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Masters Informatik

University of Passau
Sep 2012Jan 2017

Bachelors of Science (Computer Science)

FAST - National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
Aug 2008May 2012

School & Higher School Secondary Certificate 

Divisional Public School & College Faisalabad

Study Projects

January 2016December 2016

Python, NILM Toolkit, Bootstrap, MySQL and PHP

EnergyShare (Final Year Project)

EnergyShare project provides a social platform website for people owing a smart energy meter to compete with friends on the website and monitor the energy consumption of house and can make it economical based on the graphs and suggestions provided on the basis of smart energy data by use of data mining techniques and was built using the concepts of software engineering.

Java, MySQL and Eclipse

Shopping Management System

This desktop based application was implemented with JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) using the concepts of object oriented design and architecture .

C++,C# and Visual Studio Projects

Pacman, Library Management System, Virtual Tutor, Birds Feeding System and Media Player

I implemented these projects using the principles of software engineering and the  concepts of  object oriented programming.


Automatic Attendance System

I built it using real time face detection algorithms integrated on an existing Learning Management System (LMS), which automatically detected and registered students attending on a lecture. Its foundation was laid on the concepts of software Engineering.

Marketing and Management Projects 

I did a project for the marketing of HTC ONE. In another project, I analyzed the infrastructure of Chenab group of Industries Faisalabad