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I'm looking into going into a career in which I can help serve the community and utilize the skills and experience I have gained throughout my college career. My focus is on law enforcement as a whole; local, state, or federal agencies.

Summary of Experience

• Gained hands-on experience and knowledge in a Ride-Along program with the West Lafayette Police Dept. 


• Experience in protecting students, faculty, and property with the Purdue Student Security Patrol

• Excelled in Forensics courses: Intro to Forensic Science, Criminalistics, Adv. Criminalistics

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2009 - Present

Student Worker

Purdue University Registrar's Office

• Organize, assemble, and aid in the distribution of student ordered transcripts

• Assembled and organized graduation materials for Winter 2009-2013 and Spring 2010-2012 graduations

• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail when dealing with student records

• Maintained highest level of confidentiality with student information in regards to FERPA regulations

• Extensive knowledge with the Xtender and Banner systems

• FERPA and GLBA certified

Sep 2012 - Dec 2012

Student Patroller

Purdue Student Security Patrol

• Provided safe and secure escorts to studets and faculty 

• Provided extra observation in parking garages and other areas of the West Lafayette Campus 

• Provided additional security and high visibility for the deterrence of crime and to safeguard life and property 

• Collaborated with Purdue Police to provide extra security at Purdue Football games and other special events


Aug 2009 - Present

Bachelor of Arts

Purdue University

Minors in Forensics and Psychology


Aug 2011 - Dec 2013


Purdue University
Aug 2011 - Dec 2013


Purdue University



Jan Cortner

Lesa Beals

Lesa has been my boss for the last four years here at Purdue. She recently served as the Interim Registrar while a new person was being selected for the position of University Registrar.