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A seasoned Android developer with over 8 years of experience developing on this  platform and extensive knowledge in the latest frameworks and technologies. I have also worked in many other fields such as web, Windows, Linux, networking and automatic testing. Managed and led several projects and teams. I am a technology geek who loves to learn and keep up to date with current  developments.



Over 8 years as a full time Android developer working on several apps with good knowledge of UI, Networking and UX design. Familiar with most recent technologies including Kotlin, RxJava, Material design and many more. Good knowledge of architectural concepts like dependency injection, clean code, SOLID principles.


Lead scrum teams of up to 8 people both R&D and QA. Managed tasks and task assignments, reports to management and interfacing with other teams.

Lead the development of two Android apps in two startup companies including design and most of the coding. Both apps were very complex with sophisticated UI & networking.


Developed websites as well as hybrid mobile solutions. Previous knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Backbone, Node.js and others.

Worked with many technologies such as C++, MFC, COM, Perl, Python and always eager to learn more and expand my knowledge. 

Work experience

Nov 2015Aug 2017

Lead Android Developer


Designing and coding Redkix's Android client, an app which is a Slack-like communication solution but operates over regular email network instead of a proprietary one. The app uses an internal API to communicate with Redkix's own servers.

Involved in all aspects of the product other than coding - design, planning, testing.

Initially the only developer of the app and later joined by another developer. App written initially written in Java and then converted to Kotlin. Used RxJava, OkHttp, Picasso, Stetho and other prominent frameworks.

Jul 2013May 2015

Lead Android Developer


Leading the development of Bizzabo's Android client, an app for events. The app includes information about the event (schedule, speakers, sponsors, etc) as well as being an in-event social networking and messaging platform.

As the sole developer I was in charge of all architecture, development and testing issues as well as assisting with the development of the product itself together with the product manager. 

Also spent a few months assisting the web development of Bizzabo's web platform and gained experience is web technologies such as Backbone, JQuery, Node.js and many web libraries. 


Senior Android Developer


Working on both Conduit's platform for applications (COMO) and the Android Lock Screen solution (First). First is an all Android application designed to bring news updates to the lock screen, COMO is a hybrid solution written with PhoneGap and is a platform for customers to create apps across many platforms.


Senior Developer & Scrum Master


Lead a team of 8 people that was in charge of customizing and localizing ICQ Windows client and then moved to lead and develop the mobile clients of ICQ (J2ME and Android). Mobile team had 3 people (both QA and R&D).

As a scrum master I was responsible for managing the tasks of the team as well as being the interface to other teams and senior management. Gained significant experience in the scrum methodology over this time.


Senior Developer

Random Logic

A member of a group developing servers for the gaming departments. Responsible for several proxy and database servers. Development done in C++/Windows. 



M.Sc. Computer Science

Hebrew University, Jerusalem

B.Sc Computer Science

Hebrew University, Jerusalem