremely interested in making a living in the IT/computer industry.

My minor in college was music, which I was going to pursue as a career until I realized that, while it is a very rewarding profession, it does not pay very well.  I am a guitarist and vocalist of 7-8 years who also plays bass guitar, mandolin, and a little piano and keyboards.

I also enjoy reading.  In my free time, if I'm not playing video games, I'm reading.  I read mostly classics, sci-fi/fantasy series, and non-fiction Christian apologetics books.  I love researching topics and going through dusty old books that no one ever reads in far corners of a library.  


My current career objective is to secure an entry-level job in the IT/computer industry, to get hands-on training while taking college classes in the same field, and to work my way up from there.


Lamar Robinson

Elvin Jones

Roger Prillhart

Thomas Satterfield

Mr. Satterfield has been a superior, professor, mentor, and friend to me for more than 7 years.

Work experience

Jun 2010Jun 2014

Deli Clerk

Ingles Markets

I worked this job during the day and on weekends to pay for my higher education.  During my four years with Ingles, I worked the following positions:  cashier, customer service clerk, stock crew member, scanning coordinator, and deli clerk.  I have been responsible for general customer service, keeping the store clean and presentable, using a cash register and till to check items out, counting and keeping track of the money given to me, keeping product on the shelves and in backup, ordering product, following food safety guidelines, and producing food items.  I was faithful to my job and worked hard, always wanting to learn more.  I was offered an entry-level management position multiple times but refused because I considered the company to be a dead-end job.  


Aug 2010May 2014


Atlanta Baptist College

In just seven semesters I completed a Bachelor's Degree in Theology, with a proficiency in Music Ministry.  I went to school at night while working during the day and took extra credits and classes whenever possible.