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An aspiring scientist with a progressive mindset. Interested in protein, especially prions and would love to work with them. Goal- oriented and determined, found passion in Biochemistry and continue to marvel at beauty of the intriguing field.

Work History

Feb 2016Present

Research Intern

Department of Cell Biochemistry, University of Groningen

Influence of auto-phosphorylation on LRRK2 GTPase function in vitro and in vivo

  • Independently prioritizing and carrying out multiple experiments
  • Site-directed mutagenesis and cloning of Roco4 mutants for in vivo studies
  • In-vitro studies with LRRK2 WT and mutants - pull down, multiple turnover GTP hydrolysis assay using radioactive GTP
  • Expression and purification of His-tagged LRRK2 WT and mutant proteins using Ni-NTA and SEC (Akta) using an evolved bacterial strain.
  • In vivo studies of Dictyostelium discoideum WT, Roco4 knock-outs and Roco4 knock-ins
  • Making Roco4 knock-ins with mutated gene sequences
  • In-vivo studies using Bright-field and confocal microscope
  • In-silico cloning using CloneManager7
  • Analyzing data and presenting results among peers in weekly work discussions
Jan 2015May 2015

Research Intern

Durga Femto Technologies and Research

Haematopoietic stress study and re-establishment of Haematopoiesis in adult

  • Preparation of plant extracts - Krishna Tulsi and Mango ginger
  • Handling zebrafish - injecting drugs, feeding and humanely euthanizing before killing
  • DNA extraction from liver and blood of zebrafish
  • Performing mitochondrial and lipid peroxide assay using spectrophotometer
  • Performing acetylcholine esterase assay
  • Blood cell counting using haemocytometer
  • Analysis and presenting results
  • Literature review and discussion of results in Bachelor thesis


Sep 2015Sep 2017

Master of Science

University of Groningen

Molecular Biology

Aug 2011Jun 2015

Bachelor of Technology

PES Institute of Technology