Jordan Myers

Jordan Myers


Aug 2007 - Present

Bachelor of Science

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

My professional goals for Dietetics are seperated into two seperate time frames:

  • Two-year goal:  My two-year professional goals would include applying and enrolling into a Dietetic Internship/ post-graduate school. During this time, I hope to find a specific area of dietetics that I am most interested in, and expand my knowledge in that category. Once the Dietetic Internship is complete, I will pass the Registration Exam for Dietitians to get my RD credential.
  • Five-year goal: My five-year goal is to obtain employment in a professional setting that is related to nutirion and dietetics. I would also like to continue my education and obtain an Associate degree in Nursing, and various other certifications within the Dietetics field that I am most passionate about. 

Skill Areas

  1. Communicate effectively
  2. Provide effective nutrition education for individuals and groups from diverse populations
  3. Translate the role of nutrients and food to provide for health and well being

*Evidence of development of these skills presented in side bar.

Purpose and Work Philosophy

Purpose:  The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate ho adequate I am as I developed various skills pertaining to the field of Dietetics and Nutrition. The portfolio supports my education and displays my skills and abilities, self-awareness, interest and determination for applying my own knowledge to others in an effective way and following my passion for Dietetics. This will provide a focal point for receiving a Dietetic Internship and continuing my post- graduate education.

Work Philosophy:  Most importantly to me, is that the client always comes first. I am willing to go above and beyond to help my clients to the best of my ability. Attention to details makes a big difference, and I am always very attentive to others when they are talking to me and exceeding their expectations in every aspect is a success in my view. Maintaining organization and efficiency are key for maximum results on a daily basis.


Jordan Myers

[email protected]

Campus/localaddress:Permanent address:

1126 Oakland ave.82 Jessica lane

Indiana, PA 15701Depew, NY 14043

(716) 912-2125

Career Objective:To secure a position where my qualities of a fast learner and the ability to take on new challenges can be used. Seeking a position in Nutrition where my knowledge and skills can be applied, and to also explore new areas of the field.

Education:Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)

B.S. in Nutrition expected May 2011

Associate degree in Nursing expected 2013

Related Experience:Nutritionist Aid(From May, 2010- August 2010)

Dr. Mary Jo Parker MS RD CDN Willamsville, NY

·Shadowed group nutrition sessions

·Participated in both group/individual activities

East Pike Elementary School teaching experience(December 2009)

·Created a lesson plan (3rd Grade audience)

·Taught about importance of nutrition

·Planned and had children engage in nutritional activities

Student Dietetic Association (SDA)(From September 2009-Current)

·Diabetes walk

·ICAAP food drive


·Nutrition fairs

Other Experience:Swim Coach(From October 2005-April 2009)

·Worked with all ages individually and in groups

·In-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for swimming

·Ability to put people at ease when tense or scared

Sales Associate (clothing)(From January 2007-September 2007)

·Assisting customers and having good verbal communication

·Ability to multi-task


·Good organizational skills

·Perseverance and patience

·Good verbal communication

·Ability to inspire others through positive attitude and motivation

·Knowledge and passion of food and nutrition, and using that to help others

·Very dedicated and goal-oriented


·Dean’s List student at IUP (Spring 2009)

·Held positions in SDA

·Student-athlete for 3 years in college under swimming scholarship

Activities: Include:

·Fundraising for various diseases (Diabetes, Cancer, etc)

·Food-Drives to help aid the needy

·Swim captain leadership role

·Phone interviews with various dietitians for information and learning experience through their knowledge

·Member of American Dietetic Association (ADA)


·Strong interest in learning new skills that can use for potential career

·Love working with the community and being able to talk to people so that I can not only relate to how they feel, but to also do my best to aid their specific needs


Jordan Myers is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). She is working toward a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition following a Dietetics Track. She is expected to graduate in May 2011. She is a dedicated student and has worked hard to maintain her grades within good standing and to also be on the IUP women’s swimming team for three years under an athletic scholarship. She has also made the Dean’s List in spring 2009 semester since she has been at IUP. Jordan is a member of the American Dietetic Association as well as the Student Dietetic Association at IUP. Jordan is currently working as a student nutrition counselor through IUP and also as a volunteer at various locations as a Dietary Aid and for shadowing opportunities. Jordan is a hard worker and has gained a lot of knowledge and learning experience shadowing Dietitians, including 2 months at an in-patient eating disorder clinic. Jordan has learned a lot from her shadowing experiences and gained a willingness to help and instruct others, and also an enjoyment being in contact with the public. She believes that the time she has spent working with the Dietitians and being trained from what they know in the field has helped prepare her for her future. She has learned a lot and looks forward to continue learning after she receives her undergraduate degree.After graduation, Jordan is hoping to complete a dietetic internship. She would also like to obtain a Masters degree in Food and Nutrition, and also an Associate’s degree in Nursing.

Volunteer and Leadership Activities