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I am passionate about IT and how I can manage the delivery of cost effective, value for money solutions that can enhance performance and in many cases provide competitive advantage. I have a talent for using a range of solutions and approaches in innovative visionary ways to the benefit of my employers and customers. My laser focus on managing risk, thorough planning and doing things correctly the first time drives my projects to be delivered on time, on budget and to specification. I have international expertise in project and programme leadership, risk management, problem solving, strategic planning, and service delivery that enables me to have a consistent record of contributing to corporate success by aligning technology operations to meet business goals. I effectively plan, deliver and direct effective change through technology and build the organisational culture to support that change resulting in quality, lasting IT solutions that provide value for money and lead to successful delivery. I have been told that I facilitate and enable highly motivated teams who set their own high standards and meet them. I generate and maintain communications and connections among business and technical groups by building bridges and creating sustainable relationships.

Work experience

Jul 20082009

Senior Project Manager

UK Environment Agency

Championed various initiatives that were included within the department business plan that saved in excess of £800K. Advocated to management methodologies for delivering projects to time and within budget, measurably reducing delivery times. Determined and improved processes that allowed better alignment to business needs. Created effective relationships that facilitated key change initiatives.

Strategic Planning

·Planned and initiated a vision of an enterprise wide mobile IT strategy.

·Persuaded management that the mobile strategy would result in innovation and progressed to              overcome resistance from the architecture teams.

·Created enterprise architecture model for mobile working and updated technical standards.

·Appointed to the steering committee for adoption of project management software, Primervera (Oracle) allowing better integration with Oracle and to ensure delivery of projects to time, quality and budget.

·Managed investigation into Oracle irecruitment module for internal/external applicants and won acceptance of new solution proposal for a tactical fix.

·Pre submission analysis of business cases to ascertain viability of projects recommending revisions to the IPO.

·A new national induction process adopted following consultations and submissions I made to the HR team.

·Provided consultancy and advice to senior management on budgetary and resourcing issues underpinning strategic development.

·Setup, designed, administrated and implemented SharePoint site for various communities.

Cost/Budget Control and Vendor and Supplier Management

·Ensured commercial contracts provided value for money by establishing partnerships as opposed to supplier relationships and negotiating cost effectiveness through win/win negotiations.

·Improved ROI by realigning accountability streams across projects.

·Organised suppliers to ensure cost effective licensing.

·Saved £300K by terminating a project, deliverable by alternative means.

·Negotiated contracts with suppliers that streamlined costs and processes.

Project Management

·Introduced mobile working through the use of handheld devices.

·Matrix managed a team of 40 plus for rollout of various projects.

·Responsible for developing appropriate sources of research materials.

·Controlled the impact of adverse risks through effective risk mitigation techniques.

·Redesigned process for new starters that improved the delivery lifecycle process.

·Shaped an internal network of contacts quickly to enable change management and to manage expectations.

·Responsible for the full life cycle of an enterprise mobile application development platform, delivering applications worth in excess of £3 million.

·Inspired to create a team to relook at processes to identify better processes to customer satisfaction.

·Transformed process for enterprise adoption of mobile handhelds and subsequently adoption saved £500K.

Jan 2007Jan 2008

Programme Manager

Midland Service Stations, Birmingham, UK

Evaluated technologies and negotiated purchase of new tank and pump management system, CCTV with integrated EPOS, and web-based financial systems. Integrated new systems with MS Exchange, data storage, and automatic backup systems. Facilitated 10% increase in sales and 50% reduction in shrinkage. Security system facility reduced break-ins by 80%, with projected savings of £400K in first 3 years.

Strategic Planning

·Extensively, researched requirements that included suppliers, customers and trade bodies.

·Selected the most appropriate suppliers to be our Engagement Partners.

·Approved action plan and new IT Strategy creation that led to improvements.

·Innovative solution implementation for service stations that matched or exceeded that of the major chains.

·Managed delivery of new IT infrastructure for £12M retail/service organisation.

·Integrated new systems with MS Exchange, data storage and automatic backup systems.

Cost/Budget Control and Vendor and Supplier Management

·Drove the deadlines hard, recognised the seriousness of the consequences if the company were unable to sustain full services to customers.

·Facilitated 10% increase in sales and 50% reduction in shrinkage.

·Security system facility reduced break-ins by 80%, with projected savings of £400K in first 3 years.

·Set up contracts with appropriate penalty clauses to safeguard the client’s interests and mitigate the risk of installation delays. Negotiated acceptable costs for each supplier that saved the chain £25K.

·Managed relationships with all suppliers to improve success of programme and managed the risk of delayed installation.

Project Management

·Administered project budgets up to £300K.

·Advised site managers well in advance of changes required and any site visits by suppliers.

·Communicated new changes to staff at workshops that enabled the major change to be accepted.

·Coordinated walk in surgeries at each site after project completion to assist the change.

·Presented weekly update to board of directors on progress that solidified the change.

Jan 2005Sep 2006

Global Head of IT

Alandick & Co., Ltd., Cheltenham, UK

Directed IT operations with staff of 70 for a telecommunications company with 36 offices globally.

Strategic Planning

·Analysed IT systems and evaluated technology that could deliver business benefits.

·Initiated and setup project management office (PMO) on PRINCE 2 methodology to deliver projects on time and within budget, as previously projects were run without any control mechanisms and resulted in disjointed IT systems that cost too much and delivered very little.

·Setup new annual testing programme for Disaster recovery with an external provider and updated business continuity plan.

·Implemented a new service desk to ITIL V2 and improved technical performance and service levels.

·Drove momentum to standardise systems that included re-implementation of the ERP system.

Cost/Budget Control and Vendor and Supplier Management

·Administered £9-10 million budget.

·Improved profitability by re-organised IT operations.

·Planned to save £2 million by the migration of all sites to BT-based global VPN.

·Reduced costs by the implementation of a web-based procurement solution

·Improved efficiency by the introduction of standardised change control procedures.

Project Management

·Planned and led delivery of an ambitious programme of IT change and delivered many projects within a very short timescale that led to visible benefits.

·Key projects included a new Service Desk that provided key metrics and reports and became the main interface between users and IT systems and saved the business £200K in the first year alone.

·Successfully, persuaded the Board of the benefits to the business of an established policy to control projects through coherent company wide-procedures for risk management in IT projects.

·Streamlined relationships with all suppliers and consolidated suppliers from 35 to 10. Re-negotiated all supplier contracts with emphasis on value for money and enhanced supply chain process that made the delivery of projects and contracts more efficient.


Managing Consultant

ITFindIt Ltd

Started IT consultancy to provide advice and to deliver IT systems that delivered value for money and a lower total cost of ownership for selected clients.

Selected engagements included:

Specialist Computer Centre Ltd on behalf of Cap Gemini, Bristol

·Recommended and implemented IT solutions for clients that improved performance and efficiency.

·Managed new PC rollouts, installations, moves and changes with an emphasis to ensure that client’s new systems provided value for money.

·Audited and benchmarked IT systems to ensure that customer investments in IT provided a return on investment.

·Created IT management policies to ensure that IT was effectively controlled.

Computacenter Ltd, London

·Directed rollout for XP migration across the South West and South Wales within a budget of £1.3 million.

·Managed rollout of desktop migration on behalf of Vodafone from Windows NT4 to XP Professional and Exchange/Outlook 2000. Urgent replacement for departed Project leader.


·Analysed customer IT set-up and planned the selection of IT systems.

·Formulated an appropriate IT strategy measured against KPIs and appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA) to suit the business that broke the strategy down into agreed, measured deliverables.

·Saved client £100K on procurement of new IT system through effective negotiations.

·Delivered lectures and training at Universities and various local business groups on IT networking and business application packages that included the Microsoft Office suite and Project 2000.

·Presented presentations on "E-Commerce" and "Making the Internet work for you" for the Chamber of Trade, University of Wales and Entrepreneur Action. Lecturer at University of Wales, for Network Applications and Business Application Packages.Accredited Hewlett Packard, Compaq and Microsoft Certified Partner.



B.Sc (Hons)

University of Wales, Newport

Modules studied: Managing Change, Networks, Systems Management, Strategic I.T, Project on the impact of IT on Pakistan and India, Management Information Systems, Personal Development, Law, Software Implementation strategy, Information Systems, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Systems Analysis Design Methods



University Of Wales College, Newport

Modules studied:Accounting, Data Analysis, Economics, Information systems and Computer applications, Legal environment, Organisations, Organisational strategy, Operational management, Marketing, Organisational behaviour, Personnel Management, Purchasing.


Dipak Hirani

“It was enjoyable to work with Mubbisher as he never loses customer focus and makes effective decisions. He wanted me to identify the root cause of why this enterprise system was not delivering the business benefits it had set out to achieve. As soon as he was informed of these reasons, his action plan was clear, decisive and visionary.” May 1, 2009

Philip Barratt

“I worked very closely with Mubbisher to provide a global ERP solution to 19 of the countries in which Alan Dick operated. A key element to this project was establishing solid and reliable IT infrastructure which Mubbisher managed very effectively. Mubbisher is highly organised, hard working and knowledgeable in his field yet his key strength is the ability to get on with everyone regardless of position or department. I wholeheartedly recommend Mubbisher to any business.” October 25, 2007

Gaurav Chaudhry

“I was impressed with Mubbisher's IT management and the way he dealt with people and suppliers. He delivered many valuable IT solutions, particularly the ecommerce system that I required to deliver parts to our global clients. I would warm heartedly recommend Mubbisher to any organisation looking to employ a proactive and visionary IT leader.” May 27, 2009

Godfrey Room

“Mubbisher quickly built a reputation for sound innovation of profit-enhancing strategies stemming from his remarkable ability to see to the heart of problems and devise effective solutions which he saw through to successful implementation. Mubbisher, entrusted with critical projects, proved his worth, was promoted to significant managerial responsibility and earned the respect of the Board and of his teams. He is a man of experience, integrity and pragmatism who is well worth getting to know. I recommend him to you wholeheartedly. ” April 27, 2009

Mukesh Shah

“We could have ticked most of the attributes instead of only top three. We have found him to be very focused, resourceful and knowledgeable. We would highly recommend him.” April 27, 2009

Adrian Bridgway

“Mubbisher was the Project Manager on a mobile device project management project on which I was resourced. He was approachable, understanding, and worked hard to achieve a solution of quality and value.” June 26, 2009

Simon Redding

“Mubbisher is a strong and capable project manager, able to keep a strategic view while simultaneously managing detailed contract negotiation & scheduled workstream delivery. Despite difficult circumstances due to major organisational change happening around him, Mubbisher was able to take a lead role in delivering a step change in field workforce mobility - progressing from a trial project to a million pound technology & business change. Mubbisher is strong in many areas - negotiation, business case definition/review and delivery. I would have no hesitation in recommending him or hiring him again.” June 28, 2009

Dan Rowland

“Having worked with Mubbisher at the Environment Agency I would say that he is one of the most capable project managers I have even worked with. His precise attention to detail blends well with a keen eye for the bigger picture. I would recommend him to anyone.” June 29, 2009

worked directly with Mubbisher at UK Environment Agency

Adrian Pope

“Mubbisher picked up a project that "came out of left field" for me. He managed to turn a mediocre tender into an effective document from which a cutting edge approach to the tracking of construction waste was trialed. Mubbisher proved himself capable of gaining support and influencing decision makers, in an organisation to which he had just joined, to produce a rapid outcome.” July 29, 2009

David Hall

“Mubbisher and I worked in the same Project Management group within our time together in the Agency. I can safely say that he came across as an effective communicator who particularly impressed me with his ability to influence and build a good network around him. Mubbisher also impressed with his "can do" attitude to project delivery. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.” January 5, 2010

Graham Diss

“Ahmed has proved he not only has the technical ability to acheive high standards in the role, but also the comercial and management skills to to run a global business unit. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Ahmed again.” October 25, 2007