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MSIHOA offers homeowners’-association management services in Colorado, with offices in Broomfield, Centennial, Colorado Springs, and Loveland. Also known as Management Specialists, Inc., the company provides three different types of services. Homeowners’ associations can come to MSIHOA for accounting services only, development and building services, or full management services. MSIHOA’s accounting services include budget preparation, financial reporting, 20-year reserve planning, bank-account management, booking deposits, delinquency follow-up, and several other services, in addition to providing CPA and attorney liaisons when needed. MSIHOA also acts as a consultant to builders and developers interested in creating communities that will later be governed by homeowners’ associations. This includes helping builders and developers draft the association’s founding documents as well as estimate the association’s operating costs.When a homeowners’ association asks MSIHOA to manage it in full, the association will receive services in four areas: meetings, inspections, accounting, and administrative services. MSIHOA conducts the homeowners’-association’s meetings, where matters regarding general management and design review are discussed. The company also conducts inspections of the members' property in accordance with the association’s founding documents as well as to enforce any more recent decisions made at the association’s meetings. Accounting services are the same as those listed above, and administrative services include record-keeping, correspondence, mailings, issuing work orders, reviewing proposed design changes, and other related duties. MSIHOA also provides 24-hour emergency-response services, as well as mortgage and title services. These are important documents for homeowners, especially if they are part of a homeowner’s association, and MSIHOA is happy to facilitate their acquisition.