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Work experience

Finance Account, Internal Audit & Software Security Incharge (IT Administrator)

Imam Clinic (Mishnaz Private Limited)

a) Imam Clinic Hospital (Mishanz Private Limited) (1996 to 2003 & 2007 till now)

    • Assistant Accountant from May-1996 - Jun-1998
    • Assistant Manager Accounts from Jul-1998- May-2001
    • Assistant Manager Billing from May-2001 to Apr-2003
    • Senior Executive Accounts & Internal Audit from May-2007 to Aug-2012
    • Store Incharge from Sep-2012 to Jan-2013
    • Senior Executive Accounts from May-2013 to April-2014
    • Assistant Manager Audit Pharmacy & Procurement from April-2014 to August-2014
    • IT Software Administrator (Software Security Incharge) ”USER RIGHTS” from May 2014 till now.

b) Trans World Express (International Freight Forward Agent) (2003-2007)

    • Worked as Assistant Clerk & Assistant Manager from May-2003 to April-2007

c) Standard Computer (1994-96)

    • Worked as Software Programmer from Jan-1994 to Aug-1996
    • Skills learnt from Education & Work: -

      • Accounts & Finance (Specific Responsibilities)
        • Preparation and Verification of Vouchers and ensuring the sufficiency of their supports.
        • Implementing and Maintaining the Fixed Assets Management System.
        • Maintaining Account Receivables & Account Payables.
        • Recovery and Follow-ups.
        • Maintaining and analyzing the utility expenditures.
        • Managing and looking after the treasury functions.
        • Making the Tax Chanllan.
        • Preparing monthly Bank Reconciliations.
        • Maintaining cash book and bank accounts.
        • Payroll reporting.
        • Record-keeping.
        • Inter-Departmental Co-ordination.
        • Monthly Reporting and other reporting as directed by Management.
        • Assisting the management in the performance of necessary finance functions including past trends, graphical presentations explaining the fluctuations etc.


      • Billing (Specific Responsibilities)
        • Daily Billing (Preparation & Verification).
        • Customer Counseling based on finance and other matter.
        • Assisting the management in the preparation and rate lists and frequent revision.
        • Co-ordination with out-sourced station and clients/suppliers.
        • Reconciliation of all Billing records with Finance.
        • Various analytical reporting.


      • Store (Specific Responsibilities)
        • Issuance, receiving and maintaining inventory of every sort.
        • Reconciliation with Finance Department.
        • Periodic physical count for Audit purpose.
        • Reporting.


      • Internal Audit (Specific Responsibilities)
        • Ensuring the implementation of procedures, policies and protocols.
        • Ensuring the financial accuracy within the finance department and between

                          the departments.

        • Drafting the audit reports, etc.
        • Auditing the Financial Statements for the Corresponding Accounting year.
        • Auditing the Monthly Salaries of Approximately 500 Employees.
        • Auditing Pharmacy & Procurement, Report, etc.


      • Pharmacy (Jobs Specifications)
        • To generate new forms for the addition and deletion of medicine in pharmacy department.
        • To Edit the medicine descriptions
        • To change the rates of medicines.
        • To make sure all the requirements of form are fulfilled.
        • Update and change the rates of GRN submitted to store department.
      •      (Regular Duties Responsibilities)
        • Day to Day change of medicine rates as informed by pharmacy or store department.
        • Perform all the assigned task by senor authority.
        • Make sure that all the signatures are done by authorities before submitting the forms.
        • Change the rate of medicine in software system.


      •    (Additional Duties Responsibilities)
        • Responsible to continue the work if any member is not available.
        • Should be computer literate.


      •    (Specific Responsibilities)
        • Review (ensuring compliance of procurement policy) and process all payable invoices of pharmacy in GL.
        • Recording daily purchases of Pharmacy in GL and SDS.
        • Recording and reconciling daily cash & credit sales in GL and SDS.
        • To Charge medicines in relevant account received through sales batches.
        • Daily cash closing of Pharmacy in GL and SDS.
        • Recording & adjustment of all administration expenses and all expense groups (Depreciation, Lease, Insurance Expense, provision, Utilities, Indents, other etc.) in GL and SDS.
        • To prepare financial statements and monthly closing of Pharmacy in GL and SDS.
        • Complying the requirements of the Taxation.


      • (Personal and Technical Competency)
        • A dynamic, strategic thinker who is hard-working, honest and who subscribes to the philosophy of continuous improvement who can build trust, flexible, accountable and team player.
        • Good time management skills, Punctual, Resourceful, Good interpersonal Skills, Tactful, Discreet and honest.


      • IT Software Administrator “Software Security Incharge” (Specific Responsibilities)
        • Management of admin rights including activation and de-activation of IDs and amendments/ creation of user / transactional groups of all software’s – Please refer annexure. A
        • Incorporation of rates in all software at different locations at the time of revision normally it is semi annually and annually. However, as and when required.
        • Incorporation of Consultant’s shares in all software at different locations at the time of revision normally it is semi annually and annually. However, as and when required.
        • Audit of Log records of all software’s in use.
        • Reporting the findings to the Head of QAD immediately for necessary action.
        • Performing all the function for developing / creating Log-in IDs their activation and de-activation and maintain the hard and soft records duly approved.
        • Maintain at all the times an up-dated record of all Active and in-active users.
        • Perform all editing functions in SET-UPS or new addition/deletion in SET – UP.


      • Data Security Standard
        • Establish a process for linking all access to system components (especially access done    with administrative privileges) to each individual user.
        • Implement automated audit trails for all system components to reconstruct the following events:
        • All individual accesses to data.
        • All actions taken by any individual with administrative privileges.
        • Access to all audit trails.
        • Invalid logical access attempts.
        • Use of identification and authentication mechanisms.
        • Initialization of the audit logs.
        • Creation and deletion of system- level objects.
        • Internet Access User's Right Report


      • Export/Import (Specific Responsibilities)
        • B/L (Bill of Lading).
        • Invoice (bill) Packing List.
        • Lading Container.
        • Reporting. & graphical.

                          Excellent computer skills with emphasis on Excel & Word

      Necessary IT related skills and proper use of technology (MS Office, Effective Internet Surfing in order to draw proper knowledge conductive for efficient work, Accounting, Billing and Inventory Software, facsimiles, shredders, etc.).



Mar 1989Present

Passed Matriculation from Secondary Education,

Dewa School


Software Security Incharge (IT Administrator)
Ms-Office, (Efrotech) & Sidat Hyder GL EDP, Computer Software:- General Ledger (G.L Software) Finance Account Fixed Assets Management System (FAMS Software) Finance A/C. Software Development System (SDS Software) Finance A/C. Patient Billing Management System (PBMS Software) Billing Human Capital Management (HCM Software) Human Recourse Integrated Management Suite (IBS Software) Procurement / Store Consultant Clinic Management System (CCMS Software) Account /FDO Cash Counter Management System (CCMS Software) Account/FDO Business Brain System (BBS Software) Pharmacy


Jan 1989Feb 2001

IPDP & Computer Technology Teaching & Petroman Institute & Computer Centre System

Dos, WordStar, Lotus, Database, Auto Cad, Oracle, LAN, UNIX, Installation & Administrator Support, HTML, FrontPage, Dream Weaver, Java Programmer’s Level. Excel, Word, Point-Power, Outlook, Vision Dos, WordStar, Lotus, Database, Auto Cad, Oracle,