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1.2006, Orange, Jordan Telecom Group (Mobile Line), part of France Telecom Group as CRM Developer in IT, Billing Department. From 22/08/2006 – Till Now.


As a CRM Developer in the Customer care  VAS  department of Jordan telecom group I am responsible to maintain the main CRM system and maintain high reactivity coordination with other departments in and out IT.

Work experience

Aug 2006Present

CRM Developer

Jordan Telecom Group

-Working on BSCS (Mobile) & CCBS (Fix) Billing Systems.

-Handling RFB (Request from Business) for any customizations on billing system.

-Develop and design interfaces between billing system and other systems like (PS, TRC, D&C, BDT, and DCP).

-Develop procedure, functions, all queries used in DEWAN corporate window.

-Maintain & support our systems like (PS, TRC, DEWAN, SMS Systems … etc.

-Working on Oracle CRM Application 10g & 11gfor BSCS, CCBS and Data systems.

Projects worked on:

-2006, Dummy Customers Registrations (SMS & OFFLINE Tool).

-2006, Customers Pointing System (Corporate, Residential, and SME).

-2006, D&C system for Mobile & Fix business units.

-2006, Independence Day Promotion (SMS & points).

-2007, Call Charging system (DB Level).

-2007, Summer Ruffle Promotion.

-2007, Roaming Ruffle Promotions.

-2007, MobileCom Re-branding into Orange.

-2007, Birth Day Greeting (SMS, MMS, and process control form).

-2007, Group G for DEWAN Corporate management.

-2008, CCBS addresses update.

-2008, King Abdullah Birthday Promotion (SMS & points).

-2008, Web Sales customer management (DB level).

-2008, Web Salesform for 1214 Fix call center.

-2008. BDT for group business units (Fix, Mobile, and Internet).

-2008, TRC IVR & USSD Registration System (DB Level).

-2008, Customer Management DataHup CRM (BSCS & CCBS & Data).

-2008, Fixed Outside company technical SMS's (DB Level).

-2008, Pointing System for Orange Internet unit.

-2008, Call Center SMS System.

-2008, SMS tool for fixed line Technical Team.

-2008, Summer Promotion Ruffle 2008.

-2008, Roaming Promotion 2008.

-2008, Sending SMS Exception Tool.


ITCC Jordan

ITCC Jordan

ITCC jordan

ITCC jordan

ITCC Jordan

High school graduation

Marj Al-Hamam high school
Feb 2003Aug 2006


Al-Isra University

Bachelor in Computer information System (CIS) from Al-Isra University with Very Good grade (83%), Rank Second