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Work experience

Commissioning Operator

Daewoo E&C
Abu Dhabi-UAE April-2013 to Project 1: TAKREER, IRP2 PIPELINE AND STORAGE. Designation: Commissioning Operator(Field & DCS) Project 2: TAKREER, RR WEST-OIL MOVEMENT& PROPYLENE Designation: BOARD OPERTOR/SHIFT INCHARGE
Jun 2006Apr 2013

Senior Production Officer/board Operator/field Operator

Coromandel International Ltd
Chennai, Designation: Senior Production Officer/Board Operator/Field Operator Units: Terminal and storage, Sulphuric Acid Plant, Power plant, Jetty unloading.
Aug 2004Feb 2006

Field Operator

Tamil Nadu Petro products Ltd
Designation: Field Operator Units: LPG storage, Waste water treatment, Boiler operation
Jun 2003Jul 2004

Field Operator

Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd
Designation: Field Operator trainee Units: CDU, VDU, Hydro treating unit, oil movements Job Responsibility in all organisations Continuously monitor the operating parameters and take corrective action then and there Monitor through DCS & PLC and ensure production output meet targets. Maintaining the required quality and complying the production standards on day today basis. Maintenance of Log book on daily basis. Jetty ship loading coordination with Jetty, laboratory, third-party and field Scheduling Shift & Handling Manpower. Involving in production planning activities in co-ordination with HOD. Co-coordinating with maintenance team for various jobs that is taken up. Takes immediate action to control emergency situations safely from DCS, evacuate site personnel and calling Company's. Carrying out daily oil, gas and storage tanks ullage calculations and export quantity calculation co ordination with 3rd party Plan various process activities and allocate the job to casual labour accordingly. Ensure cleanliness and safety as a culture amongst all the operatives and casual labour. Trouble shooting of plant problems. Prevent and problem solving of break downs. Supervising and training of sub-ordinates. Issuing and ensure compliance work permit conditions. Checking completed work to ensure adherence to permit conditions and that the equipment/system is integrated safely into operation after completion of work Recommend and implement action plans to correct deviations noted during audit. Ensures the distribution of feedback and reports. Monitoring of all running equipment's condition and corrective action taking if need. Running Equipment periodical change over. Instrument handing over to maintenance and lining up. Monitoring and adjusting of plant parameters as per requirement of plant condition. Equipments Hand over for maintenance and lining up without affect the process with safe. Dosing chemicals preparation and follow up. Plant shutdown and Start up as per standard operating procedure. Reporting to the control room and Supervisor regarding plant condition Plant parameter logging and anonym's corrective action taking as direction of panel operator. Training to new comers. Emergency situation handling like fire, leak, explosion, accident. Energy saving and environment saving. Accomplishment/Strength DCS Yokogowa, Emerson Delta-V & Invensys