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Public Speaking
I never get nervous when speaking in front of a crowd or at a meeting. Impromptu is one of my specialties. It comes natural even when I am speaking in front of people I have never met before.
I work well with people. I am never afraid to ask for help when the load is too big. I like to compromise and settle arguments or even when people disagree. I also am very persuasive, I tend to find a way so there is always a win/win situation. I tend to make people feel comfortable when talking to them.
I have been playing sports my whole life. I have held position as team captain in Racquetball and Softball when I was a started on Varsity my sophomore year of high school. I also was involved in Student Council where I held position on executive board where I was in charge of a team. Being in college I have kept up the leadership role by taking office in my sorority my Freshman and Sophomore year.


Work experience

Dec 2012Present


Thoroughbred Coffee Shop

Just a side job on the campus of Murray State. Helps pay the bills and to continue my savings process.

Nov 2011Aug 2013

Crew Member

Oberweis Dairy

When working with a crew at this job, I have gained team leadership. We have to work together to make the job run smooth.


Aug 2012Present

Murray State University

Attending college gave me the realization of what I want to do with my life. It has given me the opportunity to find my passions and to find who I am as a person.

Aug 2007May 2011

Notre Dame High School

While attending High School I have gained my education and also the skills I have today. They  have gave me real situations that happen in everyday life and also contacts for the real world.


I am interested in furthering my education and to develop new skills along the way. I am interested in sports and entertainment.