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Work experience

Jan 2004Present


RippleFX Ventures

RippleFX is a consulting and research company. The main focus is to research new technologies, methods, and business models to enable a future mobile lifestyle societies.

Starting late 2009 parts of my research will be available for download online. Also look for my upcoming book "Rapid Futurism: How startups can change the world".


- Several online webinars targeted for entrepreneurs and investors.

- Advised several private and institutional investors on payment technologies and business strategies.

- Advised several startups and entreprenuers.

Jan 2007Aug 2009

Founder & CIO

GoLife Mobile Corporation

GoLife Mobile aims at realizing true lifestyle technology. Our story is based on an age old dream often talked about by visionaries and corporate leaders but has not been realized in today's world.

My roles include:

- Development of business goals and strategy

- Building the team

- Conceptual Technology Architecture

- Interact with customers and partners and act as a bridge between them and engineering.

- Translating business goals to engineering requirements/requests

- Implement rapid futurism theory to achieve faster growth rate

- Management of multiple tasks and prioritize overall business projects/workload

- Interim Engineering Management

- Technology Management

Oct 2006Jan 2007

Founder and CEO

LiveSmart Corporation

I founded LiveSmart to offer mainstream smart home technology in the booming real estate market. The technology was based on standard core technologies with custom intelligent controller allowing us to target houses and condos in the $150,000 range.

Key accomplishments include:

- Built initial founding team

- Prepared business plan and investor presentation

- Committment of $500,000 (out of $1,000,000 needed) from investors.

- Simulated prototype developed

Due to an unexpected death in the founding team, the venture was closed down prior to closing funding.

Dec 2003Oct 2006

Founder and CTO

Founded PayWi Corporation to offer cutting edge mobile and social payment technology. The technology was chosen to be presented at the bi-annual DEMO conference (February 2006).

As founder my role ranged from fund raising to technology management and customer deployment. Key accomplishments include:

- Successful raising $2.5M Round A from investors (December 2004)

- Successful development of key strategic partnerships with credit card processors and wireless carriers

- Oversaw successful passing of Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security audit.

- Oversaw implementation of the PayWi Mobile Payment technology pilot in half a dozen Burger King locations in Salem, OR plus another 20+ merchants in Salem, Portland, and Klamath Falls, OR.

- Successful presentation of the technology at DEMO conference.

Sold my stake in the company early 2007.

Oct 2002Dec 2005



Seedbase developed a text message service for mobile phones. The text messages was sent through data network going around the carriers allowing each message to be priced at a fraction of the cost of normal messages.

This concept was from the beginning meant as a short-term opportunity. Projecting that carriers would significantly lower the cost of sending and receiving SMS messages, I wanted to explore the opportunity to make some money in the interim.

Once majority of carriers lowered down their pricing in 2005 (globally) which caused a significant drop in usage, I decided to shut down the service. I sold the domain name to a German farming company.

Key accomplishment:

- Oversaw the development of the product

- Developed marketing and sales strategy which resulted in 1000s of global sales (direct to consumer) within the first month.

Sep 2003Mar 2004


American Bankcard Corporation

Worked as a short-term independent (contractor) credit card processing sales agent. Primary role was to gain street level knowledge of the credit card processing industry from a merchant's point of view to help accelerate my upcoming startup, PayWi.

Recommendations (LinkedIn)

“Mounir is a dynamic and gifted individual. He's extremely hard working and driven to accomplish his goals. He has a visionary talent for discerning markets and identifying opportunities. His management style is positive and team oriented, and he his enthusiasm is itself a motivator. I would gladly work with him in the future.”

May 9, 2008

Dan Lamet, Senior Software Developer, GoLife Mobile reported to Mounir at GoLife Mobile

“Mounir has strong technology knowledge, insight and vision with a commitment level second to none. I enjoy working with Mounir because he doesn't have to seem any limits in regards to achieving his goals.”

May 7, 2008

Andy Keen, Co-founder and Principal Engineer, GoLife Mobile reported to Mounir at GoLife Mobile

“Mounir is a superb technology futurist and one heck of a nice guy. He has a flare for seeing the big picture and how technology can play a role. Not only is he an excellent strategist, but he is also an excellent leader / manager who motivates and encourages people to bring out their best. Honest and trustworthy, Mounir is very easy to work for and with.”

March 2, 2007

James Whitley, Operations, GoLifeMobile worked directly with Mounir at GoLife Mobile

“Mounir is one of the most talented entrepreneurs I have come across in many years. He is a true innovator and has excellent vision. I have been an advisor to his team over the past months and they have continued to impress me with their tenacity and execution of his direct vision. Mounir is one of the shining stars in the Mobile space. I would recommend him with no hesitation for both his leadership in the mobile sector and his entrepreneurial skills. With Mounir driving the vision and executing as he does - GoLife Mobile will be a great success! regards, Jamie Graham” June 7, 2007

Jamie Graham, Global Strategy & Solution Consultant- Mobile, eCommerce, B2B, Jamie Graham was a consultant or contractor to Mounir at GoLife Mobile

“Mounir provided the passion and expertise to PayWi. He helped me stir up the passion of startups and to do something that would "change the world". I look forward to working with Mounir again. He also knows the locaction of every good American hamburger joint.”

May 9, 2008

Don Jensen, Lead/Presiding Independent Director, Mobibucks managed Mounir indirectly at PayWi Corporation


Sep 1998Mar 2000


Oregon Institute of Technology
Aug 1994Jun 1996


Raelingen Technical College