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Muhamad Amin Husni Abdul Haris

Seeking for Internship 


Studying in          Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. 
Area and Major:  Bachelors Engineering (Hons) Electrical.
                              3rd Year Student
Expected graduation year: 2018

1. Highly interested and skilled in programming and rapid prototyping.
    Experienced in electronics and programming projects.

2. Currently deploying, running and maintaining on a virtual private server. 
    Server Admin and Writer for Nasi Lemak Tech. 
    Wrote over 300 articles on tech reviews, news and general science updates. 
    Supplying web hosting contracts to clients as a part time business. 

3. Using Arch Linux as secondary OS and familiar with the Linux environment.  

4. Personal project:
    a) Custom Home Automation System running on CBUS protocol on existing Clipsal product                             installation and still ongoing development to fill my personal free time. 
    b) Built a light following robot during my first year of degree during semester break. 

5. Holder of Apparatus Assignment issued by SKMM for amateur radio operator class B. 

6. Have good knowledge in basic decentralized radio communication and disaster communication procedures. 

7. Skilled in proper soldering technique and PCB fabrication. 

8. Highly interested to learn COBOL and other programming languages to expand skill set. 

Well versed in C, Python and Assembly programming languages.

Spoken and written languages: Bahasa Malaysia and English.  

Able to communicate well, interact as a team player and adapt to environment quickly.

Understands and respects highly of standard operating procedures and safety procedures in high risk occupational environments.  


MESCORP 2014/2015
Research trip to Japan on the topic of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research under MMU's Engineering Faculty. 
Published a journal collectively under the supervision of Dr. A.S.M. Mukter-Uz-Zaman



Multimedia University

Bachelors Engineering(Hons) Electrical.

Year 3 Student(2016)


Sekolah Menengah Teknik Sepang

Secondary School(SPM)

Pengajian Kejuruteraan Elektrik dan Elektronik

Work History


System Administrator

Nasi Lemak Tech

Part Time Game Console & Electronics Repair

Self-ran part time business

SPM Student Tuition Class

Self-ran part time business


Aeon Big Putrajaya

Asset Tagging

Pullman Hotel Putrajaya


Pullman Hotel Putrajaya

Cashier and Drive Tru

McDolnalds KLIA Outbound