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I believe in " S.U.P.E.R " team philosophy.This philosophy is my managerial guidebook ."S"afety = It is my belief that every workplace has to make this an imperative because a safe working environment is the right of every employee and protects the best interest of the company."U"ndivided =attention to details ensures that workers are fully engaged in their tasks,learning the finer points of their trade."P"unctuality = is of the utmost importance to me "E"ffective = It is important to me ,as manager to relay the required communication clearly and listen for feedback that may help in improving processes. "R"equirements = provide standards by which companies can ensure successful completion of tasks .These five core values have been my practice over the past 19 years of my employment .

Work experience

Mar 20132015

 Assistant Manager                                                                                                                        Maintenance & Repair

Panasonic Energy Malaysia

Pioneer staff of Panasonic Energy (M) Sdn Bhd.

Have undergone On-The-Job (OJT) training in Shiga HIT solar modules manufacturing plants in Japan.
Directly responsible for Module Production department start-up.
Responsible for overseeing maintenance team with 28 direct reports 

Job Description

  • Managed all maintenance & repair shift and activities for 27 maintenance techs, including planning ,scheduling and budgeting all maintenance & repair.
  •  Managing a team of multi-disciplined maintenance technicians.
  •  Planning, directing and controlling the efforts of the Maintenance Team.
  •  Ensuring that all electrical equipment is in safe working order in line with current  regulations.
  • Ensuring that all certificates of compliance are maintained and up to date in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Designing maintenance programs.
  • Checking electrical units.
  • Delegating work responsibilities.
  • Recording daily maintenance activity.
  • Mentoring inexperienced or new employees.
  • Running an efficient repairs reporting system.
  • Responding quickly to any emergencies.
  • Conducting employee performance reviews.
  • Involved in the hiring on maintenance personnel..
  • Running a preventive maintenance program that will minimize service repairs in the long run.
  • Participating in senior management meetings.
  • Building up maintenance teams.
  • Working closely with engineering and suppliers to troubleshoot equipment and manufacturing processes. Identifying recurring problems and recommending corrective measures.

Mar 2011Feb 2013

Product Engineer ( NPI )

Flextronics Shah Alam

Job Description 

  • Responsible for new product introduction from prototype.
  • Provide all of required Quality System documentation to include process definition, process flow, process
  • Responsible for new material, process and equipment qualification that helps in productivity, yield and quality.
  • Control plans, FMEAs, capability determination and operator instruction 
  • Defining and implementing processes to co-ordinate and ensure development and quality of the project.
  • Trend charts, P-charts,, Pareto chart, Fish bone diagram, Pie Chart, Pilot run and monitoring as per the capabilities
  • Independently accountable for monitoring production processes, identify any defects/deviations & taking correct preventive actions. 
  • Administering and preparing manufacturing schedules for cards required for maintenance activities.
  • Preparing breakdown analysis reports and daily production reports. Monitor assembly of cards based on daily production report. 
  • Incessantly conduct status updates meetings with various design engineers and prepare progress reports and action plans to control various projects undertaken
Nov 2005Feb 2011

Assistant Engineer ( Equipment Maintenance )

Infineon Kulim Hi-Tech Sdn Bhd

Pioneer staff in Infineon Technologies and Start-Up member of M3 Production Department incorporating ( Thin Film ,Tape & Detaper ,Wafer Grinding & Wafer Sorter processes).

Have attended On-The-Job training in Regensburg – Germany & Villach – Austria for 6 months.

Have also attended vendor training at UNAXIS TRAINING CENTRE, TRUBBACH, SWITZERLAND

Job Description 

  • Responsible for equipment hook up and start up activities in respective module working together with Sr.Engineers and team Manager.
  • Utilize SAP functionalities to withdraw parts and materials for maintenance activities through SAP-PM.
  • Involve in start-up of new equipment from tool set up until tool verification EPRB (Equipment Process Release Board) prior equipment release for PRD.
  • Apply standard process and product quality monitoring using SPC & APC.
  • Involved in tool modification and improvement activities due to process changes and NPI requirements. 
  • Responsible for tools troubleshooting during product defects, low yield and misprocess. 
  • Responsible to train new technicians and existing shift technicians with new parts change, troubleshooting and installations.
  • Analyse and trouble shoot electrical and mechanical problems in sub module equipment’s.
  • Responsible for the tool maintenance, tool up time improvement, reducing MTTR, MTBF and involved in engineering projects related to tool performance improvements. 
  • Responsible to liaise with vendors and suppliers during new projects or tool modification activities.

Feb 2002Oct 2005

Assistant Engineer  ( Package & Development ) 

AIC Semiconductor Kulim Hi-Tech Sdn. Bhd

Job Description 

  • Responsible for new product qualification for FOL/EOL Assembly and Test. Responsible for to perform package characterization study. Assist customer for new package development activities.
  • Responsible for evaluating new critical direct process material for product reliability improvement. Preventive Maintenance for smartcard glob top machine. Coordinate all customer new product transfer and development at FOL/EOL Assembly and Test.
  • Optimize process parameters for all the new device and new customers Conduct training for the operator technician and trainer in the process of transferring the new package to production and machine preventive maintenance
Jul 2001Jan 2002

Senior Technician ( Package & Development )

AIC Semiconductor Sdn. Bhd

Pioneer staff in AIC Semiconductor and Start-Up member of Package & Development Department .

Have attended  training & equipment buy off in Roding– Germany for 2 months.                            ( Smart card Process  Muehlbauer Equipment )

Job Description

  • Set-up a 3 new line for Smart Card Assembly Operation And Machines and Qualified new customers for Smart card.
  • Successfully qualified more than 4 customers .
  • Created Process spec, Maintenance Spec, Smart card assembly. Establish PM checklist and Master list for smart card machine.
  • Trained and Qualified New Engineers, Technician and Operator for Smart card Operation.
  • Evaluate and optimize process parameters for new glob top dispensing head from V14 to V22 for process improvement.
  • Done a cost improvement for all OEM consumer able spare parts       (o-ring) with finding a original supplier.
  • Done a UPH improvement up from 40% to 80% for M2/M4 module by optimize dosing parameters and machine process parameters.
  • Upgrade Smart Card machine for Quality, Reliability Improvement and cost saving.
Jul 1997Jun 2001

Technician ( EOL Maintenance )


 Pioneer staff in AIC Semiconductor and Start-Up member of EOL Production  Department .

Job Description

  • Preventive Maintenance for all Molding system and tooling.
  • Assist Process Engineer for new product Qualification.
  • Assist machine vendors during major equipment down and improvement projects.
  • Assist engineer during ISO 9000 certification.
  • Responsible on machine spare parts purchase. Conduct weekly molding machine improvement meeting.
  • Responsible for identifying root cause and troubleshooting major machine breaks down.
  • Responsible for modification of machine parts to improve machine capability and performance.
  • Responsible for new equipment buy off, set-up and qualification.
  • Provide maintenance support to produce and maintain quality product.

Technician ( Test Department )

ASE Electronics(M) Sdn. Bhd. Penang

Job Description

  • Responsible of Preventive Maintenance for all IC Lead scanner Machine
  • Responsible for identifying root cause and troubleshooting major machine breaks down.
  • Responsible for modification of machine parts to improve machine capability and performance.



Diploma                                                                                                                                             Electro Mechanical Engineering

Institute Technology Midas, Penang


BM High School , Bukit Mertajam , Seberang Perai

Skills & Knowledge

Project Management
KAIZEN - Continuous Improvement
Equipment Troubleshooting
Equipment Preventive Maintenance
Installing machinery and equipment.
Responding to emergencies in a timely manner.
Proactively addressing any problems
Interfacing effectively with supervisors, peers and staff.


 Michael Raj                      Senior Manager

          Company : Infineon Technologies, Kulim, Malaysia.

          Contact No. : 012-4746703

Paul Velanganny           Equipment Engineer

          Company : First Solar, Kulim, Malaysia.

          Contact No. : 019- 5741437