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Personnel Profile

A highly competent teacher / Administrator with wide range of experience and absolute candidness towards the work assigned. Self confident, enthusiastic, hard working, eagerness to learn more and more about the various new good things the life has to offer, interested in knowing all types of people. Above all the willingness and strong mind to face the challenges life has in store. Highly energetic, with excellent interpersonal communication skills. Analytical, innovative, self-motivating, confident. A good counselor. Able to lead and as well to work as part of a team. Experienced and facilitator. Fluent in Arabic, better in English. Top Class Computer literate.


Alneelain University , Sudan , (2003)

Sep 2001Jun 2003

Master degree of Information Technology (IT)

Principal subjects

  Computer Network and Data Transmission , Advanced applications in Databases , Object Oriented Technology , Advanced Topics in Simulation , Distributed Systems , Research .

Philadelphia University , Jordan

Sep 1994Jun 1998

Bachelor Degree of Computer Science and Information System

Principal subjects

Introduction to computer Science , Computer Logic and Design , Computer Information system 1 , Data structure , Computer Architecture , Database and Management System , System analysis and design , Algorithms , Computer Programming C++ , Artificial Intelligent , Data Transmission  Network , Graduation Project .

Al-Mugherah bin Sho'obah Secondary School

Sep 1994Jul 1994

The General secondary Education Certificate , Jordan

My philosophy of teaching

Mar 2013Present

Member of the Committee for Preparation and development of Information Technology in the curriculum of the ministry of Manpower/Directorate General of Vocational trainning

This committee Functions and Responsibilities are the following :-

  • Develop an operational plan for a proposed project to develop vocational education curriculum and the assessment system .
  • Propose an effective mechanism for the implementation of proposed system of vocational educational .
  • Review and analysis of curriculum applied to the foundation program .
  • Study and development of rules and regulations for the pass and fail policy applied in the centres and vocational training institutes .
  • Prepare the schedule of assessment and specifications tables for exams and tests for students learning for all levels of the foundation program.
  • Develop a general framework "guide" to the content of the curriculum and educational and training programs.
  • Identify requirements to apply education and training programs ( curricula, teaching methods, equipment, training of trainers and teachers ).
  • develop a system to ensure the quality of the curriculum and educational and training programs. 

The IT Courses we are Prepared :

  • IT FOR Foundation(1)
  • IT FOR Foundation(2)
  • Introduction to programming  ( using C++)
  • Photoshop

Mar 2013Present


Have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Prepares the delivery plan and the course material in consultation with other course teachers before the start of every semester and takes the approval of the head of the Math and IT committee.
  • Maintains and updates the Course Coordinator’s file at the end of every semester.
  • Provides course teachers with photocopied delivery plan for distribution.
  • Conducts meetings regularly to monitor courses.
  • Prepares minutes of the meeting of every meeting conducted with course teachers involved in teaching the course.
  • Ensures that the course is smoothly delivered by the course teachers.
  • Monitors the preparation and uploading of marks.
  • Submits the soft copies of important documents related to courses and programs required by Math and IT committee.
  • Consolidates the Course Review feedback from Course Teachers and submits it to the Math and IT committee.
  •  Updates the Course Coordinator’s file at the end of each semester and maintains the File for one Academic Year.
  • Reviews, evaluates and approves Quizzes.

Sep 2008Present

IT Instructor

  • Have Worked as IT Instructor in Fishermen Training Institute, the vocational training centre of Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman .
  • ICDL Training Center Coordinator at the Ministry of Manpower – Sultanate of Oman ( Fishermen Training Institute Al-khaboura ) .
  • ICDL Testing Centre Coordinator at the Ministry of Manpower – Sultanate of Oman ( Fishermen Training Institute Al-khaboura ) From 1/6/2010 Until Now .

Ministry of Manpower \ Vocational Training Center Seeb

Sep 2005Sep 2008

Ministry of Manpowe \ Directorate General of Vocational trainning

  • Have Worked as IT Instructor in Vocational Training Center Seeb, the vocational training centre of Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman .

Dec 1999Sep 2005

Computer Teacher

  • Teaching Both Elementary & Secondary Grades .
  • Have worked as Computer teacher.
  • Have taught higher classes.
  • Have guided the students according to their requirement.
  • Trainer the ICDL for Teachers in Ministry of Education – Jordan .

Jordanian Engineering Association

Jun 1999Dec 1999

Computer Programmer


Organisational skills and competences
• Confidence, Integrity and Trust. • Work under pressure and stress conditions. • Ability to work long and strenuous hours. • Enjoy, and have aptitude for, teaching.
English Language
1- Understanding ( Listening-Good / Reading-Excellent ) 2-Speaking ( Spoken Interaction-Good / Spoken production-Good ) 3-Writing ( Very Good )
Social skills and competences
• Responsible, flexible, developed team work spirit and excellent capacity for communication • Capable of managing and motivating a team and achieving outstanding performance. • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to deal professionally with the management of all levels • Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment


Oct 2003Nov 2003

3- ADSL , ISDN and Leased line Services Connection and Trouble Shooting .

Feb 2003Mar 2003

2- Intel – Teach to the future .

Sep 2000Oct 2000

1- International computer Driving License (ICDL) .


3- Mr. Gamal Mohammad ( Head of Department of Basic Skills in Fishermen Training Institute AL-Khabourah )

Mobile No = +968 98190847

2- Eng - Dawood Alehyayi ( Former director of the Fishermen Training Institute Al=Khabourah )

Mobile No : +968 99350730

1- Eng - Suliman AL-Hashami ( Director of the Fishermen Trainning Institute AL-Khabourah

Mobile No = +968 99344659