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Personal Statement

I am always highly motivated to excel in any environment. I believe in working hard to achieve goals and to progress.

I aim to succeed in my work as much as possible and organise my free time to maximise productivity. I like to stay organised and keep my surrounding area in an orderly fashion.

I interact with individuals of many different lifestyles on a regular basis wherein I have learnt to be more accommodating and understanding and have the ability to connect with people naturally.

I have always been extremely passionate about working in the digital marketing industry. I love working with computers, I have a natural understanding of marketing, how to engage an audience, how to create and implement strategies, how to create a positive motivating atmosphere and how to carry myself as a leader.

I believe the work ethic and passion I have for being proactive gives me the ability to understand and break down how a company operates and progresses, and how to build upon and improve success rates for clients, company's and individuals of any field. 

Education (Al Hijrah Secondary School 2009 - 2014)


Grade Achieved Qualification Type Date Achieved
Biology   A* Edexcel iGCSE   June 2013
Religious Studies A* Edexcel GCSE  June 2013
Chemistry A Edexcel iGCSE June 2014
Physics B Edexcel iGCSE June 2014
Geography B OCR GCSE June 2014
English Language B OCR GCSE January 2014
English Literature B OCR GCSE June 2014
Mathematics B Edexcel GCSE  June 2014

Merit - B

Merit - B

OCR National Award Level 2

June 2014

Physical Education B Edexcel GCSE June 2014
Functional Skills Maths  Pass Level 2  June 2013

Education (Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College 2014 - 2016)

Subject Grade Achieved Qualification Type Date Achieved
Biology C OCR A Level Biology June 2015
Chemistry C OCR A Level Chemistry June 2015
Computing Distinction* Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma June 2016

Work History/Volunteering



Orphans in Need

Skills I had developed during this time are:

  • Raising money for a charitable cause by gaining sponsors and appealing to the right people
  • Working with volunteers from the same and other charity organisations in fund raising, events, event management etc
  • Staying motivated to work hard and make a difference/inspire positive change in individuals/families/communities who need it the most
  • Multi tasking in order to manage voluntary work alongside education 

Kickboxing/Wrestling/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach

Zaman Kickboxing Academy

Skills I had developed during this time are:

  • Teaching a range of students both experienced and inexperienced of various age groups complex martial arts
  • Encouraging a competitive atmosphere between students and encouraging constant development
  • Developing new teaching methods for students competing as well as recreational students to encourage progress without any stress or problems
  • Creating a positive atmosphere and creating an area where individuals can reduce stress and learn to deal with problems with daily life

Wrestling Coach

Fearless MMA

Skills I had developed during this time are:

  • Teaching beginner's - both kids and adults - a complex martial art with patience and tailoring my teaching methods uniquely for each student
  • Encouraging healthy competition between students while keeping a strong team spirit
  • Preparing students for high level competitions, motivating them to work hard and enjoy the process
  • Motivating students to compete and stay physically active by regularly competing at the highest levels and servicing as an example

Shelter Volunteer

As-Suffa Institute

Skills I had developed during this time are:

  • Managing a homeless shelter wherein ensuring guests and other volunteers are made to feel secure and comfortable
  • Working with other volunteers to ensure safety protocols are met with regards to drug use and alcohol consumption in and around the shelter
  • Calming tense situations such as guest disagreements, physical confrontations and communicating with guests who are disruptive and/or causing issues within or outside of the shelter
  • Connecting with and understanding people's stories from all scopes of life

Digital Marketing Intern

Wow Zone Ltd

Skills I had developed during this time are: 

  • Developing in-depth knowledge of Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Webmaster Tools, Content Management Systems, managing clients and client accounts and developing an in-depth knowledge of SEO
  • Setting up and running events as part of a team (#DigitalZone)
  • Social Media marketing including event updates, profile management, networking etc
  • Developing and managing a website including content, meta information etc with each element tailored around SEO and to a clients unique specifications

Digital Marketer

Hello Digital

Skills I had developed during this time are:

  • Using apps such as WordPress and Shopify to create websites used for e-commerce, blogs, product advertisement etc
  • Creating both large and small pieces of content such as blogs and articles including research
  • Setting up PPC campaigns, linking website information to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Webmaster Tools and creating reports for CPA, conversion tracking, clicks etc using statistical data

Digital Marketer

The Right Marketing

Skills I had developed during this time are:

  • Working with a range of clients who required various digital marketing practices implemented into their businesses
  • Understanding and explaining at both a high level and a basic level about what a client would need to improve their business including targets and statistical projections and how to create then implement a strategy to achieve set targets
  • Creating content, rewriting meta information and changing websites centered around best SEO practices
  • Working with a client to exceed major expectations in deadlines, content, analysis, consultancy etc

Admin/Secretary/Cleaner/Digital Marketer

Chancellors Solicitors

Skills I had developed during my time in this business are:

  • Working and communicating with clients, agents, other admin as well as other solicitors in a professional and informative yet understanding manner
  • Managing work under extreme stress and pressure without making mistakes or losing motivation to work 
  • Understanding the best way to implement legal practices and how the general legal process works in the United Kingdom
  • Understanding and applying the principles of complex systems in law and other practices
  • Backing up and updating a website using FTP, CMS and liaising with Website Hosting agencies to fix errors in hosting while managing cases including property law and litigation

Admin/Building Manager

Apex Property Services

Skills that I had developed during my time in this business are:

  • Communication skills both verbally and on paper, allowing for positive interaction with both customers and my team.
  • Being able to work effectively as a team to complete a task as quickly and to the highest standard possible.
  • Liaising with different agencies as well as organisations such as Birmingham City Council to discuss business deals/opportunities
  • Working on a building site using the correct health and safety protocol and working with Building Inspectors, clients, other workers, and other managers to ensure the building process is smooth   


Shah Kebab House

Skills I had developed during my time in this business are: 

  • Being able to respond to a customer and interact with workers in a professional manner 
  • Keeping the area where food is prepared and the area where customers are seated clean to ensure the business is maintained to a good standard. 
  • Working quickly alongside having the right commitment to my job.


I have many hobbies and interests which I occupy myself with in my free time. One of my favourite hobbies is Mixed Martial Arts. Mixed Martial Arts is an excellent way of both interacting with and learning from many different types of people as well as learning and understanding different points of view and accepting various ideologies. Mixed Martial Arts requires self-discipline and is one of the traits I have developed to a very high standard; I am always dedicated to go the extra mile which I believe is essential at any work place.

I also enjoy gaming and enter regular tournaments which allows me to become mentally sharper in high pressure environments. Majority of the competitions require team entries so communicating in the right way with my team mates and my signature trait lies making important decisions and keeping morale high

External Qualifications

NCS with The Challenge

Head boy of Al Hijrah School (2014)

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 

Biology Big Quiz

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Google Ads Fundamentals Certified (Academy for Ads)

Google Ads Search Certified (Academy for Ads)

Google Ads Display Certified (Academy for Ads)

Google Analytics Certified