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Coleman Research Group

Consulted for companies in my areas of expertise.

Aug 1989Present

Senior Programmer Analyst

I have been at the same company since August 1989.  When I first became employed we were Life of Virginia.  In 1996 we were purchased by General Electric and became know as GE Financial Assurance.  In 2004 we were spun off by GE and became known as Genworth Financial Assurance.

  • I started my career here in the Underwriting Department, handling both internal and external IRS Section 1035 Exchanges.
  • In 1993 I moved to the Premium Accounting Department.
  • In 1995 I took a position in IT working in conjunction with the Product Development Department.  There my main role was as a software tester, primarily testing the annuity and life illustration systems.  In that position I also designed the illustration outputs and User Interfaces.  I was responsible for creating our new illustration system based on the WinFlex system from Ebix Exchange (then known as United Systems).
  • In 2000 I became a Senior Developer on our illustration systems, building on my experience and skills in my previous role as a  tester.

Since being in this role, I have really blossomed and expanded on my original job description.  I have innovated in order to provide my customers and co-workers with solutions to allow them to do their jobs with greater accuracy, efficiency, and at the same time saving time, resources and money.  Some examples of this are:

  • Designed and built and automated,  compliance approved process for our New York Reg. 60 processors.
  • Created an automated testing application that enabled our illustration software testing team to quickly and accurately provide much needed regression testing capabilities.
  • Custom designed an application to rapidly fill and produce annuity applications for  large blocks of business.  One block resulted in a $35MM premium total.
  • Provided automated tools for our sales teams and other home office users to be able to perform the intricacies and exceptions of their jobs with no interruption or manual intervention.
  • Successfully built an "eBrochure" system into our current Illustration Software platform that saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, eliminated our dependence on 3 outside vendors, provided an enhanced user experience to our users, and greatly reduced our development and testing time.

In short, I have strived to provide whatever is needed in order for my company to succeed and for my users and customers to have the tools necessary to do their jobs.  I am constantly on the "prowl" for new and better ways to do my job, and to utilize new and better technologies to do so.

Dec 1988May 1989


Rachel's Childrens Boutique

Manager responsible for 6 person sales force and daily operations of retail store.

Oct 1987Dec 1988

Sales Agent

Life and Health Insurance agent responsible for lead generation and sales.


Aug 1990Dec 1991

Studied statistics in evening college. Had a 4.0 GPA.

Apr 1985Mar 1987

Kol Yaakov

Continued my religious training/studies.

Aug 1982Jan 1985

Ohr Somayach

Studied and excelled in a school for those with little or no previous Orthodox Jewish learning.

Aug 1981Mar 1982

Brandeis University

Studied Computer Science, had a 3.8 GPA.


Created several annuity testing programs used in our team, that enabled me to learn VB.NET.
Insurance and Annuities
This encompasses my more than 20 years of work in the industry, from many different levels and perspectives.
Learning as I go, self taught, I have created several high quality prototypes and proofs of concepts to be used in my current role in conjunction with our illustration systems.  FLEX and AIR are very exciting and I would love to be more involved in these technologies as part of my work duties.
MS Products
Although I am now a huge proponent of Open Source software, I have a huge amount of  experience and expertise in many MS products and technologies including:   Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Word, Access, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Visual Basic 6, Networking, Hardware, Wireless, etc.  
Amyuni PDF
Used in the creating and filling of the applications for our illustration systems.
Extensive use of PDF and FDF technologies; utilizing these in order to encode and prefill the applications used in our insurance and annuity illustration systems.
Technical Support and Hardware
Although not part of my original job description, technical support for our internal wholesalers, internal servicing staff, and our external sales force has become a big part of my role.  This is because of my expertise and excellent service and responsiveness.  People prefer to call me rather than the "official" help desk support.    Starting with just parts, I have designed, built, and maintained many computer systems, installing and configuring Linux operating systems, and setting up various networking and wireless technologies.
Visual Basic 6.0
Used in my primary responsibilities in my current role.
Linux/Open Source
I have run and enjoyed Linux since 2002.  I am completely self taught, and have become extremely advanced.  I have modified and compiled kernels, have excellent wired and wireless networking skills.  I have used, installed, and customized many different Linux distributions. Here is a sample of the Linux and Open Source systems and applications I have experience with:   Suse, Fedore, Red Hat, Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Mint/Debian, Mandrake, The Gimp, Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office, Apt, Eclipse, CUPS, etc.


Linda Dao

Michael has always been fast and efficient in answering all my questions. He has a solution to all of my problems. He would be a great asset to any team.

Bob Desvignes

Michael Paley is a detailed-oriented professional who applies critical thinking to innovation ideas. He brings a can do attitude to every situation and is always looking to improve the users experience. It is truly a pleasure working with Michael.

Gargi Chaudhuri

Michael is able to grasp and put to use unfamiliar or new technology very rapidly. He is always able to come up with a solution to a technical problem and shows results quickly. It is always a pleasure working with Michael.

Robin Thompson

I've worked with Michael for several years. He's dedicated, keeps informed about the latest developments in the industry, and is known as a problem-solver.

Travis Snead

Michael is a trusted resource for many IT issues that arise for his internal co-workers as well as our external customers. Michael has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions to find solutions for problems, both in and beyond the scope of his role. His work is invaluable to many co-workers.

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Summary and Objective

I am an eager, hardworking, and knowledge thirsty person with a great deal of passion around what I do.  I want to build on my experience while learning new technologies in order to help an organization grow and be successful.

I have been in the IT department for over 13 years here at Genworth Financial (formerly GE Financial Assurance). Before that I  have held several other positions at the same company (then known as Life of Virginia) since 1989.

I am currently a Senior Programmer/Analyst, working on Genworth's Life and Annuity Illustration systems.

Our primary illustration system is WinFlex, but we have several other online and stand-alone  systems that we program for and support. We program our calc engines primarily in VB6, but I have had experience with VB.NET, JAVA, FLEX, AIR, AS3 and other languages/platforms.

I am responsible for our frequent annuity rate changes (for SPIA, SPDA, and Variable Annuities) as well as managing the relationships with our various vendors. I also support our large Internal Sales Agents and our New Business departments with WinFlex and our other systems. This support encompasses product support as well as systems support. In the last couple of years I have provided major innovations to our illustrations, including adding dynamic graphing capabilities, application fill, and bright, easy to explain formats.

I am constantly looking for new and better ways to enhance our illustration systems as well as to improve my skills and better myself and my company.

I specialize in providing innovative solutions to my customers through new technologies, with the emphasis on reducing costs, time, manual processes, and  testing efforts.

I have extensive experience and skills in the Insurance and Annuity Industry, and have also held Life and Health licenses in 2 states.  I enjoy my industry, even with the recent challenges.  That being said, I have been somewhat frustrated in my current role with the lack of opportunities to grow and expand my knowledge and experience with new and different technologies.  While I would be perfectly happy to land a similar role in a similar company, I am very open to other industries and challenges.  I have a great love for and dedication to Open Source Software and Linux, and I would love the chance to become more involved in those areas as part of my career.  I am a very quick study and would excel in a new and challenging position along those lines.

I excel in situations where I have to push myself, where I have to learn new skills and technologies.  Therefore, I am open to an opportunity where I may not have that much direct on the job experience.  This would include adminstration, networking, or support roles involving Linux and open source in general.

Director of the Board

Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Resources Federal Credit Union:

Became a member of the board of directors in 2006, Secretary in 2008.

My Certifications

  • MCP - Passed via self-study/experience.
  • FLMI - Passed 10 LOMA exams for this Insurance certification.
  • ACS - Passed one additional LOMA exam for this designation.
  • Green Belt - This entailed an intense series of training classes, an exam, and the successful completion of a green belt project.


  • GE Everest Award
  • Several GE Super Star Awards
  • Numerous Management and other smaller awards