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I am a hard-working individual.  I love the out doors and love my driving especially with the Trucks.  I am currently looking for full-time work within the Local area so that I am able to be closer to my children who live with their Father full-time.  My aim for this year is to find consistant work and to be able to be financially secured by the end of this year.

I am available for work ASAP,6 days a week - that having just the one day for my children.  My work ethics are very strong.  I am not afraid to try and learn new skills along the way.

I am a funny,happy,go-person and difinitely knows how to be a team player.  My motto: WORK HARD&ENJOY THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR.. 

I look forward to hear from any respectable employer who is willing to give me the opportunity to show that I am capable of providing what is required within their respectable company. 



Spending Time with my Children


Voluntary Work

Sports with my Children clubs

Sunday B.B.Qs with Friends and Family

Work experience

Mar 2005Present


coverstaff-south auckland

over the years i have been listed with coverstaff doing jobs ranging from warehousing,logistics,driving,to the basic gardening duties.  The thing i enjoy the most about being with Temping agencies is the amount of different people you meet everyday.  Along the way you also gain new experiences and also skills too.  This I always enjoy doing.

Oct 2007Nov 2007



This job was only as a Relief Driver.  The job was given through TradeStaff to relieve a driver on holiday.

Jul 2001Jan 2004

In-House Maid (Follow Caller)

Ignite Cleaning

The duties involved here where the cleaning of Respite Residential Homes that were under the Mental Health System,some Hotels and where ever that my bosses needed me to work.  Basic cleaning and house work were also involve but mainly involved alot of contact with different people.  I enjoyed this job because of the different contacts i made through out the years.

Mar 1993Dec 2000

Cash Handling,Customer Services

KFC-West Auckland,South Auckland

This was one of the first jobs that I did when I was young.  The job was constant and over the period of years.  It taught me a sense of responsibilities and the importance of Customer Relations.  I ejoyed this field of work because of the interactions with customers which is one of my main stroing points.

Mar 1989Aug 1991

Mig Welder


This was a job that I was taken overseas for voluntary work within a Christian Group.  I went there for 3 years and trained as Mig Welder.  On board the complete complex had a total of 234 workers and 89 kitchen staff.  It was an enjoyable and most unforgetable experience for me.


Mr Jacob Stone

Mr. Stone was my Tutor for the duration of my theory and practical assessments within the time period that I was training as a Truck Driver. 


Level 3-4

Best Training Pacific Institution

This course I have done before this year I have resigned up to complete my final units.

Apr 2006May 2008

Heavy Transport-H.T

Skills Update-Kelston

This particular instition within the 2years helped me do alot of practical and theory within the Transport Industries.  It helped me to understand and the importance of knowing how the Trucking World works.

In the end we left as qualified Drivers and also gained other licences along the way such as our OSH CERT,DG,& Class 2.


Truck Driving
I have been driving now for the last 2 years for different temping agencies and most of the jobs that I have done have been driving for Onyx and personal contractors.  I have driven as far as Tauranga and Mt.Mauaganui doing deliveries for Bakers Delight and Brink Chickens.  Now I am looking for something more local to be closer to my children. 
Public Relations/Customer Services
This is a day 2 day role with the types of work that I have done now and in the past.  I am very comfortable in this role and have no problems dealing with all kinds of people in or outside the work field.  This is one of my strongest points.


Apr 2008Apr 2013

National Certificate in Heavy Transport

Apr 2007Apr 2012

OSH Certificate