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Looking to serve for an organization so as to enhance my technical skills and serve the organization with my analytical skills and unique logical perception about science and technology. I would like to contribute in making a reputation for the organization and prove my abilities. I want to improve the status of the organization for whom I will be working, with my loyalty, innovation and also make a name for myself in the process.




Software Engineering (BCSE)

Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus (FURC)

Approved by NCEAC
<Current CGPA: 3.67 (6th Semester)>


Intermediate in Computer Sciences (I.C.S)

Punjab College of Information Technology 

Punjab Board



The Educators

Federal Board (FBISE)

Coding Skills



Project Name

Tool(s) Used


Bank Management System

C++ (Structured Approach)

Complete customer-side transactions using filing

Bank Management System

C++ (OOP Approach)

Using custom header files

Music Playlist Software

C++ & External API’s

Complete playlist functionality including repeat-one, repeat-all, shuffle, etc

Library Management System

SQL / Oracle9i

Tables normalized to 3rd Normal Form (3NF)

Naïve Bayesian Classification software

SQL Server 2014, C#

Normalized Database from flat file (3NF), Data Warehouse, C# program Data Mining

YouTube  clone

SQL Server 2014, PHP, HTML, CSS

Complete media playback and user account management

Phonebook Management Software

C#, SQL Server 2014

Complete management support, along with multiple user support

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • I have been elected the team leader and project manager for every project that I’ve been a part of.
  • I always encourage my team members to contribute to the project without any individual concerns.
  • I try to increase healthy communication between group members, to ensure everybody is on the same page.
  • I deal with disputes and issues between group members in a direct but delicate manner.
  • I pride myself in being able to build an effective and ultimately productive team.


References available on request