Muhammad Izza

Muhammad Izza

"Part time student, Full time learner" . VP of @HIMA_SI , member of .  


"Any car that merely takes you from A to B does not go far enough" - August Horch.
I believe my passion of car is worth more than just a hobby, it's a way of life. Even i have learnt a lot from car, a bigger mechanism that happened in order to create a legendary car, and it does takes you from A - Z in every aspect. 

I am very experienced in many events, from being a staff to the chief of committee, a fast learner and of course really passionate about cars.

For the love of car below i presented my working experience on event by event basis, i hope you able to relates my experience to your needs.


2013 - Present

Information System Major

Indonesian Computer University (UNIKOM)

On a beginning of 5th Semester and holds 2 important position at the University

2010 - 2013

Vocational High School

International College Bandung 

Graduated as the top 5 students of Year 2013

2007 - 2010

Junior High School


Graduated with average remarks and accepted at a private VHS.

2001 - 2006

Primary School 

SD International Muhammadiyah 7 

Graduated with good marks and accepted at first cluster State JHS.

Work History 

Work experience
Jun 2015 - Jun 2015

Head of Public Relation

Charity Program for Nursing home

Annually as a responsible human being, our social responsibility  program is to give back to the community, and i was in charge as head of PR to help this movement succeed

Mar 2015 - Mar 2015

Head of Committee

Parkiran IT

PARKiran IT was an event that initiated by our Student Association organization in order to make an exhibition week for tech events

Jun 2014 - Jun 2014

Vice President


HIMA SI or Student Association of Information System is one of the most respected internal organization in our campus, and i won the election as VP of this organization

Apr 2014 - Apr 2014

Head of Creative Team


I was in charge of creating a master plan for Sweat Week that annually held in our University.

Mar 2014 - Mar 2014

Liason Officer

K.E.P.O IT Event (Key for Entrepreneur People Of IT)
Jan 2014 - Jan 2014

Main Photographer

Sidang Yudisium 2014

Sidang Yudisium is an annual event that held in our university, especially in our field of study Information System. This job was my first assignment as part of HIMA SI (Student Association of Information Sytem).  



Internet & Social Media Skill 

Computer Tech Skill

Good Communication & Interpersonal skill