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Mayank Mohan Upadhyay

Software Developer Intern at                                                                               Co-founded startup                                                                               Working in my 2nd Bollywood Movie as a Lyricist

About me

I am extremely passionate about software development. Apps excite me. I find Android so cool. My current goal is to make some awesome apps to help people.

I also love to capture human emotions through my lyrics and poems. Call me for trekking and I will never say no. I will climb Mount Everest within 2 years. I am blessed with a wonderful family and set of friends. I feel so blessed everyday.

My contributions

Nov 2014Present

Co-founder of this startup

Bull N Bear
  • Started this startup to host events with the aim of aiding enthusiastic people learn about stock markets in India and providing them with analytical tools.
  • Goal is to bring experts and experienced people in touch with new members to help them grow.
  • Designed and developed the website and all online work required: know more
Jun 2015Present

Software Developer

  • I have been offered a full time job as a Software Developer by WukiLabs because of my performance during my internship.
  • I will be trained as an Android App Developer and Web Developer.
  • I will also be given training in Universal Mobile App Development using PhoneGap.
Jul 2014Present

Software Developer Intern

  • I was selected by WukiLabs when I was in my 3rd year of engineering for Internship.
  • During internship, I developed an Android App called Ado using universal builder PhoneGap: know more
  • Currently I'm working on my final year project with guidance from WukiLabs.
Dec 2014Jan 2015

Android App Developer

My App: Sync Scores Live
  • I made an app called Can You Tap Faster? to implement live score syncs across all online players across the world in real time without using Google APIs.
  • The app can be downloaded directly: know more
Aug 2014Aug 2014

Won iPad

Hike Messenger App Event at Comic Con
  • I came first at a Hike Messenger App Event held at Comic Con Bengaluru and won an iPad. The organizers gave me special recommendation tag which I may use at any Hike Messenger job interview: know more
Aug 2013Aug 2013

Windows Phone App Developer

Microsoft Boot Camp
  • During my second year, I participated in Microsoft Boot Camp and came first in Bangalore among teams from various colleges in Windows Phone App Development Challenge.
  • My app for windows desktops: know more
  • My app for windows phone: know more
Dec 2011Aug 2014

Co-founder of this startup

  • Started this startup with the vision of bridging the gap between low to mid range shopkeepers and software technology.
  • Single handedly developed a software using Java Netbeans and MySQL called Project Riyal, a moderate hit.
  • With the help of my team, re-developed the software using C# and .NET to make it Web compatible and renamed it IntelligAnt.
  • Government registration of my company: know more
  • IntelligAnt overview: know more
  • IntelligAnt pro version: know more
  • It was a good experience to have gone through the process of starting own startup. Decided to close this startup to focus more on learning.
Jan 2015Present


Bollywood Movie #2
  • Due to my appreciated lyrics in my first bollywood movie, I have been offered another movie by another director as a lyricist.
  • The movie is in pre-production stage. Name of the movie and music director(s) are not finalized yet.
Jan 2013Dec 2013


Bollywood Movie #1: Let's Change
  • I was given an opportunity to work as an lyricist in a bollywood movie called Let's Change.
  • The movie was an initiative from BJP to spread awareness about Mr. Narendra Modi’s (PM, India) Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in Mumbai.
  • My songs were sung by India's first Indian Idol Mr. Abhijeet Sawant. The movie released last month and television rights were sold to Zee. On January 26, 2015 the movie was telecasted on Zee Cinema. 
Aug 2011Dec 2013


  • I formed my own band in 2011.
  • The songs got pretty hit and YouTube made us revenue sharing partners.
  • The songs were heard by a movie director, and we got a chance to enter bollywood due to this.
  • We closed this band in 2013 to fully focus our time and energy in bollywood movie projects.
  • Most of my songs are online: know more


My Poems
  • I am a poet and I mostly write poems in Hindi and English
  • Few of my poems are online: know more
  • Since 2011, I started focussing more on my lyrics writing skills than poem writing.
Mar 2014Jul 2014

Aham Asmi Yodhaha:||

My Blog Articles
  • I used to have a blog: know more
  • I stopped writing it because of limited reach.
  • I now use facebook for the same.
  • I have written a few blog articles: know more - 1     know more - 2

my Skills

Includes linux, apple, windows OS, MS Office, Google Docs, other basic soft-skills
Java Netbeans
3 years work experience
2 years work experience
Creative Writing
I am a poet and a lyricist. I write blogs regularly too.
Android App Developer
6 months work experience, 4 apps published, currently working on 4 more apps.
Web developer
6 months work experience, 3 websites published, currently working on 2 more websites.
Windows Phone App Development
3 months work experience, 2 apps in windows phone store.
Other skills
I can swim, ride a bike, drive a car and cook food.


Aug 2011May 2015

Information Science and Engineering

HKBK College of Engineering
  • Engineering degree in Computer Software Course.
  • Started my own software venture in my first year.
  • Started my own musical band.
  • Got selected by WukiLabs for internship.
  • Was hired by WukiLabs after my internship performance.
Apr 1999Mar 2011


Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Basic schooling upto 12th grade.
  • Science student.
  • Due to dad being in Indian Air Force, a job requiring regular relocations, I attended KV School in 4 different cities of India while I grew up.
  • Was in top 0.01% for scoring 99/100 in Hindi and Mathematics in 10th boards grade.
  • Was cultural secretary of my school.
  • Reached national level in debate competition in 11th grade.

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