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Paul Gosling


I am  hard working, and i can work in a team or independently. I can also carry out 1 to 1 training or classroom training to a group of poeple. I also have a full licence  

I am keen to learn new skills to increase my knowledge and make me more of  an asset to my employer. I am also Keen to expaned into new areas of my working job role.

I take pride in my apperance and dress smartly. 

Work experience

Jan 2014Present

Delivery driver
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Jul 2013Aug 2013

Ramp Agent

Menzies Aviation

Loading and unloading aircraft

Helping guide aircraft back to runway

guiding aircraft to stand making sure all safety was in place before passenger left or boarded

using equipment

making sure aircraft was not damaged before take off   

Jul 2012May 2013

Bus driver

CT plus
Nov 2009May 2010

NVQ Assessor

Mainstream Training LTD

My job role was to carry out NVQ,s (Carrying and Delivering Goods) level 2 to the delivery drives. Helping Candidates to gather evidence to build up their portfolio for internal verification. I Asked the candidate questions and took video evidence of them doing their job role and helping them and guiding then through their NVQ. Once they had reached the standard layed down by the goverment body then they received a certificate. i also carried out. Keeping my dairy upto on a daily/weekly basis and keeping all records upto date on word and excel.

  • 10 Portfoilios a month which brought in 10.000 pounds a month for the company.
  • Carrying out Health and safety and risk assessments of the site and the candidate.
  • keeping to Quilty Assurance within the company and goverment bodies.
  • Carrying out Equal Opportunities & diversity with clients and candidates.
  • Carrying out customer services at all times
  • Carrying out induction with cadidates
Jun 2008Nov 2009

NVQ Assessor/Trainer

M2 Training Ltd

My main duties where to carry out NVQ (Road Passenger Transport Operation) level 2 in the community transport service in the London Boroughs, to the drivers and their escorts taking evidence to put in their portfolio of them doing their job role. Strapping in wheel chairs on the vehicle and making sure their clients was comfortable during their journey. I also carried out (Passenger Carrying Vehicle Driving) with a major red route Bus company in London. I also carried out training for new staff who was completing their A1 Assessor award.

  • Completing 10 portfolios a month and bringing in £10.000 pounds per month.
  • Carrying out health and safety plus risk assessments on my candidates and working area.
  • Keeping to Quality assurance wsithin the company and goverment body.
  • Carrying out customer service  to my clints and candidates.
  • Carrying out 1 to 1 and classroom training to my candidates
May 2006Jun 2008

NVQ Assessor

PDM Training & Consultancy

My job role was to carry out NVQ,s in (Road Passenger Transport) level to to bus drivers in the South East of England, Kent and East Sussex.. helping candidates with their portfolio gathering evidence from their supervisor. I also carried out observation on their driving for their NVQ. I also Carried out (Road Passenger Vehicle Driving) level 2 to Taxi and Private Hire in London.

  • Completing 10 portfolios a month bringing in £10.000 each month for the company.
  • Carrying out Health & safety within the company and candidates NVQ.
  • Carrying out induction and classroom work.
  • Maintaining Equlity and Diversity at all times.
  • Keeping to company and the goverment bodies Quality assurance.
Sep 1996May 2006

PCV Bus driver

Arriva Southern Counties & the Shires

Transporting customer in a safe and timely manner, giving exceptional levels of service and being awareof their need of all passengers and potential customer. Answering any Questions they may have on route and timings and behaving in a polite manner. keeping to the highway code at all times and company polices.

  • Carrying out safety checks on the vehicle at all times for passenger safety.
  • Issuing tickets, giving change to passenger and taking fares for company revenue. 
  • Keeping to routes and timings.
  • Passengers Health & safety.
  • Customer service at all times. 


Mar 2011Dec 2011

level 2

Queens elizabeth college

studied virgin Atlantic Fares and Ticketing level 1

UK and worldwide Destination level 2


Travel Planning

Sep 1976Jun 1981

Putteridge High School Luton


Sep 2009


Mar 2008


Feb 2008

A1 Assessors Award

Mar 2007

Learner Adviser

Feb 2006

RPT (Bus)

Goal NVQ
Jul 2005

Adult Learner Support

City & Guilds