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Software Engineer. 7+ years of work experience in Web development and Animation industries. Dynamic, industrious learner. Years of experience using Javascript, Python, and other languages. Leadership, training, and presentation skills. Instructor for Co-organizer of Utah Haskell and Utah Elm. Dedicated and organized. Excellent communicator.

Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Software Engineer

Kuali, Inc.

Currently work on a small agile team of developers to create a new generation of administrative software for higher education institutions across the globe. This software has proven so innovative that Institutions are completely abandoning their current tools in favor of Kuali's. 

May 2013Dec 2014

Software Engineer

Space Monkey

Implemented entire customer-facing marketing web site in Angular.js. Maintained and improved internal account tracking system. Maintained and improved web-based Space Monkey client. Launched a new tool for displaying and browsing publicly-shared files. Launched an internal tool for monitoring device health.

Jan 2011Jun 2011

Rendering Technical Director (Internship)

Pixar Animation Studios

Wrote software to enhance the efficiency of rendering work on the film Cars 2. Rendered and / or did visual corrections on 96 shots of the film.



BFA Animation

Brigham Young University

Studied software engineering for Animation at BYU. Beginning freshman year and continuing through senior year took leadership roles in completing senior class capstone projects, coordinating efforts of other students, and writing software for the rendering pipeline.


React JS
Javascript / (Node.js & Browser)
Koa JS / Express JS
Ops / Docker
Rethink DB / Mongo / Postgresql
Python & C++, & other langauges

Other Notables

  • Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America
  • Spent the years 2008 - 2010 volunteering & doing community service in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2013 Fellow in the Crocker Innovation Fellowship


I worked with Murphy on a difficult project with new technology. He is a joy to work with, and brings his enthusiasm and relentless attention to detail to everything he does. When we started working together he was already highly skilled. He threw himself into the project and mastered many new technologies and concepts quickly. He is very smart and able to make practical choices that lead to great products. I'd highly recommend him for any team.

~ Sean Hess, Kuali Inc. ( 801-418-9376, [email protected] )

While the first and most noticeable thing about Murphy is his undying cheerfulness, Murphy is a bright and eager engineer, above all interested in learning and contributing in novel ways. Murphy loves tackling new things, evidenced both by his employment history and his recent involvement starting a Haskell user group. Murphy never failed to bring great enthusiasm to tasks other engineers might grump and mope over. It was a pleasure working with Murphy and know you'll find the same thing!

~ JT Olds, Space Monkey, Inc. ( 801-824-6537, [email protected])

I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for Murphy Randle. I have known Murphy for nine years and from the beginning have been impressed with his ability, attitude, and extreme passion for solving problems. He is consistently energized and motivated in all aspects of the creative and technical process. He has a friendly personality which always shows through his genuine smile, a good sense of humor, and the natural ability to lead among his peers.

Murphy has valuable experience from companies like Arc9, Pixar, and KualiCo, to name a few. From 2007-2011, I had the opportunity to work with him on a number of films, but most memorable was the one I directed. Murphy served as the Render Supervisor on DreamGiver. His leadership and talents played a vital role in the success of the film. The production was noticeably more efficient, streamlined and innovative during Murphy's tenure. When faced with the unforeseen challenges that accompany any production, Murphy proved absolutely versatile in creating solutions which allowed us to reach crucial deadlines. His drive and tenacity invigorate those around him with energy and enthusiasm. Murphy possesses a magnetic charisma that makes working with him fun, for lack of a better word, yet he is extremely proficient in his craft.

I am confident that Murphy would be a fantastic addition to any team. He has the capacity and the vision needed to take any organization to the next level. I have no reservations in giving Murphy my highest personal and professional recommendation. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions or concerns I can address.

~ Tyler Carter, Blue Sky Studios. ( 801-815-6938, [email protected] )

Projects & Open-Source Work

Almost all of the work I’ve been payed to do for the past two years is closed-source, so I won’t be able to show that here, but below I’ve listed a few of the open-source projects I’ve done in my spare time.

Mocha HQ - 2016

A tool for running tests in development, MochaHQ parses Mocha configs and Jasmine test files, puts together a static tree of runnable tests, and generates a UI for working in a beautiful TDD-style fashion. More information available in the ReadMe.

Flow-Typed - 2016

I was part of the original effort behind the "Flow Typed" repository of library definitions for Facebook's Javascript static type system, Flow. In my spare time I did early work on the CLI for searching and fetching library definitions.

Elm Example Apps - 2016

In preparation for giving introductory workshops on Elm at US conferences I’ve put together a few little apps as examples for the workshop participants. - Input a number of options, and generate a random choice from those options. - Input markdown and format it with CSS in real-time, saving it for showing off later. - A starter kit starred and used by a few people

The Cheese Palette - 2015

My in-laws are world travelers, and cheese lovers. Recently they combined their passions and launched a fancy-cheese shop. I volunteered to make their Web site. It started as a React.js project, using Braintree to process payments, but was re-written as a front-end only app in Elm when requirements changed. Ultimately  requirements changed again, reducing in complexity enough to use Square's tools instead of a custom-built solution, leaving this implementation unfinished. But I open-sourced the code for others to reference.

Climbing Into Elm - 2015

Shortly after I began learning Elm, I presented on it at a local meet-up. Surprisingly, the video has been re-shared many times, and now has over 9,000 views on YouTube.

Talk on Codemods - 2015

As part of a project to upgrade the version of Flow (a static type checker for Javascript) in a medium-sized codebase, I learned about performing major re-factorings across thousands of files by parsing javascript source into an AST, modifying the AST, and then programmatically writing out the transformed source. I presented on what I learned at a local JS meet-up:

MrDict - 2014

As an exercise, I wrote an implementation of a Dictionary in Javascript, performing my own hashing, and testing it with thousands of entries.

Projects from Graphics Course at BYU - 2012

These projects are old, but have been included to show a diversity of experience. - Ray-tracer from scratch in Python. It renders spheres, uses lights, and implements one shading model. - A library for basic matrix math. (Used in the ray-tracer above) - A very basic (and slow) shallow water simulation written using Javascript & Three.js. This project was an exercise in translating a pre-existing mathematical model for simulating surface ripples into executable code.