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Work experience

Oct 2012Dec 2012


Roskilde Business College

Working as a temp, getting rid of some the workload,consisting of translations, cataloguing, and assisting the students in finding materials.

Feb 2004Mar 2012

Librarian / IT assistant

The Nursing Education - University College Zealand

Maintaining the library holdings, teaching information literacy, IT-administration.

The teaching became increasingly popular and I was in the end of the time at the University College on loan to other institutions and the hospital. There was both scheduled courses and and refreshers where I dropped by classrooms for 15-20 minutes.

Handled negotiations and headed the digitisation process, where we where the first in Denmark to request permitions for the digitisation of our materials.This was not just articles and part of books but also audio and visual materials.Started the use of social software as the first academic library in Denmark. The more succesfull tools used where Facebook, Twitter, blog and chat. Was also involved in the creation of a new library system released 2012.Have experience in cutting down spendings and allocating funds.Wrote an article on our mobile services for the journal "Uddannelsesbibliotekaren" (available on Slideshare).I have tested several systems, bases and tools, both Danish and foreign for reports and evaluationManaged our Information screens, wrote our newsletters, many of our userguides and a majority of the information present on our Intranet.

Feb 2004Jun 2005

Warehouse worker

Bilka, Ishoej

Handing over the large and / or expensive goods to costumers.Was offered a position as floormanager, which I declined.

Oct 2001Aug 2002


Roskilde County School of Nursing

Despite different name it is the same place as the Nursing Education, University College Zealand

Oct 1999Mar 2001


Schur Flex & topitryk

The printing in Greve was discontinued and moved to Poland and Holland

Mounted Clichés/ printing blocks before print

Created an archiving system for these.Was offered promotion to floormanager, which I declined.

Aug 1996Jan 1997

Work experience during the education as Librarian.

Aalborg School of Nursing, DK and Radzinowicz Library of Criminology, Cambridge UK

Time divided by Aalborg School of Nursing and Radzinowicz Library of Criminology, Cambridge UK.

Participated in all the basic functions associated with a librarian in both places

In Aalborg I participated in teaching information literacy.

In Cambridge the main focus was doing research.

The paper turned in in connection with the workexperience was comparing the students information literacy and how it's taught.

Oct 1993Jun 1994

Library assistant

Royal College of Nursing Aarhus

In charge of book deliverys to and from the college.

Teaching how to use the bases we had access to (the only one I’m avare of is still in use is Cinahl, but with a new user interface).

Prepared books and journals for the library.

Jun 1991Aug 1991


Café Skagen

Cooking a few basic dishes 6 days a week.

Jan 1990Aug 1990

Seasonal worker

Several factories at the harbour of Skagen

Mainly gutting or packing whatever fish was in season at P. A. Fisk og Erik Taabel Fish export, Skagen. As well as being a temp. at Skagen Truck Service.

Jan 1989Dec 1989

Group Leader

Viborg Infantry

In charge of a small reckon unit, working more or less independently of the other units. A demanding position, but also had its benefits.

During this period I took several correspondence courses. One of these was military English.

Jul 1988Dec 1988

Sawmill worker

SE Vask

besides cutting wood, we made pallets and crates.

Jul 1986Dec 1986


Skagen Bogtrykkeri


Jul 2012Aug 2012

Single-course subject

Copenhagen School of Design and Technology

The education was handled by Connection Mannagement, but the papers are from Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (unfortunately they have never responded to my requests for an English version).The final paper was about conflicts, personalities and motivational theories.

Aug 1994Jun 1999

Librarian, D.B.

The Royal School of library and information Science

This included work experience at the School of Nursing, Aalborg and The Radzinowicz Library of Criminology, Cambridge.Was a member of student council and tutor.

Final paper was about the vampiremyth in Scandinavia, until Bram Stokers Dracula. It gave me a chance to do some research in archeology, biology, anatomy, anthropology, history, religion/ beliefs, sagas and psychology.As part of the education we had to do several presentations. These include classificationssystems, media, art, and others.

Aug 1991Jun 1993

Higher Prepatory Examination Course

Aarhus HF & teachers college


Language - Norwegian
Not that good at writing and speaking, but understand it perfectly. A lot of materials in the nursing field is in Norwegian, so I have read many professional articles, and done searches in Norwegian.
Language - Danish
Language - Sign language
I could some sign language, but due to lack of use, I am now limited to a few phrases, or very simple conversations.
Language German
  Understand mostly what is said or written. At the moment I read childrens books and play games in German to improve the level.
Language - English
Also the prefered language, but that is because I have since early age read books in English/ American (books should always be read in the original language), like I prefer watching movies without the subtitles, since it is distracting but also because I tend to notice errors.
Language - Swedish
Have since early childhood had access to Swedish and Norwegian television. I understand just about everything, but am rather reluctant to speak the languages, but due to the similarities in the languages I can usually get by in Danish.
IT litteracy
Was IT manager for about 2 years in a learning environment. Was not responsible for servers even though I had to adjust some things on them a few times. Well used to working with Microsoft office. Work well with both Windows and Linux.


Kim Jesper Josefsen

My previous employer

Peter Tvaermose Nielsen

A librarian in same organisation, but different branch - probably the one who knows best what I did.

Kirsten Vest Hansen

Teach at The School of Nursing.

We have worked closely together for some years now.

Charlotte Malling

Has worked closely with the library as a liason


I enjoy paragliding, playing pool and cooking.

Since I played rollerhockey as a student, I still enjoy putting on the blades and go for the 10-40 km ride.I enjoy repairing computers, and have been able to give away some working computers to the needy.

I try to learn something new every day, and am currently brushing up on my German skills by reading for at least 2 hours a day.Am also looking into online courses.


Have small scale management experience. Have been involved in or spearheaded small and large projects Highly praised service skills. Is both patient and stubborn enough to get results where others give up. Have great experience in teaching/ training from 12 to 60 year olds, and in different skill levels.

Very goal oriented. Thrive on challenges and sees obstacles as a challenge.Am very passionate about work and consider myself a workaholic.

Projects from my spare time


I was was also consulted unofficially on the Europeana site, where I tested the site and turned in a report on functionality, suggested corrections and layout.

For Skagen Feriehusudlejning I have been acting as a consultant on the use of social media in connection with marketing.

Teach search technique / information literacy to 7-8th grade in Brovandeskolen I Skagen.

This was unpaid since I started this as a favour, and it is the school my nephews attend. I enjoyed it so much I have repeated it when I could get some vacation days outside school holidays.

Development of a program for tablets or smartphones.A simple app that would suggest books by genre or author based on your loans.

This was shut down while working on it, due to large copyright fees.I have not given up on the idea, but it will require funding.The town/ culture projecta cultural project that bridges local archives/ history with business, museums and libraries in a easily accessible way. using more or less an in-your-face-strategy to teach you everything there is to know about the town you are in.This is presently on standby, due to funding, but is ready to be implemented with days notice.

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