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Sep 2007Jun 2009

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

University of Vaasa

This Msc  programme focuses on advanced strategies for export marketing, international business operations, International Business Negotiations, Global marketing strategies and Strategic Management. As a graduate, this programme helped me  increase my knowledge on the operational complexities of international trading, the implications of cross border cooperation, how firms adjust to the diversity and complexities of laws, contracts, business practices and cultures in different countries, and enhanced my abilities to gather business intelligence for transnational operations. The programme also deepened my abilities to understand and analyse the behaviour of multinational firms regarding foreign operation mode choices in the internationalisation process, entry strategies, creating and managing business networks, transferring knowledge and managing human resources across borders.


Corporate Social Responsibility; A Multiple Case-study of the Conceptualisation, Implementation and Monitoring processes in the Zambian Mining Industry (Master's Thesis, 2009)

Aug 2003Mar 2007

Bachelor of Business Administration

Lahti University of Applied Sciences

As a barchelor's degree, this programme provided me with the first line practical skills and qualification needed to work effectively, creatively and independently,  in positions requiring both theoretical and practical expertise in international business. In this BBA program, my focus was on the international aspects of marketing, Logistics, Entreprenuership, Finance, Trade law, Cross cultural management  and the importance of language skills in international business activities


Exporting to Finland; A guide Book for Zambian Primary Agricultural Products Exporters focusing on Coffee and Honey as Case Products. (BBA Thesis 2007) 

Jun 1997Mar 1999

Diploma in Selling & Salesmanship

College of Proffessional Management (Now Cambridge International College)

This Diploma program's focus is on proffesssional selling, sales planning, budgeting and presentation skills as key elements in the success of any sales activity. Graduating with a distinction from this program gave me the foundation that led to my success in both B2C and B2B sales positions I have held in my career.

Work experience

May 2009Present

PhD Researcher/Editor/Lecturer

University of Vaasa

Apart from my PhD research work, Iam also working as editor of the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Research - University of Vaasa Publication Series, and Lecturing Corporate Responsibility

Apr 2005Sep 2006

Market Supervisor

Storaenso Fine paper Oy

Besides the overall monitoring of sales activities in my markets, main responsibilities included:

Order Processing, Arranging and Monitoring overseas deliveries, Monitoring Accounts Receivables for designated Markets, Quota Management, Rough Production planning and Stock Level Monitoring. Further, As market Supervisor, I was the main Link between the Mill in Finland and Sales Offices in South & Central America, Middle East, South East Asia, France, UK, Russia and the Baltic Countries.

Aug 1999Jun 2003

Sales Advisor

Dalsis Computers & Information Systems Ltd.

Main activities and responsibilities:

Controlling daily sales of Computers & Accessories, sales Planning, New Business Development

and Monitoring Accounts Receivables.


Erja Itkonen

Erja was my superior at Storaenso.

Adam Smale

Dr. Smale was my lecturer and Master's thesis Supervisor.

Tarja Ketola

Dr. Ketola was my Lecturer and co thesis supervisor. Now she is my Research project leader.


Member of the Corporate Responsibility Advancing Finnish-African Trade (CRAFT) project - University of Vaasa.

Board Member of the Suomi-Sambia Seura (Finnish - Zambia) friendship association from 2004 to date. 

Social skills and competences

Cross Cultural: I have worked in a dynamic multicultural global sales network spanning four continents; I integrated and succeeded very well. Besides, all my higher-level (Tertiary) education has been in highly multi - cultural environments with fellow students and lecturers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Interpersonal Skills: Iam a natural communicator, I blend and adapt very quickly and easily in different environments.

Team Work: I have worked in various teams both professionally and during my studies. I am a responsible team player, yet I like to play leading roles while I value knowledge sharing within and accross organisational boundaries.

Organisational skills: I have been involved in many multicultural proffesional and school projects, some of which I have successfully led. For example, I was part fof the organising teem for the 2009 Corporate Responsibility Research Conference. At this conference, I succesfully chaired three sessions on CSR in developing countries and CR mMeasurs and Standards. My usual calmness and quick adaptation abilities make me an efficient, dependable, reliable and organised team player.

Computer skills: MS Windows, MS Office programs - i.e Word, Excel, Access, Power point, InfoPath and Internet based applications. Graphic programs i.e Corel Draw and Photoshop. Iam also convesant with SAP and Phoenix ERP programs.


English:   Fluent

Finnish:   Intermediate

Bemba:   Mother Tongue 

Nyanja:    Fluent


I have known Amos Mumba ever since April 2008 as an M.Sc. student in the Department of Management at the University of Vaasa, from which he graduated on 17 May 2009. I co-supervised his M.Sc. research. Amos is a very intelligent, innovative, hardworking and reliable person. His M.Sc. thesis on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Zambian Mining Industry was an excellent piece of scientific work.

During this summer and autumn Amos has been working for us as an Academic Conference Coordinator for the international Corporate Responsibility Research (CRR) 2009 Conference held at the University of Vaasa on 7-9 September. In this job he has been compiling the abstract book, being in charge of the presentation and chairing the two sessions of the CR in Developing Countries workshop and the CR Measures & Standards workshop. Amos’ work has been outstanding. Now he is editing the conference proceedings for the University of Vaasa Publication Series.

Amos has in-depth understanding of various international business aspects such as export marketing, entry mode choices, international marketing strategies, corporate responsibility, sustainable development, developing countries, cultural theories, organizational theories, strategic management and leadership. At our 2009 CRR Conference, he gave two presentations, one titled “Understanding what CSR really is in the African context” based on the conclusions of his M.Sc. thesis and the other titled “Corporate Governance and its Linkages to Broader Sustainable Economic Development” based on his Ph.D. research plan. Amos’ Ph.D. research proposal "Investigating the Principles of Corporate Governance and their Linkages to Broader Sustainable Economic Development: Cases of Finland and Zambia” is academically the best Ph.D. research plan I have ever seen during my 20 year career. This plan integrates Amos’ current broad expertise in International Business, Responsibility, Sustainability and Strategic Management studies into the hot topic of corporate governance.

I am very much looking forward to supervising Amos’ Ph.D. thesis and continuing our fruitfulcooperation in advancing Trade between Finland and Africa through research.

Dr. Tarja Ketola, Associate Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Vaasa, Finland.

Amos was a conscientious and inquisitive student of mine who excelled in his academic studies. He was active in class discussions and produced an excellent Master's thesis. He is humble, sympathetic and possesses very good interpersonal and communication skills. He holds great potential in any future academic or corporate career.

Dr. Adam Smale (PhD Econ)(Senior Lecturer at University of Vaasa)

I got acquainted with Mr Amos Mumba in 2003 when he began his Business Administration studies at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Over the years, I have received consultancy services from him on various International Business issues ranging from the Business Cultural environment, negotiation and communication styles specific to different regions of the African market where we do a lot of business. Mr Mumba is a hands on, result oriented proffessional with keen interest and deep knowledge of the intricacies of International Buiness.

Mr. Esa Martiskainen (Bsc Eng) Owner of NETEM Consulting Villäde, Finland.

Cover Letter Summary

A highly versatile, motivated and dependable business professional with deep and wide knowledge of, and skills in, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Industrial Development Policy Development
  • Rural Industrialisation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • International Business and Trade
  • Export promotion activities
  • International Marketing
  • Knowledge management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable development promotion through CSR, Good Governance & Private Public Partnership initiatives
  • Strategic Corporate sustainability through responsible business advocacy
  • Sustainability and Higher learning Research

My success both accademically  and proffesionally in multicultural environments shows the resilience and determination I have to succeed at all costs. Furthermore, my ability to work actively and effectively both individually and in teams, together with my natural ability to motivate and lead others are some of the many unique, yet valuable qualities that make me a valuable addition to the fabric of any organisation that I am preveleged to work with.


Business & Social Networking, Economic and Political discussions, Researching and Creative Writting, Environmental sustainability work, sports.