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Work experience


Frontend Engineer

Hadaf Soluations

Working inside Agile environment as a fronted engineer on main enterprise and Cloud ERP products. By counseling others from UI side and issues, focusing on real frontend side. Api's integration, validation rules, performance, write clean, modular and reusable code and maybe making own temporary backend with nodejs (loopback) and MongoDB, so do not wait backend team estimation, and more of enjoyable frontend stuff.. which building with Typescript, Angular and DevExpress.

Jun - 2017Oct - 2017

Frontend Engineer


Learned more cool frontend techs, tools and frameworks, Play effective role with the team, by fix urgent, business and complex issue, Build projects frontend from scratch and config it's API requests, Also share knowledge and supervision on web design and real existing projects issues.


Intern Frontend Developer


Interact with team of developers designers, testers and marketing specialists, chiefly from frontend side worked under professional engineers supervision in user interface design first and convert designers psd to web pages, then contribute in real existing web and mobile projects and fix testing issues. 




Bachelor Of Computers and Information

Cairo Higher Institute for engineering and computer science and management

C (Good) Grade.

April 2016

Mobile Application Specialists

IBM Middle East & Africa University

IBM Certified as a Mobile Application Developer with Worklight Studio v6.2, IBM Mobile Development Boot Camp On April 2016.

Technical Experience

  • Mobile Experience :

 - Build varied real world cross platform applications: from employees apps that manage employees resources, hotels apps that offer available rooms searching and bookings features, also events organizations apps that provide all data and functionality to speakers and attendance, in addition to student portal and HR apps as a graduation projects.

  • Web Experience:

- Build varied real world web applications again: from Frontend side, made complete admin panels for this mobile apps, dashboards for websites that offers software as a service, ERP cloud services apps, main role focusing on real Frontend stuff, handling API requests, validations, manage apps state and performance, also team mates counseling and collaborate about UI side is lovely role. in addition  build some static websites.

  • Some Real World Apps Links:

 - EventaniaAppgainIKhairUnion Knpc ..

 Github Account for more playing!

Additional Experience

  • Interactive with community of technologies, in touched with updates and release notes by following forums, professional developers, instructors and creators of technologies. 
  • Exchange and share knowledge with others and help when possible on social media  (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Stackoverflow, Medium, Disqus and Quora).
  • Attend tech meetups  when possible ( Docker Cairo, GDG New Cairo ).
  • Power Searching with Google (Google Certified).
  • Social Media MarketingPresenting dataSelling online and Effective leadership  (HP Certified).

Languages and Technologies Experience

  • Programming Languages: 

- Started with basics and concepts of programming in academic semester of C++, then Visual Basic, finally syntax and OOP in  Java, About self thought passion was for Javascript Also basics of  Python and Ruby, and Interested in learning GOElixir, and Dart.

  • Tools and Technologies:

- HTML, CSS, SASSBootstrapMaterialize CSS, JQuery, ES6, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, GraphQL, Angularjs, Angular +2, ReactjsReduxRXJSAnt Design, Material-UI, Angular Material, Devexpress, Vuejs, Vuex, Vuetifyjs,  NestJs, Ionic v1, Ionic +2,Cordova, PhonegapJquery Mobile, basics of Django and Ruby On Rails, and Interested in learn more!

  • Development Mates:

     - Linux Mint, GitVS CodeNPM, YarnWebpack, CLI's  (Ionic, Angular, React and Vue), Fish Terminal and more..!

Personal Info and Hobbies

Nationality: Egyptian, Military Service: Completed Social status: Single, and Age: 24.

Hobbies: Sports, Music, Movies and Learning new technologies.