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    • Analytical Problem solving
    • Innovative ideas
    • Perfect implementation; double checks for mistakes
    • Represents company brands well; thoroughly explaining what they are selling and demonstrating who they are (brand)
    • Accommodates special requests
    • Liaisies between two to three companies
    • Provides some trouble shooting and technical support



  • Insight and analytical skills-analyzes and understands data and financial information; previously conducted telephone surveys
  • Brand management-has managed company branding; over the telephone or in person
    Change management-have assisted companies in managing public sector and inter office changes; helped to facilitate procedure implementation and built business relationships
  • Problem solving-identifies and resolving problems; strikes a balance between details and the “big” picture regarding policies
  • Technical Skills-ability to utilize IT/Help desk support skills with the public; finding time saving solutions

Work History

People Ready, White Plains, New York
Nov 2015Present

Banquet Server (On-Call)

Assists with helping the regular catering crew in any capacity; before during and after events

Kitchen Assistant/Banquet Coordinator (Sheraton Hotels), South Portland, ME (Oct 2008-January 2009)

    • Set up and broke down dining room, completed various kitchen tasks assigned by the Chef on Duty
    JBC Platform LLC, New York, NY
    12/ 201505/ 2016

    Concession Associate

    • Presented the best of New York and the Javits Center; liaised with vendors and provided world class service during the Auto and Fashion trade shows
    • Served food to exhibitors ala-cart;  and helped bus tables during Exhibitors Breakfast
    • Tallied individual food items, food by the pound during conventions and managed a push cart.
    • Handed out flyers on the street for upscale men's clothing store, re-organized overstocked shirts and merchandised ends caps in preparation for a big weekend clearance sale
    Central Marketing Inc, New York, NY
    May 2014Mar 2016

    Customer Care Consultant

    • Conducted nationwide political interviews, completed computerized questionnaires  with out of state home health care recipients; represented various regional agencies on the quality of care

    The Essex Companies, New York, NY
    Nov 2014Aug 2015

    Technical, Mail and Visitor Support (Member Services), New York, NY

    • Provided comprehensive IT/help desk support to a major United States tourist attraction
    • Answered visitor’s inquiries regarding transportation timetables; area history, web link referrals for visitor itineraries
    SHC Universal, New York, NY
    Mar 2013Jul 2013

    Telephone Interviewer/Account Representative Liaison

    • Liaised as an Account Services Representative; for the wealth management clients of a regional bank; provided all required information to sales team and clients
    • Helped the company develop various initiatives to promote sale of various product and services for organization from data collected
    Green Key Resources, New York, NY

    Guest Relations and Security

    • Temped at the Intrepid Museum; assisted visitors with directions, exhibits and facts regarding the exhibit; opened sealed doors for visitors with special needs
    HAB Bank, New York, NY

    Scanner Clerk

    • Archiving Project- Interned in the Credit Control Department; organized the Commercial banking files which included locating lost files in the paper inventories; secured important  files

    Randstad USA and Ikon Document Solutions at Pierce Atwood LLP, Portland, ME
    Nov 2011Dec 2011

    Copy and Hospitality Associate/Front Desk Coordinating Assistant

    • Utilized bindery machines and created custom tabs and billing invoices using Excel
    • Proofread, copied documents and retrieved faxes, mail and project directions  during hourly mail runs
    • Covered lunches and breaks at the Reception Desk, answered telephones using the computer, greeted clients and scheduled Conference Rooms using Planar
    H.W. Staffing for Goodwill Industries, Portland, ME
    Apr 2011Jun 2011

    Front Desk Receptionist (Fill-In)

    • Filled in and assisted clients with schedules and routes them to their rides and correct specialists.
    • Answered phone and greets clients in an investment firm
    • Previously (artistically and creatively) cleaned bungalows for a well known vacation resort; created more tips and future revenue for the resort.
    Spherion Recruiting for TD Bank (CONTRACT), Portland, ME
    Jan 2011Mar 2011

    Scan Clerk I (Document Imaging & Prep Specialist)

    • Quarterly Scanning Project-Prepared and scanned “active” Commercial client files for busy Accountants in the Wealth Management department; verified clarity of documents and re-copied pages.

    Previous Assignment:  April 2004 to August 2004

    Loan Assistant & Problem Queue:

    • Completed quality checks of loan packets, contacted vehicle dealers regarding document deficiencies and resolved exceptions with Loan Officer
    • Monitored all incoming vehicle loans in the queue and collated and sorted hard copy faxes for records.


    Robert Half/Office Team, Maine and New Hampshire
    Sep 2004Sep 2010

    Customer Retention Specialist (Consultant)

    • Answered irate calls due to overcharges from members of an on-line shopping club, diffused complaints and resolved issues
    •  Mortgage Lending Network (08/07-09/07)
    • Prepared mortgage documents for review, scanned into the company database, used  adobe  ad converted into pdf files

    Webinar Recruiter  (01/06-06/06)

    • Updated company contact database using Goldmine; invited contacts to attend an on-line Group policy Q & A Webinar at a specific location, provided link information and directed calls to the IT/Sales Specialist

    Enrollment Representative (02/05-05/06)

    • Created effective signage for Bj's wholesale club annual credit card promotion; kept inventory and requisitioned supplies, processed and mailed credit card applications via Federal Express daily
    • Explained credit card policies and perks and communicated daily with the corporate office regarding the progress of the campaign.
    Single Source Staffing (Microtech Staffing Group ), Portland, ME
    May 2010Jun 2010

    EMR-Digital Scanning Clerk (Medical Records )

    • Digital Conversion Project-Merged old medical records at Bisson (Document Security); located the patient number and created custom Excel bar coded spreadsheet databases, scanned bar coded file box for easy look up and reference
    Critical Insights Inc, Portland, ME

    Recruiter and Coordinator/Telephone Interviewer

    • Contacted telephone respondents for focus groups and relayed venue information, coordinated schedules for attendance and followed up via telephone for participant’s feedback.
    • Conducted telephone interviews with the business owners regarding how the recession effected their businesses
    ADECCO USA, Portland, ME

    Food Sampler

    • Prepared and presented easy recipes at Sam's Club annual  "Foods of the World" event; instructed customers how to use products
    • Trained other demonstrators on technique and presentation; kept areas clean during promotion


    Bonney Staffing Services, South Portland, ME

    Direct Mail Clerk/Trade Show Coordinator/Credit Card Marketer

    Direct Mail Clerk  for Berkeley Mailings, Falmouth, ME                        07/07-08/07     

    • Stuffed envelopes containing update programs for medical professionals worldwide; possessed a command of foreign language identification, verifying the visual difference of language

    Credit Card Marketer   (05/94-09/94)                                                  

    •  Requested ids from credit card applicants, reviewed applicant's data on the spot and called the credit card company on the spot
    • Relayed  the application information with the credit card  representative, issued instant credit  per instruction of the credit card bank                  

     Trade Show Coordinator for Diversified Exposition Services, Portland, ME  (2000-2003)

    • Contacted seafood industry companies from pre- generated list; inquired about attendance, correct spelling of names and job titles           
    CISION US INC, Portsmouth, NH

    Tele-Survey Agent (Public Relations Project)

    • Interviewed print magazine journalists regarding the usability of a PR website of a popular New York hotel
    • Spoke with Ed Techs regarding a math based website and the comprehension of it for the students
    Express Employment Professionals, Hampton, NH

    Customer Care Consultant

    • Enrolled "Benefeds'  recipients with benefits enrollment applications and participated in HR training for workplace safety and HIPPA compliance
    The Marketing Group in Kittery, Maine

    Free Lance Sign Holder

     Held signs promoting merchandise and store closing events.



    Account Coordinating

    Have worked under project leaders and account managers.

    Aided in brainstorming for project ideas, helped project managers create work plans and assisted in managing vendor relationships, coordinated event logistics,

    Responsible for script writing, copy editing and proofreading

    Have occasionally represented the company at industry events; conferences and other work-related meetings. In smaller companies, was assigned ad-hoc administrative tasks when necessary.

    Account Services Representative Liaison

    Acts as an account liaison; assisted in helping various companies develop different initiatives to promote sale of various product and services; ranging from data collected via telephone surveys, telemarketing or simply the business client being up front with what they require from management

    Branding Representation

    •Provides customer feedback regarding the brand to sales and marketing managers


    Assists the regular catering staff in the setting up of social events; serving and breaking down of ctering functions

    Database Management Support

    Organized company files;  including transactions, inventories and profiles. Located and securing important data and files in case it is needed or lost.

    When Initially working on projects and collected data via tele-marketing,  made notes on mailing list in printed out form; recorded changed information manually and a colleague would enter it into the database manually.  

    Worked closely with administrators and the program users for them to know what kind of information will be stored in the system

    Document Archiving

    Examined vehicle dealer commissions, Commercial Bank Loan and Mortgage documents, miscellaneous related bank records and computed totals

    Performs quality checks for the documents to be prepped;  then  loads the pages, scans them and continues quality throughout the process.

    Ran  documents page by page through imaging scanners so the text and images are visible on the computer screen  


    Quality Assurrance

    Worked as a Consultant for large banking firms. Proofread their mortgage and loan documents for errors; prepared them for archiving and auditing

    Change Management

    Have assisted companies in managing public sector and inter office changes; helped to facilitate procedure implementation and built business relationships


    Conducted telephone interviews and worked as a consultant as an information clerk for various businesses working with B2B  warm leads (via telephone) which led to new business  and renewed relationships .

    Help Desk Support

    Helped "digital immigrants" with updated CRM system, website navigation and account re0sets and lock-outs 


    University of Phoenix On-line
    Feb 2007Apr 2019

    Associates of Arts; Foundations of Business

    Pursuing an "Associates of Arts", with a concentration in Business Foundations  Degree.          

    Have completed all of my core requirement classes, in Communication Arts, Humanities, Science, and Business Technology

    Completed 45 credits towards the degree


    Associates of Arts, Liberal Arts

    Undeclared Liberal Arts                             

    Put together Associated Press articles and a"  Just Released on Video"  movie review newspaper column

    Put together Associated Press articles formatted them for publication



    Human Resources Administration, New York, NY

    HRA/NYC,  Job Skills Training Program

     Participated in administrative internship; in HRA offices

    Brushed up on Windows 7 and 10, Excel (intermediate) and Powerpoint

    Interned  at HRA Cash Assistance/Non- Cash Assistance offices located at the World Trade Center; re-organized CA (Cash Assistance) and Non-CA files

    Grant Associates, New York, NY

    Customer Service Certification Program 

    Completed; “Through the Customer’s Eyes” On-line  learning module




    Raji Aneja, Business Development Manager; Southfield, MI

    Raji is the Business Recruiting Manager who had originally contacted me for the position at J.P. Morgan Chase and the person that I reported to throughout the project.

    Lisa Gleason, Regional Manager


    Hospitality Services Specialist

    Liaised as a company representative;  work with the public and the higher echelons of management, in whatever tasks I was assigned to.

    Front Desk Coordinator

    Have assisted customers, patients and clients with registration needs,  direction to specific services and general information requests

    Document Archiving

    Have completed document archiving record projects for some well-know fortune 500 companies.


    Practicing the French Language to become bi-lingual