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Work experience

Aug 2014Present

M.I.T (Manager in Training)

Counting drawers, counting waste, production, service, running shifts



Giving good instruction and a comfortable environment for people is what I strive for.
Customer Service
I'm excellent at customer service. I can make the environment comfortable for them and give great service.
I am a socialite who is energized by people. I really enjoy having conversation and make people happy.


Aug 2015Aug 2020


National Resturant Association
It qualifies me to handle food safely and to use cleaning solutions safely and effectively.


  • Met with coworkers for weekly creativity and conflict resolution exercises.
  • Gained nesessary experience that promoted character and skill growth.
  • Learned to quickly assess the proper tools to resolve situations
  • Was a part of MAAP STARS (Minnesota Accosiation of Alternative Programs), which talking speaking skills and gave knowledge on effective ways of getting a job.
  • Was a leader in MAAP STARS, which gave me the oppertunity to help my peers and push them for greatness.
  • Participated in a leader retreat which gave me knowledge on how to effectively lead and speak with coworkers.
  • Helped create and run clubs at Academic Arts.