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Dec 2014May 2015

Digital Vendor Marketing(DVM) Publisher

Target Corporation
  • DVM deals with understanding the vendors need and addressing their specification.
  • Account Managers will need to contact the Program Managers and the Design Team in Target India.
  • Program managers will specify the needs to DVM publishing team.
  • We need to understand the basic  needs of the brand page, according to the vendor and need to design the layout using the tools like Web Commerce Sphere (WCS), Endeca and ABBA.


  • Title: DVM Publishing
  • Tools: WCS, Endeca, ABBA and JIRA.
  • Description:
  1. In DVM, vendors of different brands wanted to showcase their product in Target.
  2. Vendors requirement will be given to the Account managers.
  3. Account Managers will give the particular requirements to Program Managers.
  4. We develop the content id as per the specifications said by the Account Manager and Program Manager and share this information in the JIRA tracking tool.
  • Title: Google Double Click
  • Tool: Google Double Click Studio.
  • Description:
  1. Using Google Double Click Studio tool we drag and drop those files in that, which helps us rich media ads that are trafficked through Double Click for Advertisers (DFA) and Double Click for Publishers (DFP).
  2. We have seven framework files like Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML) file, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file, Java script file, Portable Network Graphics (PNG) file for loading and close, two images of dimension (1000x45) and (1000x215).
  3. Then after making the changes and dropping those files in Google Double Click Studio we need to publish that to Google Quality Assurance (QA) for the particular thing to get approved.
  • Title: Identifying Traces of Anti-forensics using JPEG compression
  • Environment: matrix laboratory (MATLAB)
  • Description:
  1. Here we use a new technology called Invisible Water Marking.
  2. Misrepresentation of Data can be found easily.
  3. By following certain algorithm and patterns we can easily find the particular file is being hacked or not.


Jul 2014Sep 2014

Web Component Development using Java Technologies

National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)

Deeper understanding in the concepts like Core Java and gives a good introduction to J2EE.


Aug 2008Mar 2010

Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSLC)

Sri Vidhya Bharathi Matric Higher Secondary School

I completed my HSLC degree in first class with 88%.

Aug 2007Mar 2008

Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC)

Diamond Rays Matric Higher Secondary School

I completed my SSLC degree in first class with 78%.



Gaining my insights in this programming language to make interactive webpages.


Have a deeper understanding in using this tool.

Web Commerce Sphere

Very familiar in using this tool.


Have a basic idea about the oops concept and programming.

Core java

I know the basics of core java and refreshing myself in Java programming.


Consistently learning HTML-5 and love to make web pages with them.


  • Presented a paper on “Wireless Network Security” on the National Level Technical Symposium held at SNS College of Technology.
  • Attended a Workshop on “Android Development” held at Christian College of Technology.


Date of Birth : 16-11-1992

Address : 178, Pachiamman koil street,



Languages known : Tamil, Kannada and English.

Extra-curricular : State-level and District-level winner of Flying Disc Championship held at school level.

Hobbies : Update myself in new Technology  - Internet of Things (IOT), playing cricket and chess.