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Work experience

Jul 2006Jul 2009

General Manager

Mizu Sushi Bar

-Managed a staff of servers, delivery drivers, and chefs -Utilized interpersonal communication skills to maintain staff focus, discipline, and morale -Established a system for order processing and organization to streamline service and maintain organization -General problem solving on a daily basis -Played the part of "utility man" filling in as needed in all positions within the business


Sep 2008Present

In Progress

Temple University


Audio and Video Editing
-Experience in Logic Pro Audio and Pro-Tools -Proficient in use of Final Cut Pro 


In Philadelphia, the winning or losing culture of a given sports team seems to dictate the attitude of the entire city.On a day when the Philadelphia Eagles lose a game, it is common to see people lose their tempers over the most frivolous of disputes.Upon the Phillies climactic World Series championship in 2008, there were two million fans flooding the streets for the parade.The city’s passion resonates with my feelings regarding sports.It has helped to cultivate my desire to make an impact on the sports world through both broadcasting and journalism.

As a young child I collected VHS tapes of classic highlights from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.I watched them over and over again until the timeless images were burned into my eyes and the radio calls echoed in my ears.I learned the statistics achieved by many of the all-time great players and coaches, studying the history of each sport.That passion for sports has only continued to grow within me.

Sports talk radio allowed me to peak into the opinions of media professionals and fans alike.I began to notice what characteristics defined the more professional opinions. By the time I was in high school, family friends, relatives, and my classmates would constantly ask me questions.What did I think about the big game?Who is the best team? At 14 the held my opinion in high regard. Now in my twenties, people come to me in greater numbers seeking my opinion on sports events and the state of their favorite teams.

           I take pride in learning everything I can.It gives me such joy to analyze the events that transpire on playing fields across the nation that believe I was born to talk about sports.