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Murisha Lynn Alexander

Freelance Social Media Manager


My passion is to integrate social media and development for companies. I have a keen interest in reputation management and social media marketing. I am hard-working and goal-driven. I am familiar with various industries' customer service and marketing tools or mechanisms. I have been using social media as a platform to engage on many levels in various situations, thus I am not new to the social media arena. I have taken a training course with and this combined with my years of social media experience and knowledge of industry requirements I am more than able to fulfil your social media concerns and needs.

Work experience



Murisha Alexander

I am a freelance Social Media Manager. I develop online campaigns and manage the social media profiles for various companies globally. I help to implement and maintain social media profiles and interaction for clients globally. I manage the reputation of companies in the social media environment and promote companies by means of social media marketing, ensuring likes, followers, tweets and uploading videos. 

May 2014Jan 2016


CSG Holdings Limited

I have been appointed as the Group Transformation Manager of the company as well as an Executive Director of 4 of the subsidiaries. I manage the entire B-BBEE scorecard of every individual company within the Group. There are currently 13 companies and it is steadily growing. 8 Generics and 5 QSEs'. I manage and facilitate the annual BEE audit process for all the Group companies. The companies operate within the Tourism Sector, the Mining Industry as well as the Codes of Good Practice. I belong to the Group's Social and Ethics Committee and I ensure compliance to all legislation in this regard. I have been tasked to implement a whistleblowing policy and procedure and incorporate it into the Group. On the S&E Committee of the CSG Board I give feedback on B-BBEE, Whistleblowing, Implementing and aligning of policies for each company, EE Amendments and the Code of Ethics. Since starting at CSG Holdings Limited, I have improved the BEE levels of each Group company, one of them in particular from a level 8 to a level 3! I have recently been promoted to Group Transformation Manager as my job spec and KPI's far exceed the role of Group BEE Manager, illustrating the versatility and flexibility of my nature. I was appointed as Executive Director of 4 companies within the Group within 8 months of being appointed at CSG Holdings Limited. I was elected as one of four beneficiaries as well as Trustee of the CSG Black Women Trust.

Sep 2009Apr 2014


Powertech System Integrators

I was employed as the B-BBEE and HR Manager of the company. I was required to identify, implement and develop opportunities to leverage the B-BBEE contribution level of both companies. I formed part of the Employment Development committee of the company. I was responsible for co- ordinating and monitoring the implementation of continual improvement plans for all the elements of the scorecard. Moreover, I was responsible for implementing and monitoring both companies SED and ED projects as well as maintaining good relationships with stakeholders. I was responsible for preparing the SED and ED portfolio as well as preparing presentations for tender purposes. I conduct self-assessments of the companies BBBEE status on a monthly basis. I advised and guided all the Executives on improving their divisional B-BBEE profile, particularly pertaining to their Preferential Procurement status. Every quarter I submitted a detailed B-BBEE Preferential Procurement report to each of the Executives. Over the past 4 years I have been responsible for thoroughly preparing the company for the audit process in acquiring an updated B-BBEE certificate.  I was responsible for designing as well as implementing B-BBEE Strategies, focusing on current and future states as well as action plans in order to achieve the desired outcomes. I prepared presentations of the companies B-BBEE status encompassing present stats as well as targets and anticipated future outcomes.



Metropole Road Transport Services

I was responsible for the administration as well as participation in Procurement projects. I was responsible for creating an environment where the Company is not exposed or at risk due to unauthorized purchases of goods and services. I implemented an efficient filing system. I designed and implemented a Data Capturing system. I designed and implemented a system of Fares Calculation in order to maximize the Company's competitiveness in the industry. I was involved in numerous Process Improvement initiatives eg. Implementation of a control process for maintenance of buses.



Redon, France

I taught the English language at Lycee Beaumont in Redon, France. I was responsible for students of three different age groups ranging from ages 16 to 23 years old. Only 20% out of 25 students per class could barely speak, write and read English at the start of the semester. At the end of the semester 85% of students could speak, write and read English fluently and the remaining 15% of students had 75% to 90% improvement. Implemented various teaching modules to improve language skills, which involved all levels of students.


Jan 2012Dec 2012


Unisa School of Business Leadership

B-BBEE Legislation, Implementation and Verification

Jan 1998Dec 2003


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Languages and Psychology