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Work experience

During the 2013-2014 school year I demonstrated initiative by teaming up with another classmate named Ellie. We began reaching out to students to learn about their hobbies outside of school. This involved making contact with prospective students to find out what there after school passions were all about. We then interviewed, videoed, edited and posted their stories on the Dragon Press.  We completed a total of four video's the second semester featuring Gold Coast Gymnastics, The Lake Casitas Rowing Team, a Hand Bell Choir,  and  the Incoming Freshman Class Thoughts. 

 At the beginning of the school year I was also responsible for taking photos at various school events. The different events were class of 2017 Commits to Graduate, Fall Renaissance Rally, Converse vs. Vans Shoes, Foothill Teachers cleanly shaven in preparation for No-shave November. I also took photos for two different fashion articles. Lastly I took photos for The Winter Formal 2014 and our Annual Art Show. 


Foothill Tech High School

When I think of what character trait I showed throughout my time on staff of the Foothill Dragon Press it would be Courage. I have always been willing to volunteer and help out with any task and  I have also learned how to be a good journalist because you need to step outside of your comfort zone. During my sophomore year on staff I wrote for the News, Opinion and Feature sections. Last year I took over maintaining 3 out of 7 of our Social Media sites. This year I was in the Multi-Media section and took photos and videos. By writing for all these sections I also showed initiative to always be willing to try and learn new things. 


Here is some of my best work from this year.

1.) I took photo's at our school's Annual Art Show:

2.) I also took photos at The Winter Formal 2013:

3.) I also took a video of Kasie Spencer a Freshman Gymnast:

4.) I also took a video of the Lake Casitas Rowing team:

Some of my Best Photos!


I have two areas outside of school where I serve the community. I started Altar Serving at Our Lady of Assumption Church when I was in fifth grade. In seventh and eight grades I was often asked to serve at special masses with the Arch Bishop of Los Angeles. In ninth grade I became a lead server and was asked to become an Altar Server Trainer. I currently serve twice or more a month and am honored to give in this way to my Church. 

I have been a member of National Charity League since seventh grade.  National Charity League is a mother daughter organization that has been helping the community since 1960. We give our time to several different local philanthropies such as Project Understanding, The American Cancer Society, and Ventura County Medical Center and Convalescent Hospitals.  My favorite philanthropy  is Project Understanding. We volunteer in the food pantry and hand out food to the needy and homeless. I am reminded every time I go there how lucky I am to have a home and a family. At the American Cancer Society, I usually work at the luminary booth and interact with cancer survivors and their families. This reminds me of how many are taken each year with this horrible disease. My mom and I make blankets at the convalescent hospitals and I really enjoy giving the seniors something to snuggle with. I enjoy working at all three of these philanthropies with my mom and friends as well as serving my community around me.

During my Freshman year at Foothill, I founded Backpacks for Kids. My sophomore year and Junior year I collected 12 used backpacks for the Project Understanding Tutoring Centers. During the last three days of school I collect the backpacks from students and donate them to kids who have no backpacks. The idea came to me when I realized how many used backpacks are just lying around garages and closets. Most kids get a new backpack for school each year, but never recycle the old one.Last year when I took the 12 backpacks to the tutoring center on the avenue in Ventura, the teacher and students were so happy to receive them. 


Multi-media staff member
This year I have been a member of the Multi-media team and have taken photos as well as learned to edit and take videos.