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Professional Summary

Marisol Llerena is a seasoned healthcare consultant with over 18 years administrative and compliance experience in home health, hospice, private duty, outpatient rehab facilities, sleep labs, and medical practice with concentration in compliance with local, state, federal rules and regulations as well as accreditation standards, billing & coding, management, marketing and financial analysis with strong emphasis in Medicare, Medicaid and third party payer analysis, quality assurance, utilization reporting and policies and procedures. .

Currently Marisol travels the United States as a CHAP site visitor to assess compliance and assist home health, hospice and private duty providers in understanding Medicare Conditions of Participation and CHAP Standards of Excellence. As a result, Marisol has added to her knowledge of state specific regulations as well as industry best practices.

Marisol shares her extensive experience as a consultant for CL Consulting Corp as well as other healthcare consulting firms offering a wide range of consulting services from start-up operations to multi-state, multi-project management.

Marisol Llerena is an expert in Florida state regulations and uses this understanding to assist agencies in compliant and efficient operations. She is proficient in developing and updating, customizing and implementing standardized policies and procedures for multiple service accounts, as well as, implementing efffective performance improvement programs and education.

Marisol also consults as an Expert Witness in Civil and Criminal Federal Cases.

Marisol is fluent in English and Spanish.

Work experience

Executive Director/Founder

Dial 4 Care, Inc

Responsible for the initial set up of this Home Health Agency with all local, state and federal permits and/or certifications. Prepared and implemented initial Policies and Procedures, protocols, processes and programs for the Home Health Agency. Prepared the facility for multiple site inspections (i.e. local, county, state, federal, accreditation prep). Duties also included hiring all initial executive management staff and developing and implementing Human Resources Department, billing and coding and software set up. In addition, created and implemented the educational program for in-services to our staff, as well as, implemented the initial corporate compliance program and quality assurance program for the Home Health Agency. Other duties included day to day operations, accounting and accounts payable, account receivables, contract oversight and oversight of clinical records reviews and audits.

Oct 2008Present

Site Visitor/Auditor

Community Health Accreditation Program, Inc (CHAP)

Survey new and existing Home Health, Private Duty, Public Health Nursing and Hospice agencies for regulatory compliance with local, state and Medicare Conditions of Participation and CHAP Standards of Excellence.

Nov 2006Present

CEO/Compliance Auditor/Health Care Consultant

CL Consulting Corp

CL Consulting Corporation provides consulting expertise to a wide range of healthcare providers including Home Health, Private Duty, Hospice, Sleep Labs, CORF's and ORFs.

Services include Assistance with start ups, set up, licensures, compliance and credentialing (i.e. Physician practice(s), Clinics, Home Health Agency (Deemed and Non Deemed), IDTF (Sleep Lab), Hospice, Private Duty, ORF’s, CORF’s). Conducted clinical record auditing, HR record auditing, AR and AP auditing, Billing Auditing and re-assessment of their fee slip fro proper utilization and compliance.

Also, assist clients in processing of city/county/state/federal compliance standards and licensure (i.e. AHCA, City/County, Medicare, Medicaid, Hospital Credentialing). Assist clients with restructuring of their organization for more effective time management in the front desk staff, medical staff, administrative staff, human resources, etc.

Assist clients in any change of information to AHCA, Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Commercial Insurance Carriers. In addition, completed multiple clinic, home health, etc…clients with the due diligence process in the change of ownership and compliance with city, county, state and federal guidelines. Maintain clients manuals updated for compliance with the ever changing laws and statutes of Florida, other states regulatory changes, as well as Federal law changes on policy, claim processing, credentialing, review submittals (ADR), appeal rights for claims (ie Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance Carriers, Managed Care Carrier). Assistance with accreditation survey preparation and advisor during survey process as well as, mock site surveys (i.e.JCAHO, CHAP, ACHC) to assist clients in preparation for site inspections for City, County, Fire, OSHA, State (If applicable), Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance Co., and Accreditations. Have successfully assisted organizational clients in obtaining and maintaining good standing with the Accrediting body as well as developed and implemented plan of corrections. Assisted Health Care Attorney’s and Trial Attorney’s in Civil /Federal Pre-Trial and Trial Preparations, research and guidance, as well as served as an expert witness in Federal Civil and Criminal Cases. Other duties requested by Attorney’s have been due diligence and CHOW (Change of Ownerships) for many different Health care facilities (i.e. Single and Multi Specialty Health Care Clinics, Sleep Lab, Home Health, DME, Pharmacy and Hospice) Have participated in multiple Professional Advisory Committee meetings as well as other organizational committees as an expert. Implementation, training and education of the new Medicare HH-CAHPS program requirements

Mar 2004May 2010

Chief Compliance Officer/ Sr Health Care Consultant


Responsible for all matters of operations (Start ups) in addition, creating all of the marketing, billing and consulting guidelines and protocol. Increased the company’s gross revenue and client base in one year by over 150% . Assisted clients with Start ups and proper licensure of their offices. Developed policies and procedures for organizational clients as well as for physician practices, clinics, home health agencies (deemed and non deemed), Home Health Care, Private Duty, Hospice, Pharmacy, CORF’s, ORF’s and IDTF following Medicare Compliance and Conditions of Participation, as well as State Licensure Guidelines and/or CON process. Developed marketing strategies, corporate compliance programs. Identified target and prospective clients and implemented marketing strategies for company growth. Assisted organizations in the application and preparation for Accreditation to JCAHO, CHAP and ACHC as well as conducted Mock Survey’s. Developed specialized forms, customized reports, policies and proper compliance tailored for each individual clients needs. Created educational programs depending on the clients requirements and needs. Other responsibilities include the bottom-line factors, including company vision, long-range strategic planning and implementation. In addition, handled multiple clients training for compliance, billing & coding, implementing of utilization review and quality assurance programs. Expert Witness in Civil Cases.


Certified Compliance Officer

Healthcare Compliance Association

April 2011


Nova Southeastern University


Nova Southeastern University


Carol Anderson

Marisol is my go-to expert in home health and hospice start ups. She is diligent in learning every regulation (federal, state, and local) with which the organization must comply.

Marisol understands the administrative intricacies of establishing quality operational practices. From quality hiring practices to development of overall quality assessment performance improvement programs, Marisol shares her experience and expertise with our clients.

Professional Associations


Florida Home Health Regulations Expert
10+ years of navigating the Florida state regulations and how they effect start-up operations, change of ownership, and continued compliance.
Operations Assessment
Operational Assessment of Home Health agencies, ORF, CORF, and Private Duty organizations
Expert Witness: Healthcare Administration
Compliance Program Development
Private Duty Start Up Operation
Home Health Start Up Operation